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SIMON: We're halfway through our grand final week
here on It's Academic.
These three schools are all in fine form.
Stay with us as the scores on the leaderboard inch a little higher
today on It's Academic.
Smack bang in the middle of the grand final we are
and it's between these three schools.
Wideview Public School green team this week,
today represented by Sam, Sarah is the team captain and Jaidyn.
Welcome, kids.
Hornsby North Public School, red.
We have Yong Yong, Jackson is the team captain today and Kate.
Going well.
Finally, Newington College today.
This is Christopher, this is Matthew - the team captain -
and this is Joseph.
Welcome back, one and all.
Right into the middle of the grand final.
Another beauty.
Not much separating the three schools.
On the program today, what are we doing?
We are checking out some celebrities' favourite sports
for something a little bit different.
Sal is getting longwinded about wind.
I hope it's that kind of wind and not...yeah, that kind of wind.
Um, Globetrotting.
An island paradise with an extraordinary history.
And I have a little bit of a connection
to that island paradise as well.
I'd like to be there right now,
but not really because I like doing this too.
Sam, Sarah, Jaidyn, Wideview - let's launch.
Question 1, round 1.
Dinosaurs, starts with.
Which dinosaur's name means 'dawn tyrant' -
Eotyrannosaurus is A or B, Melanorosaurus is B?
B. A, Eotyrannus, it is.
Which vowel is missing from the word 'porcelain'?
'U'. Missing from 'porcelain'.
What does the Italian word 'grazie' mean in English -
A, 'thank you' or B, 'water'?
Thank you. It does.
Apologies to all the Italians watching.
Maybe it was a little better.
Maybe not.
Giving remainders, what is 46 divided by 4?
SAM: 11, remainder 2.
Nice work, Sam.
Ms Gradenko, Felix Gumm and Minion are all characters - Minion -
are all characters in which 2001 movie -
A, 'Spy Kids' or B, 'Coraline'?
Correct, Sarah. 'Spy Kids'.
130 for the third day running, Wideview, after round 1.
Solid start.
Hornsby North.
Yong Yong, Jackson, Kate.
Good luck, red.
Which dinosaur's name means 'lord of the funeral pyre' -
Jaxartosaurus is A or B, Citipati?
Correct. Citipati.
Which vowel is missing from the word 'spontaneous'?
U. I.
'I'. Missing from 'spontaneous'.
What does the Italian word 'prego' mean in English -
A, 'you're welcome' or B, 'go away'?
Although it could be... (ITALIAN ACCENT) I pray you go away.
But it's 'prego', which is 'you're welcome'.
Giving remainders, what is 70 divided by 9?
6 remainder...no.
6, remainder 6.
7. 7, remainder 7.
In the 2001 movie 'Spy Kids',
Ingrid and Gregorio Cortez worked for the OSS, which stands for what -
A, The Organisation of Super Spies
or B, The Office of Secret Societies?
A, The Organisation of Super Spies.
Hornsby North, 120.
Yong Yong, Jackson and Kate
now a look at a Random Spotlight question...
..Yong Yong.
Special topic - 'The Youngest Templar' the book.
With initials BT, from the first book,
name the monk who discovered Tristan
after he was left on the steps of St Alban's Abbey as a baby.
Brother Tuck.
Brother Tuck is correct. Well done.
Up to 140 points.
Take a break.
Christopher, Matthew, Joseph.
Step up, Newington.
Round 1.
Which dinosaur's name means 'chambered lizard' -
A, Camarasaurus or B, Herrarasaurus?
A, Camarasaurus.
Which vowel is missing from the word 'rebellious'?
'A' is correct. Well done.
What does the Italian word 'arrivederci' mean in English -
A, 'what's wrong' or B, 'goodbye'?
Goodbye and thank you very much for watching.
Oh, no, no. We're not finished yet.
'Goodbye' is correct.
Arrivederci, Roma!
Giving remainders, what is 80 divided by 12?
6, remainder 8.
Well done.
