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It's long past the time you were invited for. You're late.
We've been playing cards at Flora's. Time flies when one's playing.
Flora, my dear friends, the evening
will be gayer now you're here.
Let's raise our glasses and enjoy ourselves.
- Can you enjoy the party? - I want to.
I put my faith in pleasure
as a cure for all my ills.
Yes, pleasure adds zest to life.
Alfredo Germont, dear lady,
is a great admirer of yours
and one of my most valued friends.
Thank you, Vicomte, for sharing such a gift.
- My dear Alfredo! - How are you, Marquis?
Didn't I tell you that friendship in this house joins hands with pleasure?
Is everything ready now?
Sit down, my dear friends,
and let's open our hearts to each other.
Well spoken! For wine is a friend that puts secret sorrow to flight.
Let's open our hearts to each other.
Alfredo thinks of nobody but you.
- You're joking. - When you were ill he came every day,
enquiring anxiously about you.
Be quiet!
- I'm nothing to him. - I'm telling you the truth.
Is it true? But why should you? I don't understand.
- Yes, it's true. - I'm very grateful to you.
You never did as much for me, Baron.
I've only known you a year.
He's only known me a few minutes.
You'd have done better to keep quiet.
- This young man annoys me. - Why?
I find him charming.
You haven't so much as opened your mouth yet.
It's the lady's privilege to loosen his tongue.
I'll be Hebe, who pours the wine.
May you be as immortal as she.
Let's drink.
Now, Baron, can't you find a verse, a toast
to mark this happy moment?
What about you?
Yes, yes, a drinking song.
The muse doesn't smile on me.
Command her, master!
Would it please you?
- Yes. - Yes?
I already have it in my heart.
- Listen, now... - Yes, let's hear the singer.
Let's drink from the joyous chalice
where beauty flowers.
Let the fleeting hour
to pleasure's intoxication yield.
Let's drink
to love's sweet tremors,
to those eyes that pierce the heart.
Let's drink to love, to wine
that warms our kisses.
Let's drink to love, to wine
that warms our kisses.
With you I would share my days of happiness.
Everything is folly in this world
that doesn't give us pleasure.
Let's enjoy life, for the pleasures of love are swift and fleeting
as a flower that lives and dies
and can be enjoyed no more.
Let's take our pleasure while its ardent,
brilliant summons lures us on.
Let's take our pleasure of wine
and singing and mirth
till the new day
dawns on us in paradise.
Life is just pleasure.
If one still waits for love...
I know nothing of that. Don't tell me.
But there lies my fate.
Let's take our pleasure of wine
and singing and mirth
till the new day
dawns on us in paradise.
- What's that? - Would you like to dance now?
Oh, what a pleasant thought! We all accept.
Let's go then. Oh!
- What's the matter? - Nothing, nothing.
Why do you linger?
Let's go.
- Oh, heavens! - Again!
- Are you ill? - Heavens! What's the matter?
I'm trembling. But go along.
I'll join you in a moment.
If you say so.
Oh, how pale I am!
You here!
Do you still feel upset?
I'm better now.
The way you're going on you'll kill yourself.
You should take more care of your health.
How can I?
Oh, if I only had the right
I'd be the most watchful guardian of your dear life.
What a thing to say!
Who cares what happens to me?
For no one in the world loves you...
- No one? - ...except for me.
That's true. I'd forgotten that grand passion.
You laugh.
But all the same, you have a heart.
A heart? Yes, perhaps.
Why do you ask?
Yet if you had you wouldn't make fun of me.
- Are you really serious? - I wouldn't deceive you.
Then how long have you loved me?
For more than a year.
One happy day
you flashed lightly into my life,
and since that day
I've lived in tremulous possession
of that unspoken love,
the pulse of the whole world,
mysterious, unattainable,
the torment and delight of my heart.
If that's true, then leave me.
Friendship is all I can offer you.
I don't know how to love. I couldn't feel so great an emotion.
