PLAGA ZOMBIE 3 - Full Movie - Pelicula completa

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Great sun blocking, Echave!
Thaks! I found it in this junkpile!
For Echave.
Visiting team got five home runs this afternoon leaving them as group leaders
The bulldogs are in second place but it might not be for long becaus the fighters are closing in
and they seem determined to not give up and keep fighting.
We go now to our breaking news
The frontier town is going through a difficult situation,
Rumors on a estrange epidemic affecting the area are confirmed, spokesmen for the FBI
have revealed that the virus attacks the human nervous central system.
After just 48 hours after the initial outbreak the town is already completely plagued.
Even after barricading the area and the digging of containment trenches
the last reports say that the virus has started to spread
and the infected, or zombies, are traveling East.
Yes people, precisely into our territory.
In spite our correspondent attempts, FBI authorities have denied
to share the information on the origin of this highly toxic virus.
Last reports confirm that there are only three survivors after the initial hours of the invasion
Their names are: Bill Johnson, Max Giggs
and the well known wrestler, the 450 pound Hulk, John West.
Several government agencies are looking for them
they remain the only living witnesses to the invasion.
But Johnson, West and Giggs remain at large.
We go now to a heartbreaking testimony.
FBI Special Agent James Dominick Dana.
1.800 hours, day 3 of the invasion.
I was left behind by my own team in the infected area,
i donít know how much longer i can hold on
I know they have infiltrated the FBI and they are taking over
This is a warning to the general population:
Stay inside, lock up your door!
and most of all DO NOT TRUST ANYONE.
I'm scared...
They are coming! Iím very afraid
Why the hell you want me to carry this zombie, Max?!
We might need it!
Damnit! Can you two stop arguing?
John! No!
Leave it, God dammit.
Throw the damn zombie!
No! Donít drop it
Drop it!
Are you all right? Look at you!
You look like another guy.
Letís get going!
Where the hell do you want to go?
I know the way out of this goddamn town, follow me.
So, then we were never fighting zombies.
Of course Bill, our true enemy is a biological entity.
A virus, the most toxic virus weíve ever encountered,
to reproduce itself it needs a host cell. The humans.
They are inside, preparing for war...
and the zombies are just the cocoon for something much worst...
You were right, Max,
we are being attacked by beings from another planet.
Are you alright, John?
Your iron fists and your titanium legs are still there Isnít it?
Letís fight. We cowboys never go out of style.
They arrived aproximately 72 hours ago.
A series of infected people: Mike, Johnís manager...
And then, the mutation. "MUTATION"
The harvest!
Iíve got it!
What do we do now Bill, keep running?
I donít know, John. Maybe we could stay here.
They will not come back,
I think they already accomplished their mission here.
There is no time to waste, we have to go as soon as possible.
What are you saying Max?
Donít you get it? If we donít do something we are all going to die.
We have been harvested, they have emptied the town
and their next target is another populated area.
Do you mean thatÖ
I mean that at this rate the planet will be theirs in... 48 days.
We have to find that ship and destroy it.
I donít know about you guys, but i believe that the authorities
must already be taking care of this.
Authorities donít know about this yet, It just happened!
Bill, we are the only witnesses.
The FBI is probablyÖ
The FBI is probably as lost as we are and you should know that.
The ArmyÖ
All right! All right! We will stay then, sitting down here.
Right here!
All right
Letís do it!
We will use this so we can stay in contact all the time.
The first one to see the ship will let the others know.
And then what?
We have to find out a way to destroy it.
Iíve thought of a plan based on a computer virus.
Thatís why you wanted me to carry the zombie, right?
To use him as bait!
Of course! I already thought of that but I just realized it.
Iím a genius!
First I will capture a zombie,
then Iíll feed him with pounds and pounds of gunpowder,
until it becomes a bomb.
"The Trojan Zombie"
Let's work!
500 yards following this street weíll find the edge of the town,
When we get to the city, Bill youíll go east,
You will take the walkie talkie with the greater range
that makes you the backbone of this team.
John, youíll go north. You are the strength.
Without your arms we wouldnít be able to carry the Trojan Zombie
and the mission would be in jeopardy.