In the 2001 movie 'Spy Kids',
Carmen and Juni's parents leave them in the care of which relative -
A, uncle Felix Gumm or B, aunt Francis Tooth?
Correct it is. 140 points for Newington.
Sharing the lead with Hornsby North at this early stage of the game.
We are not saying arrivederci yet.
We've got more to go, so don't go away anywhere.
Globetrotting - that's what we're doing right now.
This island nation is found in the Indian Ocean,
off the south-eastern coast of Africa.
The country has a rich mixture of cultures,
reflected very much in the cuisine.
The island has more than 600 species of native vegetation.
It was the only home for this bird,
which became extinct, sadly, during the 17th century.
Where are we?
Hello to the population of this island
who've come to live in Australia.
Answer right after this.
Oh, to be there right now.
We're globetrotting today to this place.
The island was formed by volcanic activity
and is surrounded by coral reefs.
It is common to blend Creole, Chinese and Indian influences
in the very same meal.
Plants here are bamboo, coconut, palm and ebony trees
among many others.
This small island was the last habitat for this very famous bird -
the dodo.
There is their flag.
870km east of Madagascar, it is beautiful Mauritius.
Hello to Jacques, my brother-in-law
and to Patrick and Eric the brothers who live next to us
up in Queensland these days.
Lovely people, Mauritians.
They love their music too.
Very good musicians.
Very good. On with the show.
This is Hornsby North round 2.
If you are being pugnacious
are you being A, argumentative or B, gentle?
Argumentative. Correct.
What is 7.35 + 2.57?
No. 9.
Oh, 9.92.
9.92. Got there eventually, Yong Yong. Well done.
Which scientist's findings led to the invention
of the alternating current A/C power system -
A, Nikola Tesla or B, Howard Florey?
A, Nikola Tesla, it was.
Spell 'hurricane',
as in, "The hurricane ripped through the town, causing much damage."
Everyone perfect. Well done.
A triangle has three interior angles.
A equals 30 degrees, B equals 50 degrees.
What is the value of C?
Can you please...? (BLEEP!)
Outside the buzzer, unfortunately, Yong Yong.
The value of C is 100 degrees.
170 points for Hornsby North after round 2,
which brings on a Random Spotlight for Newington now.
Purple school in the spotlight - is Christopher.
Special topic - the book 'Eragon' by Christopher Paolini.
Name the blacksmith of the village of Carvahall
who buys meat for Eragon in the first chapter of the book.
Christopher, Horst, it is.
Horst Ostrecsson.
Into round 2, purple.
If someone is personable, is he or she A, likeable or B, unlikeable?
Likeable is correct. Personable.
It pays to be personable through your whole life.
What is 2.52 + 4.29?
No, 6.8... 6.81.
I have to accept that first answer.
Where was the scientist Nikola Tesla born in July 1856 -
A, Austria-Hungary or B, Italy?
Austria-Hungary in a region now located in Croatia.
Spell 'obsessed', as in, "He was obsessed with films,
"so went to the movies as often as he could."
Well done, Christopher.
Many people fall for the two 'S's on that first one.
A triangle has three interior angles.
A equals 50 degrees, B equals 50 degrees.
What's the value of C?
80 degrees, it is, Joseph, there.
160 points for Newington after round 2.
We come back to Wideview.
If you're an obstinate person,
are you A, stubborn and determined or B, flexible and cooperative?
Very descriptive word. Obstinate.
Exactly what it sounds like.
What is 6.28 + 2.69?
Correct, Jaidyn. Well done.
Invented in 1891,
what Nikola Tesla invention is used in radio and television sets today -
A, the nikola twirl or B, the tesla coil?
Spell 'intellect',
as in, "The university professor was a woman of keen intellect."
'Intellect' is I-N-T-E-L-L-E-C-T,
for 'intellect'.
A triangle has three interior angles.
A equals 80 degrees, B equals 80 degrees.
What's the value of C?
30 degrees.
20 degrees, it is, Sam.
