2012 White House Easter Egg Roll: Play with Your Food

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Michelle Obama: All right, how's everybody doing?
Audience: (cheering)
Michelle Obama: Hi, how are you?
It's great to see you.
Marcus Samuelsson: This is my buddy, Raphael.
Michelle Obama: Hey, Raphael, it's a little chilly in the wind.
Marcus Samuelsson: We have a couple of (inaudible).
Taylor is helping out.
Michelle Obama: Taylor, hi, how are you?
And what's your name?
Girl: (inaudible)
Michelle Obama: Hi, sweetness, how are you?
All right, what are we cooking?
Marcus Samuelsson: Today we are cooking, you know, something healthy,
something that's fun.
We are -- you got to wash your hands, absolutely, absolutely.
Today we are doing a shrimp and vegetable taco.
And the reason why I picked this recipe is because everyone
enjoys a taco, but the great thing here is you can add in
vegetables: asparagus, tomatoes, onions, avocado.
You can eat something that is fun, you can eat together,
the whole family --
Michelle Obama: Right.
Marcus Samuelsson: And it's healthy.
Michelle Obama: And it smells delicious.
Can you all smell this?
Marcus Samuelsson: And it smells good.
Michelle Obama: And I see you've got hard shell tortillas, but you can do --
Marcus Samuelsson: Yes.
You can do soft or hard shell.
I love the crunch.
But one of my favorites.
Girl: I like hard.
Michelle Obama: She likes hard.
What about you?
Do you like hard or soft?
Taylor: Hard.
Michelle Obama: We've got hard fans.
What about you down there, hard or soft?
Al Roker: I like the soft.
I'm a soft guy.
Michelle Obama: I'm a soft guy.
What about you?
Raphael: Soft.
Marcus Samuelsson: There you go.
Michelle Obama: We've got a few soft.
Well, you know, you can pick what you like, right?
Marcus Samuelsson: But meals like this, whether it's a pizza,
whether it's a taco, I love that because you can make it healthy,
you can really have an opportunity to make it healthy.
You can make it with chicken, you can make it with shrimp,
in this case.
Al Roker: How much ahead of this can you make ahead of time?
Marcus Samuelsson: Actually you can do the whole thing ahead, you know,
maybe the shrimp you want to finish off in the very end,
but most of it you can definitely do ahead.
Michelle Obama: Because you don't want to overcook the shrimp.
Marcus Samuelsson: You don't want to over cook it.
But it's also seasonal.
Right now we have asparagus in season, so you can add that in.
Corn, summertime; fresh tomatoes.
Michelle Obama: Oh, yeah, a little corn.
What did you just put in -- that was asparagus.
Marcus Samuelsson: That was asparagus.
Michelle Obama: And also, a tricky see you're cutting things up small, right.
If you cut them up small, you can fool them.
Audience: (laughter)
Marcus Samuelsson: Absolutely.
Michelle Obama: Fake them out.
Marcus Samuelsson: But when it's this good you don't have to fool them.
You know --
Michelle Obama: Sometimes you have to fool them.
Marcus Samuelsson: You have to, you have to right.
Michelle Obama: So is this the same thing?
Marcus Samuelsson: Yes, it is.
Michelle Obama: All right, so what did you saute this in, what is this?
Is this olive oil?
Marcus Samuelsson: Just a little bit of olive oil, some onion and lots
of asparagus.
Michelle Obama: Nice.
Marcus Samuelsson: We have a taste maker over here.
Michelle Obama: Are you ready?
Are you going to taste test it out?
Marcus Samuelsson: And she also helps our family to cook.
Michelle Obama: Awesome, awesome.
Al Roker: Cutting it up in small helps it cook faster, too.
Marcus Samuelsson: Absolutely.
And then you can throw in some extra lettuce --
Michelle Obama: Oh, so you cook the lettuce in.
Marcus Samuelsson: Just a little bit in the very end.
Michelle Obama: Gives it a little crunch?
Marcus Samuelsson: Crunch, exactly.
And fresh cut, it also gives water.
