Tutorial: Decoupage e glitter su sfera di plastica (christmas decorations) [sub-eng]

Uploaded by Sephila87 on 02.12.2012

Apply a clear finish with glitter in one half of a sphere. Alternatively, apply some glue and glitter. Use a sponge brush.
After that, apply an acrylic color.
Apply some primer on the divisor.
Choose a decoupage paper and cut out the images that you would like to use.
Soak the paper in water for about one minute.
After that, remove excess water.
Now, at first apply decoupage glue on the divisor. Apply the paper and glue again with decoupage glue: start from the center outwards.
Apply finishing matt varnish.
Assemble the sphere with the divisor.
Decorate the sphere according to your taste. Thanks for watching! Stay tuned for the next tutorial! Bye by