Gee, we struggled with our triangles today.
Wideview 160 points, still with their Random to come.
The lead is with Hornsby North.
Beat the Buzzer.
Clock starts now.
What's 28 + 14?
True or false? Some seaweeds grow up to 30 cm a day.
True it is.
Rutabaga is another name for what root vegetable -
carrot or swede?
True or false? If you're a Glaswegian, you are from Glasgow.
True. True it is.
What is 84 - 21?
Rearrange the letters of the word 'salt'
to get a word meaning 'final'.
'Last' is correct.
In what year was the Mariana Trench designated a US national monument -
was it 1909 or 2009?
We are out of time.
It was just 2009.
Recent history.
Quite a change.
Hornsby North have stretched out to a big lead.
210 points.
Halfway stage of today.
Exactly halfway through our grand final.
More after this.
Welcome back, everybody.
It doesn't breathe, but it blows.
It has no voice, but it howls.
You can't see it but you can feel it.
Wind is great for flying kites, drying washing and windsurfing,
but you can have too much of a good thing.
Strong winds are destructive
and the great gusts associated with gale-force storms and cyclones
damage buildings and crops.
The news is that these strong winds are getting even stronger.
A recent study
found a steady increase in the top wind speeds across the oceans
over the last 23 years.
The fastest winds are now blowing 10% faster than they used to.
This could mean that storms
are going to be even more damaging in the future.
But strong winds don't just flatten buildings.
They can even shrink mountains.
Another study has found
that wind can erode mountains up to 100 times more effectively
than previously believed.
Geoscientists recently studied ridges of rock called 'yardangs',
finding that they are formed
when wind scours long gouges out of bedrock
leaving ridges where mountains would have formed.
Wind blowing down mountains?
I'm blown away!
(LAUGHS) Good gag, Sal.
Love that comedy.
Here is the question.
True or false?
Sally says the top wind speeds have increased by 90%
in the last...
False it is. Only by 10%, thankfully.
But I am breaking wind 10% faster than I was before
I'm finding these days.
Newington College - Christopher, Matthew, Joseph.
170 into round 3.
Alphabetically, which word comes first -
'underwater', 'undone' or 'unemployment'?
I may be unemployed after this show.
Have a look at the picture onscreen.
Who painted this - A, Sandro Botticelli or B, Brett Whiteley?
It was Botticelli.
'Primavera' is the painting.
In which modern-day country
would you find the ancient city of Carthage -
A, Tunisia or B, Switzerland?
Tunisia, correct.
Which letter is missing from these two words?
For 'ice block'. Good in summer.
Two of the heart's four chambers are ventricles.
'Ventricle' derives from a Latin word meaning what -
A, belly or B, lungs?
Belly. A, it is.
Newington, 200 points after round 2.
Uh, round 3, I should say.
Back to Wideview. Sam, Sarah, Jaidyn.
Alphabetically, which word comes first -
'shuttlecock', 'shuffleboard' or 'shrinkage'?
Shuffleboard. (BLEEP!)
Have a look at the picture.
Who painted this - A, Tom Roberts or B, Jan van Eyck?
'The Arnolfini Portrait' it is.
In which modern-day country
would you find the ancient city of Chan Chan - A, Peru or B, Singapore?
A, Peru.
The capital of a pre-Incan civilisation.
Which letter is missing from these two words?
T. Just in time!
'Tiger stripe'.
Relating to arteries that supply the human heart with blood is coronary,
a word which derives from Latin and means what - A, crown or B, shield?
Crown, correct.
The coronary arteries circle the heart like a crown.
Hello to all the Heart Kids too.
190 points is Wideview.
They can join Hornsby North in the lead with their Random Spotlight,
which is going to Jaidyn.
Special topic -
'Alex Rider: Snakehead' by Anthony Horowitz - the book.
Beginning with 'B, in the chapter 'City of Angels' in the book,
name the city that Alex Rider flies into from Sydney.
Beru. (BLEEP!)
