Finnish Sika-Harri from Radio Rock speaks about Berlusconi *ENGLISH SUBTITLES*

Uploaded by AntheroFIN on 07.05.2009

Sika-Harri has something to say.
Prime minister of Italy, "littleman" Silvio Berlusconi has made fun of Finland again.
This over 70 years old shortie who has made his country become EU's dept base-
was meeting Rome's mayor Giovanni Alemanno and praised Rome's beauty and cultural heritage.
He compared Italian culture to Finnish one, Berlusconi said that:
"Think about it when I was in Finland, they took me into wooden church built at 1700s,-
I remember how important it was to them"
"We woke up early and travelled 3 hours to see it"
"In Italy, such a church would have been rip down", said Berclusconi
Church where he was taken was Petäjävesi's church, insulting talk, It's pretty obvious that-
Berlusconi thinks that no other country than Italy can be proud of their cultural heritage.
Sad that they didn't take him to Air-Museum, or to somekind of historian-
who would enlight him how people fought and men were men.
70 years old, skin lifted child chasing weirdo-
would have been wondering how it is possible that small country such as Finland-
could possibly fight 5 years against Red Army.
Italians had problems with their high tech army and Abessinians-
who fought back against super-army with bamboos and sticks.
Even Italians make such a good food, you can't praise the people.
Italians are over-impulsive and lack with lanuage skills.
Men might dress with style, but that's not a wonder when you live with your parents at age of 30
Parents pay their living, so all kind of "Giovannies" and "Massimos"-
can really afford and buy five wrist watches. (Which they actually do.)
How about Italian women? No one over 40 years old Sabrina or Laura can't find any company from-
Helsinki's trend bar because of their massive asses and overgrowth hairy body.
When Finnish prime minister or his player "legacy-prince"-
"Kanki" Kaikkonen are going to do something for this?
Berlusconi keeps himself wanted playboy.
How it's with that man's bed skills, for example, how he can manage 69 pose-
when he is shorter than any woman in the world?
It requires quite lot of acrobatic skills from woman to see mister prime minister intim area-
when he is gettin over on a woman.
But in one thing SB is right.
Why to show off Petäjävesi's church when guy is used to-
structures such a Colosseum or Michelangelo's freskos?
Why not to show something real Finnish stuff? Like sauna or even walking sticks.
But Finnish way to show their country is little embrassing.
Some years ago, Dutch travelling organizer who tries to show off Finland to Benelux team-
wondered Finnish way to show off their Parise-style café's in Helsinki to people from Amstredam.
Those do not interest Amstredamians at all, since they can go straight to Parise experience them.
Since the trip from Amstredam to Parise is short anyway.
Businessman thinks that Dutch people are only interested in Finland, are snowmobiles, nothing else.