Hold this.
Max, youíll go south. You will be the brain of the team.
Your mission is to capture a zombie and built the Trojan Zombie.
I trust in you!
Am I forgetting something?
Let's go, there's no time to waste.
Bill, can you hear me? A helicopter is heading that way.
Bill, can you hear me? Bill?
Yes, John, donít panic. I can hear it.
Bill, answer me God damnit! Youíve to get out of here! Can you hear me?
Yes, John.
Can you hear me?!
If you are listening to me buddy, take cover.
Microphone only? Damn it, Max!
The FBI helicopter just crashed. I'll follow its trail and keep you guys posted.
No, Bill, no! You should not deviate from your target.
Bill, can you hear me?
Is important to remember our mission objective, we have to find the ship, I will seek the Trojan zombie...
Zombie, stop I need you! Zombie!
Zombie! Zombie!
Zombie, come over here!
Oh, my foot!
My foot!
The doors are opening!
The stadium is packed!
The crowd roars. Thank you, thank you!
Ladies and gentlemen!
I give you:
John West
Damn creature!
Want to try some steel?
Have some of the highest quality West steel.
You will regret
having tried to take on John West!
Oh, my foot!
Look Zombie! Here, fetch, go damn for it!
Look, a flying saucer!
Easy, zombie!
Easy, I wasnít trying to hurt you!
Thanks, zombie!
Come, letís find you a new home!
They say zombies see in black and white and in two dimensions
Is that right, zombie?
Donít you worry, everything is under my responsibility.
15 years of training, boy.
Donít you worry, everything is under my responsibility.
Give thanks youíre not dead.
To kill your superiors is part of the training too?
God damnit!
I will not take orders...
from them!
To hell with the FBI.
Lower, lower!
Up, up!
Right there!
Well, this looks like a safe place.
We can stay here...
Higher zombie, higher!
This will be your room, zombie. Behave yourself.
No, Bad zombie, no.
If you want to grow up big and strong, you must eat this.
Come on zombie, open your mouth.
How can you donít like it if you havenít had a single bite yet?
Come on zombie, open your mouth...
Itís very yummy, itís so tasty!
Well done zombie! Finish the plate. All right?
Theyíve infiltrated the highest ranks of the FBI.
I bet they also took over control of the Army.
Itís worst than I thought...
We have to find that ship and destroy it before itís too late!
Who the hell are you? Some kind of hero?
This is the end, boy.
Do you understand?
They are taking over the world.
If is in fact the end then you wonít mind releasing me.
I cannot keep losing time here.
Iím sorry, hero, there is only one person I can trust.
And that person is not you.
You see this? Itís a radar.
Do you notice there is no blinking light?
That means that the mothership is not near by.
And while the mothership is not close by...
Iíll be safe and sound.
Thatís the new law, my friend.
Welcome to the jungle.
Let me go!
Or what?
I can take care of that wound.
Good luck, hero. The fate of humanity, is in your hand!
Bill, everything is on its way,
Trojan Zombie is well underway in its building process. Over.
John! Max! Listen! There's some good news.
I'm on the trail of a radar that will lead us directly to the mothership.
Max, I hope that this Trojan Zombie is in the process of construction. "POWDER FINISHED"
I'll keep in contact my friends. Over.
Here, zombie! Food.
Can I trust in you, zombie?
This one?
This one?
And this one?
This is the galaxy of Andromeda.
If you want to get a girl zombie, this galaxy will bring you luck.
Zombie, excuse my manners.
Since the invasion started I can only trust in two people,
Bill and John.
They might not be the smartest people, but they are my friends.
And we all know sticking together is the only way to fix everything is happening.
John is now at the north of city,
In this moment he should have already cleaned the zone.
Don't get me wrong but...
He's really invencible.
His iron fists are our only hope.
Bill is the serious one. He never laughs at anything, but...
He knows well what he's doing.
He's at east, following the trail of a radar to locate the mothership.
I trust him.
You know what?
Sweet dreams...
Hello? Hello, it's John. I'm not infected.
Shh, get down!
My name isÖ
John West.
