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Hi, Kevin. -Hi, my love.
I'm glad to see you again. -Let's cut to the chase.
I told you on the phone.
We'll get rid of Laura in Sahara.
That's where she wants to go on a vacation. -And the biggest
problem are some off-road amateurs? - Damn...
That's the problem. If they follow us, as a second car,
we can bury them over there as well.
That would be too risky.
I don't know how to explain this, but the first seven women
we got rid of pretty easy, but with this Laura things are a lot harder.
It's like she's guarded by a higher force... -What force?
You don't even believe in God, don't start now with magic and stuff.
I know you better than you know yourself.
Don't tell me who or what I am!
Ever since I wanted Laura dead, I'm heaving those headaches.
If I was a fool, that doesn't mean I wanted to be one.
I got into this mess by chance.
You were only interested in power and sex, and that won't change.
And you've got that with me all the time.
When I see her reading all those books,
it's just like something is splitting my head in half.
Kevin, don't get sentimental with me now.
Look, I've told you, it's our last job.
If we do it right, we'll be settled for life.
Okay, babe. We'll do like you say.
When James gets his job done, we'll get rid of him too.