If you have a taco and it might get, you know, could be spicy,
but then the lettuce will make it really nice and fresh.
Michelle Obama: So I see that you have some lime there.
When do you add the lime?
Marcus Samuelsson: In the very end.
You're going to squeeze some lime for me?
Michelle Obama: Do a little squeeze?
Marcus Samuelsson: Taylor, you're going to squeeze a little lime for me?
Taylor: Yes.
Marcus Samuelsson: Come on.
Come on.
Come on, Taylor.
Michelle Obama: Squeeze away, Taylor.
All right.
Here we go.
Audience: (cheering)
Michelle Obama: All right, here we go, squeeze it around.
Al Roker: I notice you got some avocado there.
Michelle Obama: That's okay, hey.
She cleaned -- that's it.
Squeeze it.
That's it, there you go.
Marcus Samuelsson: And in the very end I'm going to add in some fresh avocado.
Al Roker: How can you tell when the avocado is ripe?
Marcus Samuelsson: You know, that's an excellent question.
When is the avocado ripe?
Push that.
Push that.
There you go.
When it's soft.
When it's soft like that.
Michelle Obama: Sorry, Mom.
Here we go.
We got it.
We're back, we are back.
Just a little spill on the white dress, but it's okay.
I hope you got your photos early in the day.
It's good.
It's good.
Marcus Samuelsson: Give you this taco over here.
Al Roker: There you go, bud.
Michelle Obama: Tell me a word to describe it.
Girl: Well, I really love it.
Marcus Samuelsson: Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Michelle Obama: That's more than a word.
Here, I'll hold our plate.
Marcus Samuelsson: You know, Rapheal was here last year, too.
He's a veteran.
He's been here --
Michelle Obama: Did you help last time?
Raphael: No, I've been to these.
Michelle Obama: Oh, you are here.
It's old hat.
I hang out at the South Lawn of the White House all of the time.
Al Roker: All the time.
Marcus Samuelsson: This is my favorite day.
Look at the whole -- look at the whole --
Michelle Obama: It's beautiful.
It's beautiful.
So are you going to -- are Al and I going to get --
Marcus Samuelsson: Maybe, maybe, maybe.
Michelle Obama: What about Taylor?
Marcus Samuelsson: Taylor -- give the First Lady her taco.
Michelle Obama: What about us?
Marcus Samuelsson: Come on, come on, come on.
Here we go.
Yeah, she needs a napkin.
Al Roker: So you've fed the First Lady.
Marcus Samuelsson: And we even have a plate for her, right?
Michelle Obama: I don't need a plate.
You know, you eat out, you wrap it up.
Al Roker: You don't eat tacos with plates.
Michelle Obama: You wrap it up.
This is how we eat at home.
Marcus Samuelsson: There you go.
Al Roker: Thank you, sir.
Marcus Samuelsson: Do you want another one?
You already finished yours?
Michelle Obama: Mmm.
Marcus Samuelsson: It's nice, it's spicy, it's fresh.
Michelle Obama: It's really good.
Marcus Samuelsson: And with your garden over there, you can do vegetable toppers
all the time.
Michele Obama: You can put anything in here.
Marcus Samuelsson: What's growing in the garden right now?
Michelle Obama: It's delicious.
Marcus Samuelsson: What's in season right now --
Michelle Obama: We just planted -- we planted a lot of lettuces and --
Marcus Samuelsson: Spring onions.
Michelle Obama: Peas, onions.
We did potatoes, actually, wow for the first time.
What else is over there?
Marcus Samuelsson: And then this June your rhubarb is going to come?
Michelle Obama: Right.
We have rhubarb over there, sweet potatoes.
We have a whole range of tomatoes this year,
and we are testing this out.
All of our herbs are in there.
Marcus Samuelsson: Yeah.
Al Roker: Do you guys have to worry about critters here?
Michelle Obama: You know, we've been trying to grow berries,
but the birds keep sabotaging that.
But for the most part we do okay.
We do get some animals in here, but they haven't really affected
the garden in that way.
