Rye Rye - Boom Boom Music Video, Dancing, New Album, Tour - 2012 Interview

Uploaded by DanceOn on 09.04.2012


What's up?
This is your girl Rye Rye, straight from Baltimore, and I
just released a new video called "Boom Boom." It's so
next level.
It's very futuristic.
The song first samples the Vengaboys,
which is a '90s hit.
We didn't want it to be directly nasty or anything,
because they're saying you want somebody in your room.
We wanted to play around with it.
They gave it the video game vibe.
Basically, the concept is for me to beat every person in the
video, and then I win in the end to get my guy.
Some of the dancers I used were from New York, so they
were already great dancers.
And there was a lot of freestyling going on.
My dancing came naturally.
I was just always one of those kids that danced
everywhere I went.
But I was really inspired by Missy Elliot.
I loved all her videos.
Every time I saw them I'm like, I could be doing that.
That could be me.
I can do that.
Dance inspires my music, really.
As you know, in Baltimore we have our certain style of
dancing that's very unique.
So when I perform, it's all Baltimore influenced.
I like to keep it that way.
I love dancing, of course.
That was my dream, always, to be a dancer.
But then I got into music, so I kind of
incorporate it together.
But I love dancing.
It takes everything away.
Once I hear music, when I hear bass, that's it.
It's over.
I have a new album dropping.
It's my first album, actually, Go!
Bang!, and it comes out May 15.
Make sure you all cop that.
Love all of my supporters.
Keep supporting your girl Rye Rye.