I'm being honest with you, sincere.
You should look for someone else.
Then you wouldn't find it hard to forget me.
O love, mysterious,
- mysterious, unattainable, - Then you wouldn't find it hard
- the torment and delight of my heart. - to forget me.
Well now? What the devil are you up to?
- We're talking nonsense. - Ha, ha! Splendid! Go on.
So no more about love. Is that a promise?
I'll do as you say. I'll go.
So it's come to that already?
Take this flower.
- Why? - So you can bring it back to me.
When it's withered.
You mean... tomorrow?
Very well, tomorrow.
I'm so happy.
Do you still say you love me?
How much, how much I love you!
You're going?
I'll go now.
- Goodbye, then. - I ask for nothing more.
The dawn is breaking in the sky and we must take our leave.
Thank you, dear lady, for such a splendid party.
The town is still revelling.
Pleasure rolls on its way.
In slumber we'll again store up
the zest for another night of joy.
How strange it is, how strange!
Those words are carved upon my heart.
Would a true love bring me misfortune?
What do you think, O my troubled spirit?
No man before kindled a flame like this.
Oh, joy I never knew:
to love and to be loved!
Can I disdain this
for a life of sterile pleasure?
Was this the man my heart,
alone in the crowd, delighted many times
to paint in vague, mysterious colours?
This man, so watchful yet retiring, who haunted my sickbed
and turned my fever into the burning flame of love.
That love,
the pulse of the whole world,
mysterious, unattainable,
the torment and delight of my heart.
It's madness!
It's empty delirium!
A poor, lonely woman,
in this teeming desert they call Paris.
What can I hope for? What should I do?
Enjoy myself. Plunge into the vortex of pleasure
and drown there.
Free and aimless I must flutter from pleasure to pleasure,
skimming the surface of life's primrose path.
As each day dawns, as each day dies,
gaily I'll turn
to the new delights that make my spirit soar.
love is the pulse
- of the whole world, - Oh, love!
mysterious, unattainable,
the torment and delight of my heart.
It's madness!
Free and aimless I must flutter from pleasure to pleasure,
skimming the surface of life's primrose path.
As each day dawns, as each day dies,
gaily I'll turn
to the new delights that make my spirit soar.
Love is the pulse of the whole world...
There's no pleasure in life when she's away.
It's three months now
since Violetta gave up for me her easy, luxurious life
of love affairs and expensive parties
where she was used to the homage of all
who were enslaved by her beauty.
Yet she seems happy here in this charming place
where she forgets everything for me.
With her beside me I feel myself reborn,
revived by the breath of love,
forgetting the past
in present delights.
My passionate spirit and the fire of youth
she tempers
with the gentle smile of love.
Since the day she told me, "I want to live, faithful to you alone!"
I've forgotten the world
and lived like one in heaven.
- Annina, where have you been? - To Paris.
Who sent you?
My mistress.
To sell the horses,
the carriages and all her other things.
What do you mean?
It's very costly living here on our own.
- But why didn't you tell me? - She said I mustn't.
Mustn't? How much do we need?
A thousand louis.
All right, you may go. I'm going to Paris myself.
Don't tell your mistress you talked to me.
There's still time to put things straight.
Go, go!
Oh, my remorse! Oh, disgrace!
And I lived so mistaken.
But the truth, like a flash, has broken my base sleep.
For a little while, be calm in my breast,
O cry of honour.
In me you shall have a sure avenger.
I shall wash away this infamy.
Oh, shame! Oh, disgrace!
Ah, yes, I shall wash away this infamy.
Where's Alfredo?
He's just gone to Paris.
When's he coming back?
Before it gets dark. He told me to tell you.
It's strange.
- This is for you. - Very well.
In a little while a man will be coming on business.
Show him in at once.
Aha! So Flora's discovered my hiding place.
She's invited me to a dance this evening.
She'll wait for me in vain.
There's a gentleman here.
It'll be the man I'm expecting.
Mademoiselle Valery?
