How to BBQ mussels with Curtis Stone - Coles

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So the barbie can be used for many, many things,
but I bet you haven't thought of this one before.
It's cooking mussels straight on the barbie.
So I've got these beautiful mussels.
We're so lucky in Australia
to get our hands on such great seafood.
All you need to do with these guys is...
See the beard here on the side of the mussel?
You want to just sort of work that up and down
and then eventually you should be able to pull it off.
So sometimes they'll be just slightly open.
And then the beard attaches to the muscle
and this is actually what it attaches to the rock or the rope with.
But if you're quick, you can pull it out
and then you can go ahead and cook it.
OK, this is how you cook them.
Get yourself a little bit of oil
and just drizzle over the top of the mussels.
You don't need too much.
Open up your barbie. You want it nice and hot. Right?
We've got that, which is a good thing.
Go ahead and push the mussels... the plate.
Spread them around.
Now, this will happen quickly.
As soon as these mussels start to open, they're cooked
and you can take them off.
So the only other thing we're gonna do
is we're gonna put some flavour in there.
So up here, I've got all these different flavours.
I've got lemon zest, I've got some lime leaf,
some butter, some fresh parsley,
some shallots, some lime,
some tomatoes and some lemon.
Right, so once your mussels have been on for a minute or so,
go ahead, grab your butter...
Now, you'll see I've cut this into little cubes.
I'm going to add a little of the shallots.
A little of the lemon zest
which works so beautifully with the seafood.
Some of that nice parsley.
So give a squeeze of some citrus. I've got the lemon here.
Now, I can see these starting to open,
so get yourself a couple of spatulas,
go ahead, turn these around.
10 seconds and they're done. It's so quick and so easy.
Right, when you've got the heat really nice and intense
and you've got the beautiful smell of the ocean,
just get a little bit of white wine, not too much.
It's just going to create that little bit of steam
and just finish that cooking off.
Then get yourself a nice big bowl.
And I literally, just with my spatulas,
go on through...
..pick those up.
And you get this unbelievable sort of roasted smell.
Who knew that cooking mussels on a barbie could be so easy?
Not only do you get that incredible flavour of the ocean,
but you also kind of get that delicious familiar char flavour
that you're used to from a barbecue, and it's so good.
Ohh. Look at that.