Alexander Rybak / Interview Afterparty MGP Denmark (21.01.2012)

Uploaded by catalinaTRR on 30.01.2012

Next to me is the winner of Eurovision 2009 Alexander Rybak.
Yo’! Whaddup?
Alex, how did you like the show tonight?
You know, I experience everyday that people invite me as a celebrity,
but this time it’s one of those times when people invite me as a musician.
And that’s nice! Thank you, thank you! Because that’s what I am, right?
You are a fantastic musician and people learned that in Moscow.
But tell me, do you like the song that was chosen tonight to go to Eurovision?
Yeah yeah, for Denmark is very different.
It’s a different song.
And for yourself, how does your career continue?
Are you working on a new album?
I work, you know...
After doing the first album first time, I did something like that the second time as well,
but now I want to spread more.
I want to do duets, I am doing a duet with Paula Seling, in Romania.
I would really like to write a song for Johhny Logan.
How did you manage to come up with a duet with Paula?
Because I just had a song, and it was just after the Eurovision in Oslo and she has the voice for it.
And also it’s nice to travel around in different countries.
Alexander thank you very much, good luck for your future and see again you next time!