- Yes. - I'm Alfredo's father.
- You are? - Yes, the father of that headstrong boy
who's rushing to his ruin because of his infatuation for you.
I'm a lady, sir, and this is my house.
Please excuse me if I leave you,
more for your sake than mine.
What manners! All the same...
There must be some mistake.
He wants to make over everything to you.
He wouldn't dare. I should refuse.
You live luxuriously...
No one knows this document
but you shall know the truth.
Heavens! What are you telling me?
You're sacrificing everything you possess?
Why does the past reproach you?
The past is over. I love Alfredo now.
God has wiped out the past.
He knows of my repentance.
Your feelings do you credit.
How kind your voice sounds now.
I have to ask a sacrifice of those noble feelings of yours.
No. Don't tell me.
Don't tell me your terrible demand.
I foresaw it.
I expected it.
I was too happy.
Alfredo's father pleads with you now
for the future of his two children.
His two children?
God gave me a daughter
as pure as an angel.
And if Alfredo refuses to return to the bosom of his family,
the man she loves and who loves her,
the one whose wife she was to be, will break the chain
that was to bind them in their happiness.
I pray you not to change the roses of their love to flowers of sadness.
Surely your heart will not deny the prayer I utter now.
Ah, yes, I understand.
'II have to leave Alfredo
for a time.
That would be a sacrifice but still...
- That's not what I'm asking. - Heavens! What more do you expect?
- I've offered so much already. - But not enough.
You want me to leave him for ever?
It's necessary.
Oh, no. Never!
No, never!
You cannot know
the kind of passion, living, overwhelming, that burns in my heart.
I have no friends, no family
still living.
Alfredo swore that I should find them all in him.
How should you know my life is threatened by a cruel disease?
That already I see the end is near?
If I parted from Alfredo
my suffering would be so unbearable
that I would rather die.
The sacrifice is heavy
but hear me out with patience.
You're young and beautiful
and in time...
Oh, say no more.
I understand you. But it's impossible for me.
I want nothing but to love him.
That may be
but men are often less faithful.
Oh, heavens!
One day, when time has put your charms to flight,
boredom will swiftly rise. What will happen then?
The gentle balm of affection will not be for you
because the threads that bound you had not been blessed by heaven.
It's true.
Ah, why not then abandon so tempting a dream?
- It's true. - Be the consoling angel
of my family. Violetta,
only think, you still have time for that.
My child, it's God who inspires,
it's God who inspires the words this father speaks.
So, for the wretched woman who's fallen once,
the hope of rising is for ever gone.
Be the consoling angel of my family.
Though God should show his mercy
man will never forgive her.
Say to your daughter, pure as she is and fair,
that there's a victim of misfortune
whose one ray of happiness before she dies
is a sacrifice made for her.
Weep, unhappy girl!
I see
the sacrifice I ask
is the greatest one of all.
In my own heart
I feel your sorrow.
Have courage and your generous heart will conquer.
Tell me what I must do.
Say you don't love him.
He won't believe me.
Then leave him.
He would follow me.
Embrace me now as your daughter
so you may give me strength.
Soon he'll be restored to you, but more unhappy than words can tell.
You must be there to comfort him.
What are you doing?
If I told you, you would oppose me.
You are generous indeed. And what can I do for you?
I shall soon die. And he'll not curse my memory
if someone tells him how much I suffered.
No, generous girl, you must live.
You must be happy,
for one day heaven will repay you
for these tears.
Let him know the sacrifice I made of the love
that will be his till I draw my last breath.
Your sacrifice shall be rewarded, and in days to come
you'll be proud of so great a love.
Someone's coming. You must go now.
I thank you from my heart.
Go now!
We may not meet again.
May you be happy.
- Let him know the sacrifice -Yes.
- I made of the love... - Yes.
that will be his for ever...
May you be happy.
Heaven, give me strength.
- You want me? -Yes.
Deliver this note yourself.
Go at once.
And now a note to him.
