Interview with Kennedy

Uploaded by amyelholm on 10.01.2013

Can you tell us your name?
My name is Kennedy.
and how old are you Kennedy?
I'm 12.
and where were you born? I was born in Nairobi, Kenya.
can you
share a little bit about that story
and then nam
would came to america
yeah page kept to the keys
it's sick
move came
can you talk a little bit about your member anything about the orphanage
can you
talk a little bit you have some
you get a lot of special services right
can you tell us
a little bit about your special needs
rackets teamster hippocampus
case manager
s elsewhere
give trouble with your feelings
uh... our people helping young do you think
what is rad
it's a big heart
cash cheque
and um...
what causes it
fukuoka causes red
or any other way
what's really hard about having ramp
what do you want people in all people who don't understand why rat is what do
you want them to understand about your disability
giving people misunderstand you
exp taping
if you'd like me
and um...
how in what ways of you worked on your red since you've
with your adoptive family here in america
and um...
can you tell us why uh... you chose first therapy or your family chose first
therapy along with you
does first therapy help you
in what way does horse therapy
you get angry a lot
he's not really spanking you know he's
do you like to take instruction from adults
when i share a little bit more about that why it's hard to take
directions from adults
are you can you describe that for uh... explain the phrase um...
that we use in our house that kennedy's trying to fly the plane
that's ok candice common uh... utica explain what that means
when we say
kennedy you don't need to fly the plane
but he struggle with the most do you think
how does that
work for you
or not work for you
does that work for you tonight attached your family
and then what happens
do your parents not care about you i don't care
how does that make you feel
that's what you've been learning and therapy right
partly a choice but it's partly a disability
what do you want to be when you grow up
do you get lots of help that's cool
who kind of help to get school
to have people around you
might help you
your parents
what are some of the ways you've gone on the wrong direction kennedy
doesn't help to have adults around you
very good is there anything else you want people done now about reactive
attachment disorder
that's good
thank you very much for your time