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Iphone 4 was groundbreaking, it’s one of the best products we’ve ever designed
and it’s gone on to become the number one smart pone in the world
so we have this challenge how do you improve on something that’s so
For Iphone 4S we did exactly that
by taking his amazing design and completely rethinking the inside
we started by adding the
dual core A5 chip
which is up to twice as fast
then we completely redesigned the camera was not only has 8 megapixels but all new optics
Iphone 4S also comes with IOS5
with over two hundred new features
and Icloud
and now
we’re introducing Siri
How can I help you
Siri is a whole new way of interacting with your Iphone using just your voice
Find me an Italian restaurant in North Beach
Okay, these 25 Italian restaurants are in North Beach
It’s like this amazing assistant
that listens to you understands you, can answer your
Questions, it can even accomplish tasks for you. ‘Move my meeting with Kelly Altech
to twelve’
but you already have a meeting about budgets at twelve pm.
Shall I schedule this anyway Move it to two
a lot of devices can recognize the words you say
but the ability to understand what you need
and act on it
that's the breakthrough of Siri
Read me my text New message from Tony Rivers
Are you going to the party
yeah I’ll meet you there
Remind me to grab the present when I get home
here's a reminder for when you get home
It completely
changes the way you
think about what a phone can do for you
one of the biggest advances for the Iphone 4S summit is in its performance
It uses the same
powerful dual core A5 chip that’s in iPad 2
With two processors handling the workload
it really makes a big difference
Apps will launch and run faster
graphics can render up to seven times quicker
making game play a lot better
and in Safari
webpages will load up to
twice as fast, and it’s the world’s first phone to intelligently switch between two antennas to transmit and receive calls
Iphone 4S is now the world phone
So both GSM
and CDMA customers
Can roam wide on GSM networks
Iphone 4S also has an
all new
eight megapixel camera
which dramatically increases the amount of details in your photos
but the quality of a photography
isn’t just about megapixels
the optics
of the camera is just as crucial
and we've made significant improvements here
we increased the size of the aperture to let more light in, we added a fifth lens
which gives you a sharper image overall
and the new censor’s designed to capture more light within each pixel
So you get far sharper photos with more detail and more accurate color
when you see the quality of the photos you get from this camera
it's hard to believe they came from a mobile phone We also know people love to shoot video on their Iphone
so we've made some big advancements here too
Iphone 4S records ten 80P HD video
and thirty frames per second Plus, the gyro, along with the incredibly
new software, will stabilize your video as you’re shooting this will make your videos look a lot smoother
we've taken what has already been an amazing camera
snd made it even better
Now it’s face detection
the camera smart enough to know whether you’re taking a portrait or group shot
and automatically focus and expose for either
you get quicker access to your camera right from the off screen
you can use the volume button
to take a photo, and
then you can crop
enhance and edit your photo right on your Iphone
Iphone 4S gives you two
hundred other new and improved features
including notification center
Imessage and reminders
Iphone 4S also comes with Icloud
Icloud stores your music
photos, apps, mail
contacts, calendars, documents and more
and wirelessly pushes your content to your devices
automatically. With Icloud, you
don’t have to do anything
it just works
we thought through every square millimeter of what’s inside the Iphone 4S
with the new dual core A5 chip it’s so much faster
the new camera is incredible because with IOS5 and the Icloud
and with Siri your Iphone can do things no other phone has ever done
Iphone 4S
is the most amazing Iphone ever