Pháp Luân Thường Chuyển

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After the concentration of spiritual energy, hold your hands like this
to allow the energy flow between the Yin and Yang meridians.
Cross your fingers like this. This gesture is called the Samadhi-Mudra seal.
Exhale by pressing your abdomen inward, and slowly inhale to fill up the navel, the chest, up to the head.
Say to yourself: Fill up the navel, fill up the chest, up to the head.
If you forget to give yourself this mental order, the energy will not flow correctly.
This exercise helps to develop the energy of the brain.
Humans have a strong health thanks to the pure energy of the universe.
Thus, we must use this pure energy and bring it in to purify our microcosm and strengthen our body.
The cyclical breathing of non-retention also helps to open up our consciousness.
At that time, when meditating, our head will always be surrounded by a bright halo of energy.
Remember to completely flatten your stomach when exhaling.
This breathing exercise releases all the toxins in our body.
We meditate at midnight, or at the hour of the rat. This is the hour when Heaven and Earth
are opening up. We take advantage of this beneficial hour to release the impure energy in our body.
The toxins will be eliminated the next day via bowel movements and urination.
When we meditate, we eliminate the toxins with our breathing exercise.
Remember to give yourself the order: Fill up the navel, the chest, up to the head.
If we practice with dedication to eliminate all toxins from our body,
our energy will be pure and light, and easily concentrated in our brain.
People usually care only about physical exercise to strengthen their muscles,
but they don't know how to exercise their nervous system so that it flows freely.
Only by breathing in the pure energy of heaven and earth, the energy
of the universe, will we be able to release the toxins in our bodies.
We will have a sound mind and a sound body. They always have to go in tandem.
The Vo-Vi method advocates a middle path between social life and spiritual life.
When our body is well-balanced, we'll never utter irresponsible words to hurt our neighbors.
If we are always patient and live in good harmony
with everyone, we won't encounter any retributions in the future.
People whose spiritual root is heavy, and who can never see Buddha in spite of long
years of practice, should practice the cyclical breathing of non-retention more often.
If they practice with dedication, their energy will flow more freely,
their inner wisdom will grow, and they will reach serenity.
You will feel warmth in the whole body after doing 6 breath cycles correctly.
Those who don't feel the warmth in their body have a blocked digestive system.
When the energy doesn't flow freely, the blood circulation also does not function properly.
In those cases, one must undergo a cleansing program of
the digestive system to restore the brightness of the mind.
This is a demonstration of the Cyclical Breathing of Non-Retention.
Breathe evenly. Slowly exhale while pressing your abdomen inward.
Slowly inhale while pulling your abdomen outward.
Remember to give to yourself the order to fill up the navel, the chest, up to the head.
If you breathe correctly, 6 breath cycles are enough.
Some weak people breathe in dozens of times, but this doesn't bring good results.
Doing 6 breath cycles correctly is sufficient.
Now, I am showing to a friend who is learning this method of meditation.
He is currently doing the Cyclical Breathing of Non-Retention.
First, exhale completely while pressing your abdomen inward.
Then slowly inhale while pulling your abdomen outward.
Always say to yourself: Fill up the navel, the chest, up to the head.
Sit straight, look straight ahead and focus on the middle point between the eyebrows.
When you breathe correctly, you'll feel the energy
circulating in your whole body, and your limbs are warmed up.
In warm weather, doing this breathing exercise should
make you perspire. In colder weather, you'll be warmed up.