The Further Adventures of Cupid and Eros: Episode 4: "Good Idea/Bad Idea"

Uploaded by CupidandEros on 23.01.2011

[knock on door and then door creaks open]
♪ menacing music ♪
[Cupid] Eros?
[Eros] Right here darling.
[Eros] You find the place okay?
♪ heavy guitar transition ♪
I thought we were working?
We are.
Well, shouldn't we, you know, get rid of the mortals.
Well that would be rude,
[Eros] this is Brandon's place after all.
[Cupid] Of course.
[Eros] Don't worry,
I broke out my copy of the I Ching,
one night, three coins,
sixty-four hexagrams and almost endless suggestions for how to f...
[car crash]
So what do you think?
[Eros] I think...
Just because I'm immortal, doesn't mean that waiting four hours
for cat ladies prince charming to show up is any less painful.
No. Not the assignment, the text.
What text?
[Cupid] Psyche's text.
Should I call her back?
Absolutely not.
[Cupid] Text?
I can't even believe you're asking.
I, I could write her a letter.
Or you could spare an innocent tree and your self-respect.
Your right. I should just forget Psyche's even back.
I should definitely skip the Interpantheon mixer.
Will she be there?
I don't know.
You have to go.
[Cupid] What?
I thought, you said I shouldn't have any contact with her.
That's because for you, contact means
heart to heart talks and sharing feelings.
And knowing you, most likely forgiving everything she's ever done
at the first batted eyelash.
It wouldn't be like that, I'm totally over her.
No, you're not.
And the only way to free your cherubic brain
of the barbed fingernails she seems to have planted there
is to make her think you are.
I don't know.
Darling, you don't have to enjoy yourself
you just have to look like you do.
[Eros] You go in there. You dance with a water nymph or two,
maybe charm a fairy and get out.
You leave everyone there, including her, thinking that you couldn't be doing any better.
She'll run back to her dermatologist in no time
leaving you alone.
[Electronic beeps indicating subject located]
About time.
Blazer with elbow patches, approaching from your three.
You really think it's a good idea?
I do.
[arrow whizzing through air]
[Electronic beeps indicating match acquired]
When do I pick you up?
I'm not going, those things are terrible.
But, no, no, you have to go with me.
I always get stuck at the Roman table
cornered by a bunch of gods who keep asking me if my mom's single again.
It's really awkward.
E. Please.
[cough, cough]
Isn't that the barback from the other night?
Fine, I'll go.
but we're taking separate chariots.