Wedding Speech

Uploaded by voiceandspeech on 12.12.2012

So, you've been asked to give a wedding speech. Whether you're the best man, maid
of honor, or mother of the bride, giving wedding speeches is almost certainly outside your
everyday experience. You'll want to do a good job. You'll want to make your family
and friends proud, but where do you start? Well, obviously a wedding speech starts with
good content, and for this type of occasion you probably want to strike a balance between
being heartfelt and entertaining. If you're a good writer, you can write your own, or
you can download speeches from the Internet, or you can hire someone to write a great speech
for you. The cost for speech writing can range from $150 to $500, and that's a great investment
when it comes to making you feel good and giving your honored guests a memorable experience.
Once your content is ready, you need to rehearse your wedding speech, and I don't mean reading
through it a few times. Get on your feet and practice your speech out loud until you own
it and you are able to deliver the speech in a conversational manner. Try it out in
front of your friends. Video yourself with a smartphone. At the very least get in front
of a mirror so you can see and hear what your listeners will be experiencing the day of
the speech. This thing will get better with every run through, and you will become increasingly
confident, so don't skimp on rehearsal time. Let's discuss tips for delivering a wedding
speech. The first recommendation is to stand on both feet. I know, I sounds obvious, but
you wouldn't believe how often speakers are standing on one leg, shifting from on leg
to the other, bouncing, rocking, pacing. Get both feet on the ground. You'll feel more
solid and confident. You'll look taller and stronger, and you'll be more engaging
for your listeners. That's a pretty nice payoff for something so simple. To give a
good wedding speech you must be fully engaged and ready to play. You've got to show up
and let your audience see who you really are. Anyone can say the words, but it's your
uniqueness that makes the speech memorable, so put out more than what feels comfortable.
This is no time to be shy or laid back. What feels out of your comfort zone will actually
seem just right for your listeners. If you don't believe me, try being over-the-top
while you video your rehearsal, and watch the playback. You'll be surprised. I am
always amazed at the amount of time and money that's invested in the average wedding;
gowns and tuxes, photography, flowers and food. Yet, rarely do I see any real investment
made in the speeches, and it shows. Wedding speeches are usually one of the most dreaded
parts of the event both for the speakers and for the listeners. They are usually boring
at best and embarrassing at worst, but with a little planning, investment, and practice,
your wedding speech can be a thrilling experience for you and a highlight of the occasion for
everyone else. For additional skills relevant to giving a good wedding speech visit
and download the free report and video series The Sound of Success.