Yeah, well, but you can call me John...
John West is my stage name.
These zombies are a little stupid, cowboy.
They have no chance against your arms.
You shouldn't hide, you should confront them and get away from this town.
Those were other times, my friend.
My arms and legs are not the same.
I cannot fight anymore.
I thought cowboys never went out of style.
This place is not safe anymore. I'm out of here!
Damn, where did you go?
Everything was peaceful until you showed up.
It's your fault...
Your fault!
We meet again, my friend.
Just that this time your training seems that hasn't been enough.
I thought you were a hero, boy.
But I doubt a true hero would enjoy his victory fighting a one arm man.
Where the hell is the radar?!
Hey, Junior!
This is called bed.
Video game!
Bone, plus bone?
Are you gonna drink it all by yourself, cowboy?
Pour one for your old manager.
You must be happy, John.
Last time we met you were desperate to fight again...
and now look, you have an army of contenders willing to fall under your iron fists.
No, Willie. Not any more.
What are you saying, John?
That damn ship not only took all the town's people...
it also took my iron fists, Willie.
Everything I ever fought for in my life, is gone.
I've lost everything my friend.
John West is in the past.
Now I must find a place to spend the rest of my days...
...and forget.
Do you remember when we met, John?
It was a bar like this one... were looking for work...
...and I needed fighters for my new show.
at first you didn't believed in me,
but then you became the best fighter I could have ever trained.
Come with me, cowboy. I know the place you are looking for.
Piece of cake.
Excuse me...
We'll make a deal.
You are gonna give me that radar and I'll spare your life.
Weren't you dead?
No tricks hero! The radar.
Where are you going, hero?!
Junior Powder.
Ship Boom!
Ship Junior+TNT
The Trojan Zombie
Max! I have a radar, and soon I will find the ship.
I can't wait to see that zombie becomes in a bomb full of dynamite...
And exploding in the air!
letís find you a new home!
Zombie, stop I need you!
I guess you must have the Trojan Zombie ready!
Can I trust in you, zombie? Food! Here, fetch!...
John, get ready your strength to carry the Trojan Zombie
to make that damn ship explodes into a thousand pieces!
...go damn for it! Finish the plate. All right? Sweet dreams, Junior...
Junior, where are you?
Junior, come here!
Come on!
Why have you brought me here, Willie?
Why do you think?
I don't belong here anymore.
If you think John West was just a 450 pounds clown
punching everything he crossed like a automaton,
then fine stay there turning your back at me.
But if you're convinced like me that those iron fists still beating in your heart...
...and screaming to remind you that you're a true fighter and not a coward...
...then just turn around, and look me in the eye.
I was wrong about you...
Don't ever call me a coward again.
...get dressed.
John West, the time has come.
Are you ready, cowboy?
There's only one way to know for sure, Willie...
release that damn zombie!
Come on. Come on, John!
God damnit!
You can do it John! You can do it!
Come on friend, it's nothing but a pile of muscles.
It's too strong, Willie. I can't with it.
It's just a damn zombie, finish him!
look at the crowd, John! You can do it!
Use your fists, God damnit!
Your iron fists!
Come on my friend, who are you?
Who the hell are you, God damnit?
Who are you?
I'mÖ I'm John West.
Who are you, God damnit?
I'm John West!
I'm John West!
I'm John West!!!
You're John West!
Destroy him! Destroy that damn zombie!
Good John! Now kill him!
Finish him John, finish him!
Finish him God damnit!
Destroy that disgusting zombie!
Willie, I'm John...
Willie, I'm John West!
I'm John West!
John West!
John, Max! I found it. I'm a few feet away from the mother ship.
Junior! He's my friend! The Trojan Zombie!
Where have you gone?!? Junior!
Where are you?!
John, Max, Do you hear me?
You must go to theÖ
You're supposed to be east of the city.
I'm here, You are the one who's supposed to be north, God damnit.
What are you saying, Bill? Max was very clear,
but you are always doing what you want, isn't?'re endangering the mission. -The one endangering the mission is you!
Junior, where are you?!
Hi Bill, Hi John...
