Wrestlemania 26 Predictions

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you might have expected of last night by the bay called fire
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know if it is at this point
trouble that
the interests of current said thank God city
so then it was is the couple I think he can thoughts about
a couple guy soon
no one cares about gave get on crap
guys that of course not but I would go if a new book about the
I think that's it
just think it's reports that this
so did her thing to look for the want to thank the David
kind of interesting because I can tell
it's interesting up
can't wait to see what happens with us for next something
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I know
I thought wow explain this one really
it's a look back at the end
I don't think it's a twelve thirteen years the key
in the farm belt
that baby what comes the future but don't think so
people won't change press that blood
the update
yeah the fight to the finish up this years old what's the fall
so franken tired and
based on what types of that though
it's to block
they're going to have him back at with the teeth of prisons shots it
all but with john's see it because
it just looks like he's still all right itself that
mister ambrose somewhat different don't take it at all our people
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it looks like don't want to buy
the ones that are other people
well all that looks like this person that the the undertaken that never action at
more like it
a great job market that defeated the ticket Michael the happiest sell
I decided that I was that's up to go with the energy independence
I don't what it should be it
to that indicate it
I don't want to itself
I have to go through to you first
but I think mister scheck that won't have a chance that all
I've got to go with any was what I mean
with a blend of the bill that was backed up by a of expect the a way
so I could be wrong with it but that's it's for my wrists which was experts elections
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that's video but polls so in general
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