What shall I say?
Who'll give me the courage to say it?
What are you doing?
- Nothing. - You were writing? - Yes... no... - You are confused.
Who were you writing to?
- To you. - Give me the letter.
- No, later. - I'm sorry.
There's something worrying me.
- What is it? - My father's arrived.
Have you seen him?
No, but he left me an angry letter.
I'll wait for him. He'll love you when he sees you.
Don't let him find me here. Let me go.
You can calm him down. I'll throw myself at his feet.
He won't want to part us any more.
We shall be happy, because you love me, Alfredo.
You love me, don't you? You love me, Alfredo...
So very much.
But why are you crying?
I felt like crying
but I'm better now.
You see? I'm smiling.
You see? I'm all right now. I'm smiling.
I'll be there among the flowers.
Always near to you.
Love me, Alfredo.
Love me as I love you.
Her love for me is her whole life.
It's late:
perhaps my father won't come back today.
Madame has gone.
There was a carriage waiting. It's on its way to Paris now.
Annina went on ahead.
I know. Don't agitate yourself.
What does it mean?
I expect she's gone to hurry up the sale of her things.
But Annina will stop her.
There's someone in the garden? Who is it?
- Monsieur Germont? - Yes.
A lady in a carriage, a little way from here,
gave me this note for you.
From Violetta!
Why am I so disturbed?
Perhaps she suggests my joining her?
I'm afraid.
Oh, heaven!
Give me courage.
"Alfredo, when you get this note..."
My father!
My son!
I know how much you suffer. But don't give way to tears.
Rather become your father's pride
and joy again.
What has banished from your heart the dear sea and soil of Provence?
What has dimmed in your eyes the bright sunshine of your native country?
Even in sorrow, remember you were happy there.
There alone can peace shine on you again.
It was God who brought me here.
You don't know what pain your old father has suffered.
With you away,
his home has been desolate indeed.
But if in finding you again my hopes are not in vain,
if the voice of honour is not silent for you,
God has heard me.
What, no response to your father's love?
A thousand serpents devour my breast.
- Leave me! - Leave you? - Oh, revenge!
No more delay. Let us go. Hurry.
- Ah, it was Douphol. - Are you listening to me? - No.
Then I've found you in vain?
No, you won't hear reproaches. Let's cover the past with oblivion.
Love which has guided me to you can forgive everything.
Come, see again with me your dear ones rejoicing.
Don't deny such joy to those who've suffered till now.
Hasten to console a father and a sister.
No, you won't hear reproaches.
Let's cover the past with oblivion.
Love can forgive everything.
Hasten to console a father and a sister.
A thousand serpents devour my breast.
- Are you listening to me? -No.
Ah! She's gone to the party.
- I'll have my own back for that. - What's that you say?
There'll be maskers to liven up the evening, the young Vicomte at their head.
And I've invited Violetta and Alfredo.
Haven't you heard?
- Violetta and Germont have parted. - Is it true?
She'll be coming with the Baron.
But I saw them only yesterday. They seemed happy enough.
Hush! Do you hear?
Our friends are coming.
We're gypsies come from a distant land.
We can read the future in anybody's hand.
We're in touch with the stars.
Nothing's hidden from us.
All the happenings of the future we can reveal to you.
Let's see.
You, Monsieur, have several rivals.
You, Madame, are no model of faithfulness.
Are you at your games again? Believe me, I'll make you pay.
What the deuce do you mean? It's an utter falsehood.
The fox may change his coat but he doesn't forget his tricks.
My dear Marquis, you be careful or you may be sorry for it.
Come along, let's draw a veil
over what's past and gone.
What's done can't be undone.
Let's welcome what's to come.
Come along, let's draw a veil over what's past and gone.
What's done can't be undone. Let's welcome what's to come.
We're matadors from Madrid.
The heroes of the bullring,
we've come to enjoy the fun
that Paris makes over the fatted ox.
There's a tale we can tell, if you'll listen
and would like to know how we can love.
