Gallon Milk Challenge - Tim vs. Mike (SHORT VERSION)

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>> MIKE: Tim Marlatt why do you think that you can complete this challenge?
>> TIM: Because I am all that is man.
And more so than Michael. >> MIKE: You said before that you would not puke at all, and then you flip flopped, saying
you're gonna try not to puke, then you say you're probably gonna puke and then you said you're not gonna puke again.
Which is it, Tim? >> TIM: I'm not doing an interview with you anymore. >> MIKE: Are you going to puke or not?
>> TIM: I might puke after the buzzer but- >> MIKE: So you admit you will puke.
>> MIKE: You are all that is man, but you will puke. >> TIM: There is a chance that I might puke.
>> MIKE: There is a chance-- so you flip-flopped once again- One minute after the other.
>> TIM: [burps] >> MIKE: He's being all whiney.
>> MIKE: You really think you can do this. >> TIM: Yeah. >> MIKE: Let's see how much you've done so far in the last like minute.
>> TIM: I'm totally confident in my ability. >> Person 3: If you could puke and slap him at the same time-
>> TIM: On him.
>> Person 3: That would be- >> MIKE: Word. >> MIKE: Did you piss or sjit before the competition?
>> TIM: I took a leak.
>> MIKE: You did? Was it satisfying? >> CROWD: [laughter] >> TIM: Not really, I'm extraordinarily dehydrated for this.
>> MIKE: Now everyone knows this is a slap bet, right? This is a slap bet.
>> TIM: I'm gonna slap you in the neck.
>> ISAAC: [sighs]
>> TIM: I want everybody to note and remember the showboating.
>> NICK: Do you like to chuck? >> ISAAC: Chug? >> NICK: Chuck.
>> ISAAC: Uh...
>> MIKE: We are about five minutes into the competition right now and you have drunken-
-jesus almost half. How do you feel right now?
>> FREDDY: It sucks- I need to pee.
>> FREDDY: I'm gonna do this. I'm gonna finish it, all the way.
>> ISAAC: I don't expect to win. It's because I've seen it
done so many times you know how many people fail,
and I think I am one of those people.
>> MATT: I've drunken enough milk at one time to make my mom really, really mad at me.
So, I'm curious. I'm curious to see how far I get.
>> ANDY: Hey, did you know this is expired?
>> MATT: Fifteen minutes.
>> CAMERAMAN: Hold up them milks!
>> MATT: I projectile vomit just so you know.
>> ISAAC: Hehehe, yeah.
>> MATT: With great accuracy.
>> ANDY: You're more than halfway. >> MATT: Eighteen forty-two.
>> MIKE: And it looks like...
Freddy's winning with uh... Isaac right behind him >> JUAN: Now don't forget too, that Mike did agree
that whoever wins the challenge gets to slap him as well. [crowd laughs]
>> ISAAC: Where does the term "chuck"
come from?
>> ISAAC: Up-chuck, ha!
>> MATT: We're at twenty minutes, and one half-minute.
>> ISAAC: I breast-fed for eight months.
>> GENEVIEVE: That's it? Just eight?
Monkey, how long did you breast-feed for?
>> FREDDY: I don't know- what time is it? [crowd laughs]
GENEVIEVE: You can not let your body do a natural reflex.
[crowd laughs]
>> ANDY: You should get a box of cereal.
You about halfway, Tim?
>> TIM: Almost.
>> MIKE: You're not halfway. >> TIM: Yeah that's halfway. >> MIKE: No it isn't.
You're above the halfway mark.
>> TIM: Yeah whatever. Close enough. I plan on chugging more. I love milk. >> MATT: Yeah.
>> ANDY: Do you guys have a puke bucket ready? >> MIKE: They've got bags. >> MATT: I don't have my bag.
>> MIKE: Do you need your bag? >> MATT: No. >> ISAAC: [faint mock vomit sound]
>> MATT: Twenty-three and a half minutes left.
>> MIKE: Now you're halfway.
>> TIM: And a little bit.
>> ISAAC: I'm so full. >> MIKE: It's OK. I was fine until the last two minutes. We'll see what happens.
>> ISAAC: Yeah, exactly. That's how I figure it's going to be.
>> MIKE: At that much milk, most people start feeling it by now. >> MATT: I definitely feel like I have milk in me.
[everybody talking at the same time]
>> MIKE: Aw, look at that!
I think they're tied for second.
>> MIKE: Once that first one goes, it's on from there.
>> MIKE: Aw, Isaac, you feeling it?
>> MATT: Forty two and a half minutes in.
>> TIM: How much is left on the clock?
>> MATT: Seventeen and a half minutes.
>> MIKE: Tim, you have a lot of catching up to do.
>> CAMERAMAN: Good job with the light, Andy. >> ANDY: Thank you.
>> JUAN: Hey Tim, it's obvious you're going to win. Do it with style.
Start gargling.
>> GENEVEIVE: [disgusted moan]
>> JUAN: Oh oh, whoa. Tim just- what was that, Tim?
>> JAIME: He always gets that look.
>> ISAAC: Oh, you know what look? >> JAIME: I know that look well.
>> MATT: Fourty-eight, thirty-eight.
