Jesus turned water into wine - Homily 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time Year C (1-20-2013) - Fr. Linh

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Welcome everyone to the program IN THE BEGINNING. I am Fr. Linh.
Today we celebrate the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time – Year C.
Our Gospel passage is from Saint John, chapter two, from verse one to eleven.
In a church kitchen, several staff who drank the last cup of coffee
often forget to fill the pot for the next person.
Trying to motivate the staff to be more responsible, the secretary taped a neat notice to the pot:
“If Jesus drank the last cup of coffee, what would he have done?
Go and do likewise.” The next morning she found this response:
“Jesus would have turned the water into wine instead of coffee.”
If you were really law-abiding, would the miracle at the wedding feast of Cana
make you feel uncomfortable? I feel that Jesus was doing something unfair
to the local liquor stores. Indeed, if he continued performing many miracles
like that, he would put many people out of our jobs.
There are other ways of looking at the event. Jesus did what he could to help his neighbors
in their hour of need. The newlyweds were not very well-off. The
wine was running short. It would have caused them embarrassment.
It would have ruined the happiest day of their lives.
The wine was running short. But the master of ceremonies, the steward,
the bride, the groom, and their families were not aware of it.
Mary was the first to notice it. She approached her son, Jesus.
She knew he could do something about it. She said: “They have no wine.”
Jesus’ response seems disrespectful: “Woman, how does your concern affect me?
My hour has not yet come.” How many husbands have said to their wives,
how many sons have said to their mothers, what Jesus said to Mary?
“Why ask me? What can I do?” Mary knew, as many wives and mothers know,
Jesus could not refuse her request.
Mary is not mentioned by name in today’s Gospel.
John called her “the mother of Jesus”. Jesus addressed her “woman.”
The first Eve was also called “woman” and “the mother of all the living.”
But she disobeyed her man and her God. She played a main part in the fall of humanity.
At Cana, Jesus called Mary “woman.” On Calvary, Jesus again called her “woman.”
From the wedding at Cana to the suffering on Calvary,
Mary played a significant role in the reconciliation of humanity and God.
The significant role was indicated by her obedience.
Mary, the second Eve, spoke words of obedience: “Do whatever he tells you.”
The joy and happiness of the newlyweds at Cana
could easily have ceased with the shortage of wine.
It was a big mistake not to be aware of the shortage.
Do we notice the shortages in our own lives? We forget to turn to Jesus to beg for what
we need. We forget to ask Mary to intercede.
But Mary is anxious to show her eagerness to bring our human needs to her Son.
Mary asks us to go to her Son with open hearts and empty hands,
like six empty stone water jars waiting to be filled.
Jesus filled up the joy of the newlyweds by changing water into first-rate wine.
Likewise, Jesus wants to fill up the wine of love and joy in our lives.
Our daily lives are sometimes tasteless and bland like water.
After a few years of marriage, the love might have dried up.
Day in and day out, we might have lost our ideals.
We may no longer have the sparkle for living. Bored and weary, we have settled for humdrum
routine. Miraculously like the miracle at the wedding
feast of Cana, Jesus came on earth to change people and to
make all things new. He came to change us just as he changed water
into wine. He invites us to change our ways to a new
manner of life. A few weeks ago, we welcomed a New Year.
The New Year speaks of new beginnings and a fresh start.
It provides us with a promising outlook that we want to be better people to transform
our living. If we really want to change our lives,
from tasteless water into first-rate wine, we have to turn to Jesus and call for his
help. When we find Jesus, our lives are always changed
for the better. Jesus enriches our run-of-the-mill routine.
He makes it precious and gives an eternal value to the commonplace.
He transforms and makes us like himself – the precious wine of salvation.
Let us pray: Mary, Mother of God, at your request,
Jesus worked His first miracle. He changed water into wine for the wedding
guests at Cana in Galilee. Over the centuries you have not ceased
to obtain countless signs and wonders for the poor,
exiled children of Eve. We ask you to intercede with your Divine Son
for the miraculous graces which the modern world so desperately needs.
For the conversion and reconversion of whole nations to Jesus Christ
and His teaching on marriage and the family. Mary, Mother of the Holy Family,
and Mother of our families, pray for us. Amen.
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