Matt Hammit | Inspiration Behind "Lead Me" | Stepping Up™ Video Series

Uploaded by MenSteppingUp on 11.01.2013

Lead Me song take one. I look around and see my wonderful life. Almost perfect, from the
outside in picture frames, I see my beautiful wife, always smiling but on the inside I can
hear her saying. Lead me with strong hands. I wrote the song Lead Me after a time in my
life when my wife and I were going through a difficult season.
For us it was a time when we really had a hard time resolving our conflict. The Lord
was really tearing down some of the walls we had built towards each other, because of
a lot of our communication was I'd say kind of contemptuous or defensive. And all those
walls that we had built, we'd been praying for months that God would just take them away
and he really was faithful to do that and to get us to a place where we could kind of
hear each other's hearts again.
Oh, but I still feel alone. So I remember after that, my wife sat me down at our dining
room table and she started really sharing with me her heart about some of the things
that she had needed from me as a leader in our home for her and for our kids that she
really had wanted to see in me that she felt she hadn't seen.
You know, I thought I was leading. I really did. But hearing her heart, I just didn't
understand her language. I was really broken when I realized some of the things that I
think I thought that I had been giving, but it wasn't really exactly what she had needed
and the ways that I had hurt her by not understanding her.
I think a lot of the conflict that Sarah and I had was that I really didn't know how leave
to my weariness, from being a musician on the road, at the door. I really brought it
home with me. Instead of being her support and her rock. Easy for me to want to go to
her and almost take my burdens and place them upon her back instead of picking up hers.
And so, I've really been trying try my hardest to get more rest on the road. Try to do some
things to prepare myself to spiritually and mentally to walk through the doors, to be
ready mindset that I'm going to be more focused on what she needs from me, in terms of what
I can give in a day. Oh to be, Oh Father, Show me the way to lead them.
I love how this song really turned into a prayer, because still to this day that's my
prayer. You know, I don't really have the strength. Marriage is extremely difficult.
You know, life is difficult and so many days, I don't know, you know, how to draw that strength.
But I know where to get it and somehow he gives it to us.
I also love watching other people sing it. That's my favorite, favorite part about singing
the song live, is in the bridge when the prayer comes. To see men in the room who are Fathers
and Husbands or hope to be Fathers and Husbands even you know, some men who later find out
have really made a mess of things lifting their hands, just begging the Lord to give
them that strength.
So, Father, give me the strength to be everything I'm called to be. Oh, Father, show me the
way to lead them. Father, lead me 'cuz I can't do this alone.