Yes, yes, you splendid fellows, tell us.
We're eager to hear you.
Then listen!
There's a matador from Biscay, the bold and handsome Piquillo.
Strong of arm and proud of aspect
he's the lord of the arena.
With an Andalusian maiden
he fell violently in love
but the saucy little beauty challenged her admiring swain:
"Let me see you bring down five bulls in a single day.
"And if you return in triumph you shall have my heart and hand."
"I accept," said the bullfighter
and he hurried to the fight.
All five bulls the conquering hero
stretched lifeless upon the sand.
Bravo, bravo, brave bullfighter! You've shown yourself a hero
and proved to the maiden the kind of love yours is.
Amidst the cheering he went back to the girl of his heart
and eagerly embraced his prize in the strong arms of love.
With feats like this,
bullfighters know how to conquer lovely women.
But here our hearts are gentler. We make do with fun and games.
Yes, lively friends, first let's try
the temper of fickle fortune.
Let's open the room
to the bold gamester.
my friends.
Where's Violetta?
I don't know.
How nonchalant! Bravo!
Now, let's have a game.
Here's the one we've been waiting for.
I couldn't refuse such a lovely invitation.
I'm grateful to you too, Baron,
for consenting to come.
Germont is here. Do you see?
Heavens! So he is. Yes, I see him.
Not a word from you
to Alfredo.
Not a word!
Ah, why did I come? It was rash of me.
Heaven, have mercy on me!
Sit down with me and tell me about this new turn of events.
- Four! - You've won again.
Unlucky in love, lucky at cards.
He's winning all the time.
Oh, I'll win tonight and return happily
to the country to spend my winnings.
- Alone? - Oh, no.
With her who was with me there until she ran away from me.
-Dear God! - Spare her feelings. - Monsieur!
Remain calm or I'll leave you.
Did you speak to me, Baron?
You're so favoured by fortune
- that I'm tempted to try my luck. - Really? I'll take you on.
Ah! I feel like death.
Great heaven, have pity on me!
A hundred louis on the right.
And a hundred on the left.
Another four. You win.
Will you double?
Double it is.
A four, a seven.
- Again! - Then I'm the winner.
Bravo! Alfredo has all the luck.
The Baron's going to pay for that stay in the country, I can see that.
Shall we go on?
- Supper's served. - Let's go.
Let's go.
What's going to happen? I feel like death.
Great heaven, have pity on me!
- If you'd like to continue? - We can't now.
I'll have my revenge later.
At any game you like.
Let's follow our friends. Later...
I'll be at your service. Let's go.
Let's go.
I've asked him to follow me.
Will he come? Will he heed me?
I think he'll come,
for his terrible hatred moves him more than my words.
You called me? What do you want?
You must go.
You're in danger.
Ah, I see, but that's enough.
So you think I'm a coward?
- No, never. - What are you afraid of?
I fear the Baron...
It's a question of life and death between us.
If I kill him, you'll lose your lover and protector
at a single blow. Doesn't such a fate terrify you?
But if he should be the killer?
That's the only thought that puts the fear of death into me.
My death? What do you care about that?
Please go. Go at once.
I'll go if you'll swear
that wherever I go you'll follow me.
No, never!
- No, never! - Go, you are wicked. Forget a name
that's without honour. Go, leave me this minute.
I've made a solemn vow to fly from you.
To whom? Tell me!
Who could make you?
One who had every right.
- Was it Douphol? -Yes.
Then you love him?
Yes... I love him.
Come here, all of you.
You called us? What do you want?
You know this lady?
You mean Violetta?
- But you don't know what she's done. - Oh, don't!
For me this woman
lost all she possessed.
I was blind, a wretched coward,
I accepted it all.
But it's time now for me to clear myself from debt.
I call you all to witness here
that I've paid her back.
What you've done is shameful.
To strike down a tender heart that way.
You've insulted a woman.
Get out of here! Go!
Go! We've no use for the likes of you.