Max, what the hell are you doing here?
It's gone, it's gone. Everything is lost, everything lost!
What the hell are you saying?!
Where's the Trojan Zombie?
I don't' know. He left, he left!
Where to, Max? Where?!
I don't know! Junior!
Junior? Who the hell is Junior?!
Who the hell is Junior?!
He's gone, he's gone! Junior!
Max, Where's the Trojan Zombie?
Everything is lost, everything lost!
God damnit!
Can you two stop arguing?
Stop, Junior! Stop!
It's daddy! Stop!
it's daddy!!!
It has begun. We must destroy that damn ship...
...before a new harvest begins.
What now, Bill?
Max, Where the hell is that zombie?
Max, the fate of humanity depends on you!
The Trojan Zombie. Where is it?
We must act now while the zombies are distracted.
Ok! let's go!
Hang on, Junior! Hang on!
The mutation has begun!
Come on Junior! Hang on! Look daddy in the eyes!
Come on, Junior! Like I taught you. Come on Junior! Be strong!
Hang on! Take a deep breath! Come on! No, Junior, stay there!
No! Junior! Don't leave Junior!
No, Junior, no! Bad zombie! Bad!
Is that our Trojan Zombie?
God damnit, this has gone too far!
All right guys.
It's a ballad riff in F,
Watch me for the changes,
and try to keep up. øOk?
Rock N' Roll
There once were three true great heroes,
their names were Bill Johnson, John West and i'm Max!
Right boys, that's the rhythm.
Their lives were simple until one day something happened
A flying saucer came to the heart. Yes sir!
Took a human and it turned him into a zombie,
that's how this story kicked off
...Zooo ooo oombie Plaaague...
Zombie Plague, Zombie Plague
Together they discovered they were a lethal weapon.
Three heroes, three friends paladins against evil!
They cut a thousand heads, legs, arms nonstop.
The aliens tried to conquer them. And the feds try to capture them.
You are a great song writer, John! You should be a musician.
Have you've been planning this for a long time, John?
Boys, this story should end with a bang!
Zombie Plague, it is a Zombie Plague.
Bill, John and Max will join together against the forces of evil,
and fighting side by side they will triumph!
Zombie Plague, it is a Zombie Plague.
The forces of friendship the planet will save and nobody will stop it.
You know, Bill? This last few days had changed my life.
I was always convinced on the power of my muscles,
but finally I learned to value the power of my spirit.
Not only your life has changed, there is Max
When it all began, he only knew the four walls of his bedroom.
And look at him now, He's happy!
And you, Bill?
I have learned that heroes also cry...
Zombie Plague, it is a Zombie Plague.
Bill, John and Max will join together against the forces of evil,
and fighting side by side they will triumph!
The forces of friendship the planet will save,
...Zooo ooo oombie Plaaague...
Zombie Plague, it is a Zombie Plague...
I think it worked.
Amazing, I could even hear the music.
I always liked the Beatles.
I also noticed influences byÖ
Shhh, we have to finish this quickly.
Get'em all!
Junior, what's wrong?!
It's Me! forgive me! I didn't mean toÖ
Bill, the Trojan Zombie!
What are you doing?!
The powder, John!
No! Junior! Not my Junior! No!
Max, shut up and help me!
Junior, no!
Max, we are all going to die!
Now what, Max?!
No, Junior, no! Junior, Don't leave!
No, Junior, no!
No, Junior, no!
Please, not yet! Please, no!
Let him go, Max!
Stay! Don't' leave!
Max, no! Let him go!
Leave it!
Let him go!
No, Junior!
He sacrificed his life for us, Bill.
For us all.
Well done, guys!
In fifteen years of training nobody teaches me how to be...
...a real hero.
You started the party without me, haven't you!?
Are you ok?
NO! And that's mine!
...we've saved the World.
The legendary Max Giggs and his friends against zombies. Hot Version.
Now the zombies!
Now will you, come on! Come on Bill! You too.
Ladies and gentlemen!
With all you, the unique...
The legendary...
Max Giggs!
Bang! Die Zombie, die!
Die Zombie, die! Down zombie! Die!