Henna Tutorial #3 - Basic vines and leaves

Uploaded by translationgal on 21.01.2013

Peace and blessings everybody
so, no flower patern in henna would ever be complete without vines or leaves of some kind
so today I'll be showing you how to do 5 different kinds of leaves, here - leaves and vines
please stay tuned and I'll be showing you how to do it
draw a simple curved line create a dot at the top and pull the henna towards the line
repeat this on each side of the line and keep it as even as possible
draw one one long curved line and finish it with a spiral add spirals along the line
and small buds created by placing a henna dot and dragging it towards the line in a small curve
Draw an open bracket from the flower with a line in the middle. From the line, drag the henna into small perpendicular lines.
simply draw zigzags into an elongated triagular shape directly towards the flower
start from a small line, draw a semi-circle in zigzags and finish it with a point