Synyster Gates - Rock of Jericho Interview Part 1

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We have Synyster Gates, from Avenged Sevenfold, right here. What's going on, man?
not much
just happy to be hanging out with you.
As always, man, we've had some good times over the years. It's cool to finally,
finally have you on the show. It's cool because earlier in the
day, you asked me to you
remind you that
that you were gonna be doing the show and they text me and I said, "well you have to remind me
to remind you" and you text me at like 6:30 am, your time, and said that you were
going out surfing.
How was it?
It was a lot of fun. It was actually good. I got a new board for my birthday and it's
really short and I can't surf it. It's been a month and today was the first day that I
finally actually
did something cool
like standing up. I had a blast and it was cool.
yeah, early morning.
That's one thing
I love about you guys is that, I mean, you still basically
live in the same area where you grew up in Huntington Beach. Still like the
same, you know, beach
the vibe beach town. It's like you guys are really, you really are like this gang
of friends that you've had your whole life.
Yeah, definitely.
It's what make it, you know, endurable.
You know, we are very family-oriented and
when you have good friends
and unique good friends as well
on the road in that's what keeps it all together because otherwise you are you're kinda just trapped
in a box as you well know.
relay dot u_k_ for about an hour after night
and then you go back
well without killing result
and uh... in hip-hop it up
yada yet another program and pamela
alas as you suggested that i mean that there was such issues record for you
guys want number one on the charts the
it was a such a long tour by is it weird to have some time off for for the first
time in a long time
uh... it
you have time for the very much is
there are very very few days were
i can't buy from
funded the ltte yesterday at work in a rather annoyed
the street from
and our own johnnie embedded in my parents my brother and propped up
i'm here their yearly dues
here but they are every day
where something thanks
slowly for you
i mean though
did when they made its i mean obviously such such huge business and the tour was
so successful i mean were you
digit expect that to happen or you kind of like because you guys went to the
next level on this last record
dot how did you feel before it came out and then were you
surprise shocked expecting it to be is is because it was
uh... yet we are told that we never expected uh...
but the people we didn't expect that or or prayer
bearded we start off with kind of a hardcore band you know
argonne natl that i picked up depending where you were in bed
uh... and uh... we've been expecting a going to be paying out and do a little
toward maybe at the paramount
but that's what we definitely want it
pick a little bit more to defend pope
opened an extra you know that's why aren't you glad compendium of work and
we really want to people to get into that they know it
little uh...
anymore globally ideology
you know
no i can't wait to get up early
you want to cut spread the legacy a little bit more than around him
i would have to honor when it was
taking without touch
picnic patrick action
in dealing with their people weren't from and picked up like that probably
wouldn't emanating reception here very lucky
slanderous and i think a lot of that was intended to be to jimmy peters and these
are the season this kind of like this
the before him
you know i think a lot of people on the fans dot it later they want to see this
band at the next level in honor of all the hard work that you needed done even
up to this record because he actually
played on the demos or wrote the demos is that correct link he actually the
record was done
they let the time is passing is that correct
caring and anger and i don't know about you
laid down from up
graphic local room for almost three years you know we had a really hard
and vocal applicability traction industries hosted by himself and that's
role prophetic a clairvoyant
but ending
and our absolute directed it
look more intelligent
say the least you know over really really glad to
but he didn't know we have not too bad that extra bit of magic in
uh... you know you the very special magical due to the
one-two renewal
yeah i think about what you need to you that i a and
you know as i was always see a offenders avenged way before you we actually even
met but i was always really impressed by the budget needs
phone calls
i thought you know driver he was amazing but students singing why is he had a
great voices well do you still use a lot of his parts on stage
uh... yeah you know eddie anyway baron in the studio
which uh...
fortunately we are a little bit stuff because i have made this uh... clinton's
decision to use you either but he also vocals
uh... right near the bag yet
searched its usage of jimmy is vocal there was an incredibly amazing idea and
the courtroom
first bennett critical acclaim part of the first one that i mean he
he's belting it out in some stuff on
but i'm not a record of a lot of
logic looking up
really really korea japan prohibited range incredible ranger
warning whatever
and just a hot
i don't know could could be michael jackson like michael packages of
preached is it appropriate uh... told yes
schools when you think back and you will what song do you
here uh... when you listen to it and it reminds you jimmy instantly
of doctor lee will be parent
american yangon
ex parte like ally
i grew up in a highlighting produ
especially i would i like new drummer play a little bit drunk on the moped but
i would appreciate it dot lobby group vocal but
uh... i'd never knew about it was possible from
by pinpointed by conspiring with the palestinian division
and i've ever radical so when he came to me and we've known each other for
about six seven-year taking came up increase meerut
and even other
i thought we had another typewriter grow a lot of people know about american
because so
and it was kind of a little bit more mainstream it kind of weird or
well you're going to all sort of pop stuff
because absolutely brilliant already inundating torrent so i think prompting
because utilizes this really x
kind of uh... uh...