>> OFF CAMERA: Time's a-wastin', Tim.
>> JAIME: Let's see how much you got left Tim, hold it up.
>> GENEVEIVE: Go Tim, Go!
>> OFF CAMERA: Refill? [crowd laughs] >> GENEVEIVE: Massage them titties, that might help.
>> ISAAC: It does.
>> ANDY: It'll add some interest to the video anyway. >> FREDDY: Yeah, it's working, actually!
>> MATT: Ten minutes! >> MIKE: Is there any milk going up there? Are you going to have a lactating problem?
>> MIKE: because that means you fail. >> MATT: Official ten-minute warning.
>> MIKE: Excretion doesn't count. >> PERSON: Cheers.
>> ANDY: That deserves another drink >> ISAAC: Yeah, I think so. >> ANDY: Tim doesn't want to look at it.
>> ANDY: Is this why you wore a black shirt today? >> MIKE: Who's in the lead still, is it still Freddy? Yeah.
Isaac isn't that far behind him, is he?
Isaac's like right there next to him?
Freddy's winning but not by much.
Compared it Isaac, he's in like second place...
>> GENEVEIVE: Yeah my hubby hasn't drunken much. >> Mike: Soooo...
>> MIKE: So Isaac and Tim, where you at? >> ANDY: Pretty close- to Isaac.
>> MIKE: Tim's in last. You can't do it? You can't do it?
You are so...
So ready to fail right now. I can see it in
in relation to how much you haven't drank. morning just after that's what we have
>> ANDY: If he drink half of that And then he can chug the rest of it in the last minute
he might survive. Then all he has to do is hold it for one minute.
And then he can puke all he wants.
>> TIM: How about I show you a fly in a headlock instead?
>> MIKE: Do it. Ooo. Like a boss. Do it. Do it.
That was weak.
>> MATT: Seven minutes.
>> JAIME: Aw, seven minutes, Tim.
You got some milk in your neck beard.
>> MIKE: I'm backing up. Aww.
>> JAIME: He's gonna take it down like a boss! >> MIKE: Glug! Glug!
>> JAIME: You see the sourness in his face?
Mike, did you get that sourness in his face?
>> MATT: Two minutes, thirty seconds. >> JENNIFER: Two minutes.
>> JAIME: Moment of truth, here we go. >> MATT: I got this. [crowd laughs]
>> JAIME: Twatt man is done.
Let's see it Tim Aw, what was that??
>> ANDY: These two are done.
>> MIKE: How many slap bets have you been a part of? >> TIM: I'm not really in to you right now, Mike.
>> MIKE: Really?
>> MATT: Two minutes >> MIKE: Did Tim win the last two slap bets he was in?
>> ANDY: Two minute warning.
>> TIM: I don't remember what it was. >> MIKE: I don't remember what it was about either but...
>> ANDY: Tim is looking at the face of defeat, and it's in gallon form.
>> JAIME: You're almost done! You're almost there! >> MIKE: One minute and fifteen seconds!
Aw, ready?
>> MATT: You've got this.
>> GENEVEIVE: Comon baby you can do it...
>> JAIME: Twatt, you done? >> MATT: Oh, yeah. >> JAIME: You saw that, you saw that? Look at his face!
I saw that! Look at his face!
>> MATT: One minute! >> JAIME: One minute mark, Tim!
Here we go!
Do or die, do or die!
>> MIKE: Oh, ho my god, one minute.
>> JAIME: Lookit, lookit, Tim's heaving. Tim's heaving.
>> MIKE: Yes! >> JAIME: Lookit, lookit! >> MATT: Forty five, you got this.
>> MIKE: I don't care if he pukes on me! I don't care, I want it!
>> MATT: Thirty seconds. >> JAIME: You gotta get Tim, he's not gonna finish!
Oh ho ho ho ho!
>> JAIME: Come this way, come this way! >> TIM: Blarrrrrrghh! [SLAP] [laughter]
[crowd laughs]
Oh my goodness, that is terrible.
It's like froth. >> MATT: It takes a minute too.
>> MIKE: That's like only forty percent, Tim.
>> CHARLES: My goodness, it's all cottage cheese right now.
>> ANDY: I'm so glad for this tree right now.
>> MIKE: Where's your trash bag, Tim? You okay?
>> TIM: Tastes like cheese.
>> JAIME: It's coming out of his nose. It's dripping out of his nose.
>> TIM: Ahhhhgh.
>> MIKE: You were close, dude. You were freaking close. You took it like a champ. >> TIM: Ahh, yes.
>> TIM: I'm going to make you suffer. >> MIKE: Ok! >> MIKE: I love you still. >> TIM: I love you too.
I don't care if you puke or not, you're still my bro.
>> TIM: Aughhhhh. >> MATT: I declare, the winner of
this bout
of slap betting,
Mike. [applause]
>> ISAAC: [fanfare tune]
>> MIKE: I would like to thank my noble competitor, Tim, who took all the crap - >> MATT: Round of applause for Timmeh. [applause]
>> MIKE: This is the commissioner- And that's how much milk he got.
Yeah that's about what I expected.
[slaps stomach]
Do you think you would puke if you had more milk? >> MATT: Uh- yeah. [laughter]