Les dégâts de Vincent Riou suite à une collision avec une bouée métallique - Vendée Globe

Uploaded by VendeeGlobeTV on 24.11.2012

I'm going to try to explain to you
what happened aboard PRB last night.
I was on port tack
when I heard a loud impact
on the boat's forward section.
I'll try and show you the impact site.
The film footage is a little too close up
but this is roughly the extent of it
so the first area of damage
involves all the skin up forward to starboard.
It's serious but let's just say
that's not the worst of it.
I managed to see the object
because I was at the chart table when the incident happened,
so I caught sight of what caused it
as I looked out the back.
It was a big metal buoy,
like a barrel buoy in a commercial port.
It was a big metal buoy in any case,
which was just breaking the surface of the water,
so I think it had been lost at sea for a long time
and was sure to be partially filled with water.
After hitting the side of the hull
at the front here,
4 metres aft of the bow,
the same buoy hit
the same buoy hit
the tie-rod on the outrigger,
which is a more serious issue.
The outrigger tie-rod is the carbon cable,
which supports the deck spreader
or outrigger,
which in turn is used to support the mast.
I'll show you that too
if we can make it out.
There you can see the problem.
Today I'm lucky in that it's only
a carbon composite issue.
Right now we're trying
to analyse
to analyse the condition of the outrigger tie-rod
and the hull
so that we might be in a position to effect repairs.
I've provided all the necessary information
to my architect and rig assessor
and they're trying to see
if they can come up with some proposals
for effecting the repairs.
Is the shit lying about in the water
how the Vendee Globe is decided?
See you later!