Le Retour de Zuneet

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This is the story of a dog, that was once a boy,
but has now transformed,
into a dog,
a crazy dog, named Zuneet.
He has terrorized Mississauga
for many years, but is now in Hell.
But, Zuneet being the clevar Quickneet that he is,
struck a deal with the devil, who could no longer take his presence.
(Hell Present Day)
No, Mr. Devil. Why? No! Please Sir!
My children, my children!
I beg of you! Listen closely, listen closely! I want to return to Earth to continue my terror.
Devil - That would bring me great pleasure,
but my work is to guard you here
and make you suffer!
Zuneet - But Mr. Devil...
I don't want to live without seeing people suffer!
Devil - You know what?
It seems like you and I have the same spirit
I am going to let you return to Earth,
but upon one condition.

You must stay in a chair...
Zuneet - Good, good, good, Mr. Devil
I approve your plan. Good? Okay? Yes? Devil - Hello, Goodbye.
Zuneet returned to Earth
to continue his mission.
He was very quick
in thinking of ways to make more people suffer.

Zuneet's idea
was to promote the product "Majestic Hair",
that had transformed Zuneet from a boy into a dog
and could transform all men into dogs,
an army
of Zuneets. Zuneet - Enter!
Hello, hi!
Broom - My name is Mr. Broom
Stick - Hello, hi! Mr name is Mr. Stick
Zuneet - Sit down please.
Stick - How can we
help you today?
Zuneet - Hello my name is Zuneet Woof Woof.
I am an entrepreneur who would like to spread the word...
about my product.
Can you help me?
Broom - Yes Mr. Zuneet
We can help you! Have you heard about the internet?
Zuneet - Internet!
What is this Internet...
that you speak of?
Stick - Mr. Zuneet...
the interent is a very useful resource.
Zuneet - Okay, okay...
Please tell me
how can I use the internet
to spread my....terror?
WHAT? Your Terror???
Zuneet - No, no, no, please sit down.
I want to tell other aboutl and
promote my product.
Stick - Yes that's very simple.
The easiest way to spread your message is to use
social media and the internet.
Zuneet - aaah
For example like Twitter and Facebook?
I must learn how to use
these different websites and the Internet.
Broom - Yes sir. We must first give you a better idea
of how to use these sites but...
we must warn you.
Stick - Since there are many advantages to these sites
such as easy communication and...
a global community.
Broom - There are also many disadvantages.
Zuneet - Inconveniences, like what?
Broom - When you use the internet
there are many possibilities for theft
such as credit card theft.
In addition,
all the information you put on the Internet
can possibly be viewed by anyone.
Zuneet - Yes yes, now show me how to use these sites.

I'm not worried about my identity,
I'm a dog!
Stick - That's fine Mr.

You must first create an account,
then you must create an event page for all your friends to see.
Zuneet - ughh....
What can I do if I don't have any friends?
Broom - Don't worry!
You can add people you know and...
hope that they accept your friend request
Zuneet - Oh okay.
I will spam all Graydon students.
Broom - No, no, no, that's not good. Spamming is bad!
Zuneet - Yes, yes, it's very good.
I want to create a website that I can use so
people can by my product.
How can I do this?
Stick - Oh good!
For you Mr...
you should consult a web developer.
Zuneet - Very good, thank you for your help.
Broom - Goodbye Hello. This has been a very good experience.
Stick - Goodbye Hello? Broom - If you need any help....woah alright.
Broom - Goodbye, goodbye!
Anonymeet 1 and 2 - Hello
Bank Teller - Hi, how may I help you today?
Anonymeet 1 - It's up to you. How would you like to help us?
Teller: uhh....
Very good, we offer many services Anonymeet 2 - Like?
Teller - We offer many services,
such as mortgages,
personal bank accounts,
loans, line of credit, and also many other services.
Anonymeet 1 - Wow, that is quite intriguing.
Anonymeet 2 - Does your bank offer online banking?
Teller - uhhhhhhhhh....
uhm yes!
Sorry I forgot to mention it earlier.
Our bank is very proud to offer
online banking
as it is the most
popular method of banking currently.
Anonymeet 2 - Oh that's good to know.
Anonymeet 1 - I have a question for you Teller - Ask away
Anonymeet 1 - Is it possible to hack these online bank accounts
and steal the money from them.
Teller - Well as they say sir everything is possible,
but our bank's online accounts
are very secure and can only be accessed
by the account owners themselves.
Anyonmeet 2 - Oh...
that doesn't help our cause.
Teller - What are you here for then?
Anonymeet 1 - For a simple task mister

Teller - And what task is that?
Anonymeet 1 - We are here to rob this bank! Teller - What?
Anonymeet 2 - Were you listening to us?
We're here to break into the safe!
Anonymeet 1 - We're here to rob the bank!
the money in the bag. Teller - Okay okay..... Anonymeet 1 - Quickly, faster!
Give me the bag! Security Guard - Stop!
Anonymeet 2 - Is there a problem?
Security Guard - Sheriff, I've caught the robbers.
Anonymeet 1 - Give me the bag!
Security Guard - Stop mister!
Anonymeet 1 - Oh no!
Security Guard - You're coming with me! Anonymeet 1 - It's not possible! Anonymeet 2 - But why?? Teller - Bye bye!
Jean Marc - Hello and welcome to Radio-Canda News,
News All the Time ;)
We have a news event to tell you about tonight
For the fifth time this month
a bank in Toronto has been robbed.
But this is not simply
random men
with big sweaters and a gun.
All the robberies are connected, according to the police.

Over $10 million dollars
has been stolen, but the mystery organization was not satisfied.
But there is good news.
Today, the small Graydon Branch of the Bank of Montreal was almost robbed...
but a large security guard stopped the criminals.

Radio-Canada News
has gained access to the security cameras at the bank.
When you see them, the two criminals are wearing dog masks,
similar to those used at the previous robberies.
Zuneet: But I am not wearing a mask. My name is...
Zuneet Woof Woof. And welcome to my
little game.
I hope
that you are not
sore losers.
All that you worry about is money.
It's not about the money.
And this is only....
the beginning.
I started using the internet
to organize an army so large
that you can not
find us.
They are
...no....they are anonymeets! Yes anonymeets
But with the internet a huge disadvantage is that
everything on the Internet
is permanent.
What am I
going to do then? What?
like an....
Mwah ha ha ha. Woof woof!
I'm delighted to see you again...