A man who offends a woman,
even in anger,
deserves nothing
but scorn.
Where's my son?
I no longer see him.
I no longer see him in you, Alfredo.
What have I done? Yes, I despise myself.
Jealous madness, love deceived,
ravaged my soul, destroyed my reason.
How can I ever gain her pardon?
I would have left her but I couldn't.
I came here to vent my anger.
But now I've done that,
wretch that I am,
- I feel nothing but deep remorse. - Yes, you have suffered.
- Your deadly insult to this lady - I alone know the true devotion
- offends us all, but such an outrage - this poor girl hides within her breast.
- shall not go unavenged. - Every one of us has shared your pain.
- I know her devotion, - Friends are around you,
- I know her faithful heart - friends are around you
- but I'm vowed so cruelly to silence. - to dry the tears you've shed.
Alfredo, how should you understand
all the love that's in my heart?
How should you know that I've proved it
even at the price of your contempt?
- Alas, what have I done? I feel terrible. - Yes, you have suffered. But take heart.
But the time will come when you'll know.
And you'll admit how much I loved you.
God save you then from all remorse.
Even after death I'll still love you.
I would have left her but I couldn't.
I came here to vent my anger.
But now I've done that,
wretch that I am, I feel nothing but deep remorse.
Even after death
I'll still love you.
Alas, what have I done? I feel terrible about it. She'll never forgive me.
Did you call me?
Were you asleep? Poor Annina.
Forgive me.
Give me a sip of water.
Look and see if it's daylight.
It's seven o'clock.
Let's have a little light.
Dr Grenvil...
What a good friend he is!
I must get up. Help me.
How kind you are to think of me so early.
How do you feel?
Weak in body
but my soul's at peace.
A good priest came yesterday to comfort me.
Religion's a great solace when one's ill.
And last night?
I slept soundly.
Then we must take heart.
Convalescence is not far off.
Doctors are allowed
a white lie.
Goodbye. I'll see you later.
Don't forget me.
How is she, Monsieur?
The illness gives her only a few hours to live.
Take courage now.
Is it a holiday?
It's the carnival. Paris is running wild.
God knows how many poor souls
are suffering while the people enjoy themselves.
How much have we left in the drawer?
Twenty louis.
Take ten and give them to the poor.
You won't have much left.
As much as I shall need.
Go and see if there are any letters for me.
- What about you? - I don't need anything.
But please hurry.
"You kept your promise.
"The duel took place.
"The Baron was wounded but is getting better.
"Alfredo is abroad.
"I've told him of your sacrifice.
"He's coming back to ask your pardon.
"I'll come, too.
"Take care of yourself.
"You deserve a better future.
"Giorgio Germont."
It's too late.
I wait and wait
but they never come.
How changed I am!
But the doctor still urges me to hope.
With such a disease
all hope is dead.
Farewell, happy dreams of bygone days.
The roses in my cheeks already are faded.
How I miss Alfredo's love
to comfort and uphold my weary spirit!
Oh, comfort...
Sustain an erring soul
and may God pardon and make her his own.
Ah, all is over now.
Joys and sorrows will soon come to an end.
The tomb is the final resting place for mortal man.
No tear or flower will deck my grave
nor marked cross cover these bones.
No cross...
No flower...
Sustain an erring soul
and may God pardon and make her his own.
Ah, all is over now.
Make way for the quadruped, lord of the feast.
His head is wreathed with flowers and vine leaves.
Make way for the gentlest of all horned beasts.
Greet him with horns and pipes.
People of Paris, give way to the fatted ox's triumph.
Neither Asia nor Africa ever saw a finer one.
He's the pride and boast of every butcher.
Lively masqueraders, frolicking young boys,
hail him, all of you, with music and song.
People of Paris, give way to the fatted ox's triumph.
Make way for the quadruped, lord of the feast.
His head is wreathed with flowers and vine leaves.
- Madame... - What's happened?
You do feel better today, don't you?