Marcus Samuelsson: Whoa!
It's windy out here.
Michelle Obama: Little wind, little wind.
Marcus Samuelsson: I'm just happy everybody is eating,
everybody is enjoying our vegetable taco with a little
bit of shrimp.
Parents, when you make this, you can make it with chicken,
you can make it all vegetable, you can make it with beef.
But put in the vegetables, otherwise you're missing
the whole point.
Michelle Obama: Got to have the vegetable.
Taylor is like, would you make my taco, please?
Here we are talking about the garden.
She's like, let me try something.
Marcus Samuelsson: Only 6% of Americans are eating enough vegetables, 94%,
so all of us can do better.
Michelle Obama: That's huge.
Audience Member: (inaudible)
Michelle Obama: Say that again?
Audience Member: It's very expensive --
Michelle Obama: It's very expensive, but it's less expensive if you do
it seasonally.
You know, I think we get in the habit of buying what we like and
you know, instead of buying what's in season.
And that's one way to help save.
But another way is buying frozen, right?
Frozen vegetables, fresh, frozen is often better
than canned, right?
Marcus Samuelsson: Absolutely.
Frozen is definitely better off than --
Michelle Obama: So that's another option.
And that's easy, because a lot of the frozen vegetables will
already be cut up.
So all you have to do is defrost, throw them in.
But the truth is and this is what I tell my kids,
vegetables aren't really a choice, right?
And a lot of times we think about it like it's a choice,
and it really isn't.
I tell them, would you pour a can of soda in a plant?
And they say, of course not, that would be ridiculous.
And it's like, well, we stop thinking about our bodies in
that same way.
I mean, there are certain things that you just aren't supposed to
dump into your body because we are, you know creatures, too.
We are as precious as those plants and our dogs and our pets
that we take care of.
Vegetable is our water.
What I tell kids, you got to eat vegetables every single day.
You find the vegetable that you like, you just suck it up,
you eat it, because it's good for you, right.
Marcus Samuelsson: Taylor, she eats her vegetables and she loves chicken.
Taylor loves chicken.
Michelle Obama: You like chicken?
But the parents, we are the best role models.
If we are pushing the vegetables away or we are looking the other
way while we have that wonderful dinner of fried chicken with
pasta and bread, Macaroni and cheese,
you know that carb dinner we all love.
We kind of skip over the salad, right,
because we don't really want it.
Well, we are not setting our kids up for success.
So we have to be the ones that suck down those vegetables and
learn how to mix it in this way that makes sense,
saute things, and --
Marcus Samuelsson: Learn how to cook vegetables.
You know, there's no kids going to the store and buying
the vegetables.
Really the parents are the gatekeepers.
So, we can get that number that's 6%,
maybe next year it can be 12% instead.
Al Roker: My son Nicky, one of his favorite things is brussels,
roasted brussels sprouts.
Marcus Samuelsson: Wow, wow, and shrimp taco, I see that.
I see that.
Michelle Obama: Oh, yeah, yeah.
That's right.
Well, brussels sprouts is one of those vegetables I grew up
hating as a kid, but it was really how it was prepared.
And I didn't realize that for brussels sprouts you have to
blanch that sulfur out of it first.
Marcus Samuelsson: Blanch it up first and then roast it off.
And then you can turn it into a great salad.
Michelle Obama: It tastes really good.
Marcus Samuelsson: And stuff like that.
Michelle Obama: Taylor is still waiting for a taco, though.
Marcus Samuelsson: No, no, no.
Taylor and I had an agreement.
We had an agreement.
She is going to help us serve and that's, it all right.
So --
Al Roker: Do you want a taco, Taylor?
Taylor: (shaking head)
Marcus Samuelsson: We had a deal, we had a deal.
Al Roker: A deal is a deal.
Marcus Samuelsson: But, thank you, everyone.
Michelle Obama: This is amazing.
Thank you guys, Mr. Roker, Mr. Samuelsson.
To all of our sous chefs, well done.
Well done.
Marcus Samuelsson: You did a great job.
Audience: (cheering)