EIU360: Heartland Highways

Uploaded by IAMEIU on 25.01.2013

>> Dustin: Lets talk about day like today when you are going
out and getting footage for an episode, and doing interviews,
and stuff, just kinda take me through the process.
>> Kate: We are going out to meet a man that
makes gun stocks.
So this idea came from someone that called me.
It was a viewer that had seen the show and he said,
"Hey, you've got to check out this man in Kansas, IL.
He makes handmade gun stocks, and they are beautiful and he'd
be great on your show."
So you know, we investigate further, we called the guy,
sometimes we ask for photos, if they have them, just so we can
see kind of what they do, and if they'll fit in, and he did.
So I called and set up a story for today, and so what we do,
is we come in, we gather up our equipment.
We load it up and we take off on the road.
We'll start usually with the interview, with the person
that we set up the story with.
So we go in and we ask them a few questions on camera, and
then we take some video of them doing what they do.
So, in this case, this will be this man doing some
work on his stocks.
He'll be showing us how they are made and maybe doing some of the
normal everyday things that he does for us.
So, that way, we can bring the full story to the viewer when
we take it back.
>> Lori: I always like to say if you don't know anything about
central Illinois, you could watch our show, and, you know,
and see what it looks like, what there is to do, and what
the people are like.