Vice President Joe Biden - Iowa Starts Voting Early on September 27th

Uploaded by BarackObamadotcom on 02.08.2012

[Vice President Joe Biden] You know Iowans are still fortunate to be able to early vote.
Fourty days out you can start to vote. This is all about the franchise. We, the president
and I, think that Americans are better off when every qualified American gets a vote.
And so they should take advantage of it. In states like Ohio and Pennsylvania, Republican
government cutting back the franchise, cutting back the ability that people, to make it harder
for people to vote. Iowa, you worked hard to get this right. Excercise it. Vote early.
Vote early. Start voting 40 days out. And go to your county auditors there's a number
of vehicles by which you can vote. You can mail in your vote. But start early. Make your
vote count.