i don't know what the other big backwards but like the pics biblical
tabulate the writing
he gets elected
restrict electric yeah you just extremely a clock ticks songwriter
and that's where i would appreciate it if i was very inspiring
surplus adolescents exits recently said all this is only
have the brompton cocktail is kind of more of an obscure number in your
catalog anna
uh... so that was basically jimmy's peace
but all that's all you know i'm not really
uh... the lyrics incredible lyrics to helicopter prompting cocktails not quite
sure what that is
whatever build figured out
does it incredible where
there in the overall the whole partly always
atlantic astrakhan here although protection
work but you're not different confirm what usually do
los angeles himself all the
and this holds and clog decency collect here on them
c_n_n_ is the
that's that's very very close to and uh...
let's see what prompting cocktail with them with the wonders of doodle stitches
in his lips amends for use as a pain some precedents suppressant
and does for prophylaxis
uh... so i don't know how hard you basically u_-two because i think it will
be days trip and look up a warm front but it
uh... at your turn
album attitude
in or equate to kill your child
uh... dot shin dot shit
better then uh...
it was uh... autostart erotic asphyxiation
uh... i didn't know that i think that's being attacked that's probably a third
tradition test so i think i think that's being that no pun intended
this is that correct
so you you were talking about obviously the songwriting and now you're at the
point where it's time to universe are writing some new songs is going to be
uh... visited the change for you i mean obviously will be used to be difficult
to write songs about jimmy around
yeah i mean
it properly
what we'd prefer
on our site report we've been doing a little bit uh... we would be a little
bit of writing
and uh... sexually
you know uh...
it kind of the pit the challenge you know that we we need challenges pretty
okay well no
and they have become was probably one of the most competitive people
most people who have ever met in i've ever met
i think that it really helps seven but like i hadn't been recorded
uh... inspiring starvation wages
you really are criminal
bulked up everybody out and get there
get that straightened out
well i think it would be sending you the after spending so much time with jim and
share some of his some of his styles and some of his technique has rubbed off on
you as well so your i mean you guys always gonna
have that vide uh... to you because because you spent so much time with him
he was so influential on you
uh... w completely that
girls are always jobless will agree with you
the backup or mine
and we're a little help or hurt at no time contruction girl ph dot
in his life experiences are conspiring
uh... st louis utilized
well you mentioned piggly smoother than it was one of your day
and so he had kind of this i think he was a real kind of a mr bungle
all type of uh... of a vibe is that one of you lose one of your earlier
busier that julia uh... and unique
uh... academia or the person to play extremely anemic state
dream theater was the first thing he ever played d
londonderry new in anything like that have existed
record in eighth grade
uh... but check into that was probably
private which i know a little bit about the new turbo i'd never heard of
and battered area
but it's quite so much ever parent
that would buy a car
huge patent chandler databases
ever done it will not be credible forwarded of all time
so yeah you got totally
but all that kind of stuff up and only please
kinda messed around with a look and gingrich newt
putting a hardcore
quantitative riding
we're chairman about it was always a little bit but here
and uh...
danielle new bangalore inspired you know
weston is a good thing to meet you in a small loan things are really got into
the hands of the facility which is hard to before
was in about two thousand four two thousand five
due to heart plane was not info
we'll get it really bothered me because being lbnl fendi mtbe iraq's and i love
souls weathers george harrison or whether it's jimmy page whether it's
correct manner whatever and there was kind of a real tours of that in the late
nineties in two thousand i really feel that it was your work and what was
actually an events as a whole that brought guitar playing back into the
forefront in heavy music
was it when you started doing the city of evil record and even before that with
week in the fallen we did you feel like it was a conscious effort like i want to
put guitar playing back into music
well we almost went part of the other way and i woke up a little bit more
but right now that bump up in the early days
but uh...
but we did but i gotta get credited and ending the pride
and continually tracker
utilized everybody's strength
and everybody kind of drive out in the in the penguin so
you know like he doesn't know pushing
sprinkled onto the paper and pretend this intro beheaded happen naturally
you know everybody who's of course you should be fellow that's what you do
but we have had a good but i uh... it was never a carpet africa
to do it because we thought they were the lack thereof are name
but i mean really had no clue in looking at you much radio and really looking to
was pure pop
i cleared huge britney spears behem tough i got a pay-per-view radio
uh... yeah
bootlegging payments justices cactus so yeah you know here we are putting
important but
and carol
purple problem in blue
gun road and park news properly working people already had political week color
have been weird
he wouldn't open admission world derelict bil happening show and
underground coastal watch but i think mainstreamed or the really there
because but we will keep you awake at the north reiterated to
wouldn't comment more
ordered ever really on the not proper pyara
well and that the other now what what is happening you use that he
has become like the guitar heroes for a new generation every guitar world
magazine looking on the cover of in fact i mean and deservedly so like i always
said that he got here this panic
they they remind me of slick ramon strossen guns roses cross the skid row
across of halloween night
there's so much guitar playing in it in the mountains skiing type stuff who were
your influences when you were first when your first playing
promyelocytic here at the bottom row of the remote they have never really
thought that they are let's cut the deficit the actresses
it's the attitude of it is what it really got me like it's just it's very
angry but cool
all that that's where i got the ramones five from
knowing that at all
rework huge punk rock and they can't get the oak are clearly all went to that
potthurst age
or edith
broke after grace and justice for all
who our parents moron
other failure to were horrible kilter openly with them
uh... with the music we played we're all in punk rock