Bangkok, it is, Jaidyn.
Staying on 190.
Hornsby North - 210.
Starting round 3 with red.
Alphabetically, which word comes first -
'eavesdrop', 'Eastwood' or 'easygoing'?
Have a look at the picture on screen.
Who painted this - A, Salvador Dali or B, Pieter Bruegel the Elder?
B, Pieter Bruegel the Elder.
It's 'The Tower of Babel'.
In which modern-day country
would you find the ancient seaport of Leptis Magna -
A, Libya or B, Ireland?
Libya is correct.
Which letter is missing from these two words?
Correct for 'snail shell'.
A type of tooth is the molar,
a word which derives from Latin and means what -
A, millstone or B, boulder?
Millstone is correct.
Good round, Hornsby North.
250 points.
Everybody on the buzzer.
Beginning with 'D', name these marine mammals.
(BUZZ!) Hornsby North.
ALL: Dolphins!
Dolphins they are. Yes. Well done.
Fact or Fiction choices -
What Owl is That, Marilyn Monroe or The Blarney Stone?
Captain Jackson says What Owl is That.
Five questions, everyone.
Fact or Fiction 1.
The brown fish owl doesn't actually eat fish.
That's correct. Fiction. It does.
Fact or fiction?
The barking owl makes a noise that sounds like a dog's bark.
True it is. It's a fact.
Fact or fiction?
The elf owl is the world's largest species of owl.
False. Correct. One of the smallest.
Fact or fiction? The giant eagle-owl is known for its pink eyelids.
Fact or fiction? The snowy owl is the official bird of Quebec.
It is. Fact. A province of Canada.
270 - lead's with Hornsby North.
Last round. Don't go away.
Going to be a beauty after this.
My favourite sport - AFL.
What's yours?
My favourite sport would definitely be netball.
I represented Queensland for about six years, so...
..I was the captain of the team, which is very proud of.
My favourite sport...
..uh, well, actually, tenpin bowling was my favourite sport.
Uh, cricket.
Ice skating.
My favourite sport was probably gymnastics.
Uh... soccer for me.
Favourite sport? Long jump.
I like soccer.
Rally driving. I always wanted to be a rally driver.
That's a secret passion of mine.
Probably have to be rugby.
I love rugby.
I'm a big supporter of the All Blacks.
I live in Australia but I've still gotta go the All Blacks.
I can't imagine John Butler as a long jumper, but that's good.
Question number 1.
Name Ricki-Lee's favourite sport.
Netball. Correct, Yong Yong.
True or false?
Axle Whitehead's favourite sport is mini driving.
False. False. Correct.
Rally driving.
What is Angus Stone's favourite sport?
Surfing. Surfing. Well done, Kate.
Finally, is Stan Walker wearing a hat?
Yes. Yes.
Yes, he sure is. At the end there.
Rugby his favourite sport.
300. Hornsby North have the lead.
Final round - Beat the Buzzer - starts now.
What's 67 - 14?
Which of these is a state of the USA - Indiana or Jones?
(WHISPERS) Indiana. Jones.
Is the humerus bone found in the human leg?
Correct. It's in the arm.
pugnose shiner - animal, vegetable, mineral?
Animal. Correct.
It's a fish.
What's 78 + 15?
93. Correct.
Which of these is a name for a small valley - a solid or a hollow?
A solid.
Is the planet Saturn visible to the naked eye from Earth?
Yes, it is.
Unfortunately inside, Sarah, so points come off.
Checking scores.
Widewiew - Sam, Sarah, Jaidyn - 190 today.
Third place for green.
Christopher, Matthew, Joseph - second place for purple.
Newington, 230 points.
Probably our biggest winning score of the week.
Yong Yong, Jackson and Kate, 310 points.
Delayed reaction from Yong Yong on the high five.
There we go. We got it eventually.
310 is a big victory.
We've got two games left in the week.
Scoreboard fascinating.
Please join us tomorrow for day four of the grand final.
Bye for now.
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