- Yes, but why? - Will you promise to keep calm?
What are you trying to tell me?
I must warn you of a joy you're not expecting.
- Did you say joy? - Yes, Madame.
Alfredo! You've seen him! He's coming! Oh, hurry! Alfredo!
- Alfredo, beloved! - Oh, my Violetta!
Oh, what joy!
How much to blame I am! But now, dearest, I know everything.
I only know I have you back.
Judge how much I love you from the beating of my heart.
I can live no longer without you.
That you find me still alive
means that sorrow cannot kill.
Forget the pain, beloved.
Forgive me and my father.
That I should pardon you when I'm the one to blame?
But it was love that made me so.
Neither man nor devil, my angel,
shall ever part you from me again.
We'll leave Paris, my dearest.
Together we'll go through life.
In reward for your past sorrows
you'll bloom into health again.
Breath of life, sunshine you'll be to me.
All the years to come will smile on us.
We'll leave Paris, my dearest.
Together we'll go through life.
In reward for past sorrows
I'll bloom into health again.
Breath of life, sunshine you'll be to me.
All the years to come will smile on us.
Ah, no more! Let's go to church, Alfredo,
and give thanks for your return.
- You've gone pale. - It's nothing.
So sudden a joy is overwhelming
when one's been sad at heart.
- God in heaven! Violetta! - It's the illness.
A moment of weakness.
I'm all right now.
See. I'm smiling.
How cruel fate is.
It was nothing. Annina, help me to dress.
Not now. Wait a little.
No. I want to go out.
Oh, heaven! I can't!
Heaven! To see her like this! Go and get the doctor.
Tell him Alfredo is back in my arms.
Tell him I want to live again.
But if you haven't saved me by coming back
no one on earth can do it.
Ah, God in heaven! That I should die so young,
after so much suffering.
To die so near the dawn after the long night of tears.
It was only an illusion,
my hope and my belief.
My heart, so long believing,
was constant all in vain.
Breath of my life and beating of my heart,
my soul's only delight.
Let me mingle my tears with yours.
But more than ever, believe me,
I need your true devotion.
So do not close your heart to all hope.
- Oh, Violetta, calm yourself. - Oh, Alfredo.
- Your sadness is worse to me than death. - How sad an ending
to our love and my life.
- Ah, Violetta! - You, Monsieur?
- You didn't forget me? - I come as I promised,
to embrace you as a daughter, most generous girl.
Alas, you come too late.
But I'm grateful all the same.
You see, Dr Grenvil,
I die in the arms of those I hold dearest in all the world.
Whatever are you telling me?
Heaven help us!
It's true.
You see how it is with her, father?
Say no more. Don't torture me. Remorse seizes my soul.
Her every word strikes me like lightning.
Rash old fool that I was.
Only now do I see what I've done.
Come closer to me.
Listen, Alfredo, my beloved.
Take this picture of me
in happier days gone by
as a remembrance of her
who loved you truly.
- Don't talk to me of dying. - Dear, sublime victim,
- You must live on, beloved. - sublime victim
- God would not bring on me - of a desperate love,
- so dreadful a misfortune. - forgive me for the torment
inflicted on your fair heart.
If some gentle maiden
in the springtime of her life
should give you her heart,
let her be your wife, for such is my wish.
Give her this picture
and tell her it's the gift of one
who from heaven, among the angels,
prays always for her and for you.
As long as I have tears to shed,
- Death cannot divide you, - I shall weep for you.
- no, it cannot divide you - Fly to the regions of the blessed
- from me so soon, - for God calls you to him.
Give her this picture.
- Live, or a single coffin... - Fly to the regions of the blessed.
Tell her it's the gift of one...
- ...shall enclose me with you. - God calls you to him.
...who from heaven, among the angels,
prays always for her and for you.
How strange.
The spasms of pain have ceased.
I feel reborn in me the strength
that once was mine.
I feel I'm coming back to life!
Oh, joy!
She's dead.