AutoCAD Design Suite 2013 - Raster Design

Uploaded by AutodeskCHS on 12.09.2012

AutoCAD Raster Design is raster-to-vector conversion software that enables AutoCAD
users to quickly and easily turned scanned drawings and bitmaps into AutoCAD DWG files.
AutoCAD Raster Design runs directly inside AutoCAD software
and provides tools for bitmap cleanup, editing in manipulation, raster-to-vector
conversion and image processing with the advance cleanup tools and AutoCAD Raster
Design it's now possible to include those dusty old paper archives in your
AutoCAD design work.
It's a snap to remove dust tackles, align images, remove unwanted content,
crop drawings and touch up the final results.
Powerful tools enable you to convert scanned drawings in the AutoCAD objects
with a few clicks.
Follow rituals can trace lines, find edges and create a corresponding AutoCAD objects.
You can even convert text and tables
Are you renovating, restoring or hinting in existing design?
With AutoCAD Raster Design you can choose which elements of the scanned drawings
to include in your AutoCAD file as bitmaps,
and which elements to convert to AutoCAD objects.
You can even snap AutoCAD objects to elements in the scan drawing.
Whether you need to convert scanned drawings to AutoCAD, combined scanned drawings
with AutoCAD objects or clean up in hands archived bitmaps.
AutoCAD Raster Design is the perfect tool to help turn scanned drawings and bitmaps
into AutoCAD DWG files.