LEGO Star Wars Review #9497

Uploaded by iAppleNNerf on 24.12.2012

Hey guys this is iapplennerf this is a review on another lego star wars
set. this set is number 9497 and this is the republic
striker class
it's ages eight to fourteen, and it has 376 pieces, and it retails for
forty four ninety nine
but i got it on sale for 34.99
so i was pretty lucky so lets get on right to the minifigures
this is a republic trooper, but i know he has a name from the game but i dont
know it
but he has a name and i know it isnt just republic trooper
and he has a weapon and it is sort of like a machine gun slash rocket launcher
hes very nice
he has very nice printing on him
so this is his head
very nice
sorry my cameras moving around
im just gonna take this away

and that's very nice
and he has double
sided printed
get the camera to focus
anyway thats his
knife there
and he has leg printing too and on the
belt part
and thats the back
very nice. and he has red arms
this is like an old version of
like uh... of a modern
star wars droid
see, its more bulkier and ugly looking
but this is t701
nice printing
nice detail
and this is
satele shan
and she has a very nice hair piece.
she has a double sided lightsaber
and she is a double sided face
this is her other side

that is her body printing
the back
now were gonna look at the starfighter
and its pretty cool, nice colour schemes and no stickers at all. its all
so this thing basically has two modes
this is flight mode
and you can still shoot the
laser cannons
but then
but this is like the attack mode or
action mode
and theirs flick fire missiles
i dont think you can see it theirs flick fire missles down there
you can shoot them
uh... im just gonna shoot them then
week but yeah whatever

there is nice detail on this
very nice details
detail over the place
and it has very nice and cool looking engines
there's a little storage area
where you put the light sabers and thats really cool

to fold it back up all you need to do is
i like the attack mode better, this way it looks sort of
there's sort of a new control mechanism going down there
thats the controls
and she just
fits in their perfectly
they allowed space for her hairpiece too
and i think shes the one who flies it

yet she fits in perfectly with her piece too
looks really cool
and that's basically all the parts too this set
so with the two minifigures that are awesome and a lot of
playability i think it's a is worth it but it's more worth the thirty four
ninety nine 99 i got it for not 44.99
but you should definitely get the set it's pretty awesome
and yeah, thanks for watching this has been a lego star wars review from