Behind the Wheel with Shell V-Power - 2013 Ford Focus EV review

Uploaded by Shell on 24.10.2012


I am Brian Early, I write
for the Toronto Star Wheel section,
and this is the 2013 Ford Focus EV.

I enjoyed the ride in the electric Focus,
quite a bit, actually.
I had high expectations coming into this car
after being in the Nissan Leaf.
I think this Ford matches that, or possibly even betters it,
and has a nicer interior to boot.
Ford is globalizing their products,
and it's showing up in terms of nicer materials,
nicer finish, trim with highlights.
It's beautifully put together, the materials are nice and rich;
everything you touch is of good quality.
And the displays that Ford uses in their dashboards,
with the liquid crystal screens; they're beautiful.

I like the way that the Focus EV handled.
In city driving, it drives
every bit as nicely as a regular Focus does.
I have to applaud just how well
sorted the package is.
It's an electric vehicle, yes,
but it's not in-your-face about it in a driving sense.
There's displays that tell you how, you know,
efficiently you're driving, but beyond that,
this could just be a conventional car
that's very quiet.