Valkyria Chronicles Theater #2 - Gallia's Summer Festival [EngSub]

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SenVal Theater: Gallia's Summer Festival.
Touyo's garments are very interesting, don't you agree?
When you go to a festival in Touyo, traditionally you wear this type of clothing.
Even so... why do we have to wear this?
Come on, don't say that Ramal.
Alicia and Isara went through the trouble of preparing them.
A gentleman never refuses a lady's request.
Hey everyone!
Sorry for making you wait.
Excuse us for being late.
Aren't you two cute.
You look great in those.
You're very beautiful.
I'm not used to wearing this, so it's a bit embarassing.
Is something the matter?
Ah, no.
It's nothing.
Alright, shall we get going?
Wow, there's so many people!
Castle festivals are amazing!
Oh, there's an unusual stand over there!
Wait up Welkin!
These are quite rare.
You're still going on about bugs here?
It's a Madarawari butterfly!
You're very skilled.
Thank you very much.
That hurt!
He thought I was cute, so he gave me extra.
Oh, it looks like some of it's melting.
This store over here looks interesting too!
Wait! You'll get lost.
Smile everyone!
We sort of got separated from everyone.
It's fine.
We'll meet up with them once we get back to the gate.
What beautiful fireworks.
Your Highness...
When will you be able to come?
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