"Juicing on a budget " Save money on eating healthy | Juice Fast Update

Uploaded by rawcrave on 27.01.2012

More fruits and vegetables and I am so beat.
Its Friday
January 27. It is 27 days
into the juice fast and i'm still going
I feel much better. What I wanted to talk about
this time was budget
and because i've been spending a lot on
fruits and vegetables
I will spend like between fifty and sixty dollars like every
four or five days so I was like oh my goodness. For Next month
I have to
try to
budget a little better. I was thinking I will try to stay under twenty-five dollars but
today I with to the store

and I spent a total of twenty - eight dollars and some change.

I went to two different stores
and I don't really like going to all theses different stores and try to like get deals
and stuff like that because I feel like it waste gas
you are wasting gas
and you're thinking you are getting a good deal
but you are wasting gas
My two favorite health food stores
happen to be in the same area so that is a plus for me
so I just walk to both of them
well I park my car then I
walk to each of them
so at one store I spent fourteen dollars and twelve cents and the other store I spent fourteen dollars and
fourteen dollars and twenty-two cent
so I am going to round it up to twenty-nine dollars.
so this is all the food that I brought.
the grapefruits were three for a dollar I brought four dollars worth
the tomatoes were two dollars and seven-nine cents
carrots were seven-nine cents for a one pound bag. lemons were one dollar and ninety-nine cents. apples were
two dollars and forty-nine cents
and the celery was two dollars and forty-nine cents for two
and the cucumber are not organic but it's going to peel them
the cabbage is not organic
The organic lettuce was on sell for one dollar and forty-nine cents.
so I brought all different types of lettuce
so this is going to be my greens
and so that's pretty much it the cucumbers were three for one dollar. that you can refer it read for a dollar
and the cabbage
was forty-nine cents per pound
so all this came up to about twenty-nine dollars
I stayed under thirty dollars so next time I'm going to try to stay under twenty-five dollars
so I showed you all the food that I brought
I going to see if it will last me the whole week whole
for seven days. I going to see if I can use what I buy for seven days.
If you want to know If I went the whole seven days for twenty-nine dollars and a frightening twenty nine dollars
uh... i will do a video
about it next friday
Juice update
uh... I'm kinda getting tired of juicing a little uh... it is getting kind of boring and I feel like I want something warm
I am drinking tea.
I make my own lemon tea
Lemon ginger tea or sometimes I just drink an herbal tea.
so that is what I am doing to stay warm and I put ginger and pretty much
everything I
so I will see you guys in the next video. Bye.