ICS CXP-16 Airsoft AEG IMT-238-1 IMT-236-1by eHobby Asia

Uploaded by eHobbyAsiaChannel on 09.01.2013

Looking at this LOGO, you immediately see how creative ICS can be
ICS has developed the CXP16 series lately
among which there are the long and short versions available in black and tan
in black and tan
CXP16 is billed as a make-up model for a modern
tactical-looking gun like HK416 to perfect the ICS AEG series
While CXP15's tactical rail is made of nylon fiber
CXP16's made of CNC Aluminum

Handguard has a quick-release deign
It only takes 2 pins to remove it
Pistol grip and butt stock are ergonomic and anti-slip
Most M4 users need to shop for sling mounts on their own and this can be quite annoying
CXP16 series saves the trouble by providing the tactical sling mount
with the gun
gun comes the new ICS backup sights
Similar to the Magpul MBUS system, the back-up iron sights are foldable
and pop up when pushed forward
They are adjustable
and anti-slip.How sweet!
It is also worth noting that the long version is only slightly more expensive
than the short version
A real good bargain
Long version include
Knight Armament Style QD silencer
Bipod Grip
This enhanced version sports Turbo 3000
Long Pin Motor and M120 Spring
which provides sufficient muzzle power
for outdoor shooting
If equipped with the C-Mag to be launched by ICS, it will even become a
Squad Fire Support Weapon
16 has inherited ICS's patented split gearbox design
for quick FPS modifications and maintenance
And the Spring Tension Release is definitely my favourite design,
which enhances the durability of the spring and gears

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