Waldorf Dodge Video Blog -- Ram Laramie, 2013 Ford Focus ST and Staff Photos

Uploaded by waldorfdodge on 23.04.2012

In this episode of our video blog we go high performance racing, take a look at some luxury
and go back to school for some photo fun. So sit down and be quite!
Do you ever find yourself wishing that when you had to tow something long distance that
you could actually ride in comfort in a stylish vehicle? Did you know that Ram has had a luxury
truck available for a year now? They call it the Long Horn Laramie and boy what a truck
this is! Now, you probably already know how tough Ram
trucks are and what they are capable of, so let’s get on to the good stuff, the luxury.
Ram did not skimp when they put together this package. The seating is 100% high quality
leather with etching in the bolsters, giving it an authentic western look. The front seats
have unique leather seatbacks that have flap-closure pockets which look like saddlebags. The cabin
is complemented by real wood grain trim throughout. I could go on all day trying to describe how
wonderful the interior is, but words just don't do it justice. So maybe you should come
out to Waldorf Dodge and see for yourself. Did you know that in Late 2012 the 2013 Focus
ST is coming? This racing inspired model is going to turn heads for sure. Now, don’t
think this is just another wanna be sporty car, the development of the Focus ST was overseen
by Ford’s director of Global Performance Vehicles, Jost Capito. Before coming to Ford,
Jost was the head of Red Bull’s F1 program, headed Porsche’s racing efforts and in 1985
won the Paris-Dakar race truck category. So we are thinking this guy knows a little bit
about racing. The Focus ST will come with a 2 liter EcoBoost
engine putting out 247 horsepower and a 6 speed manual transmission. Also Ford has added
high performance brakes and a sport tuned suspension. The exhaust has also been upgraded
and tuned to give this racer a throatier sound. Finally, the ST will have lower springs and
stiffer shock absorbers which allowed Ford to lower the center of gravity and giving
it a meaner stance. The look of the ST is different too. It will
have a unique black honeycomb grille and a larger rear spoiler for better high speed
stability. The colors are unique to ST as well; performance blue, race red, white and
tangerine scream, the signature color for ST.
So, stay tuned for more news on Focus ST. We will keep you updated with information
as the official release draws near. Recently we had staff photo day here at Waldorf
Ford and Waldorf Dodge. I swear it felt like school picture day to us. Everyone had a set
time to come in and smile big for the camera. Now because we had such a large staff we had
them all hold up a sign with their name and department. Some got it right like this guy
and some apparently thought we were taking a different kind of photo. Now most of the
pictures came out great like these. Some of our staff really like their computers and
wanted to have a picture with them. One of our employees thought she was in a disco video.
Another thought it was crazy hat day. Several thought these were their best pose. And even
one jumped for joy. In the end they all came out nice. Take a look on our website waldorfford.com
or waldorfdodge.com to see for you. See you next time. Oh here’s a final photo
for you…