Performing a USB Firmware Upgrade on HP Multifunction Printers

Uploaded by HPPrinterSupport on 07.01.2013

In order to perform this procedure, you will need:
A USB Flash Drive
The latest firmware for your product can be found at HP’s Support website, under the
Drivers and Support tab.
Please note that the Device Maintenance application icon must not be password protected by the
administrator. If it is, they will need to allow access to it.
The firmware will need to be downloaded from the HP website.
To download the firmware, go to
Click on Drivers and Software.
Type in the model number of the HP multifunction printer and click search.
Select the correct model in the search results below.
Scroll down and select the Cross operating system (BIOS, Firmware, Diagnostics, etc)
Under firmware, click the download button next to your selection.
Click Open.
After the download completes, select Extract all files.
Not all operating systems will have the extract option so you may need to extract using other
methods supported by your operating system.
Select the USB Flash Drive as the destination.
Click OK.
Then click Extract.
After extracting the files you will see a firmware file which will have a .bdl filename
Scroll down to the Device Maintenance Icon and select it.
Select USB Firmware Upgrade.
Insert the USB Flash drive into the USB port on the front or side of the device.
Press the “Details” button to see a comparison view of the firmware installed on the device
and the firmware loaded on the USB flash drive.
Press OK.
Select Upgrade.
A message will appear indicating a rollback to an older version, upgrade to a newer version,
or reinstall the same version. In this example we will be upgrading the firmware, so select
The printer will now start to update the firmware from the USB Flash Drive. Once complete, the
device will shut down and re-boot automatically.
This process can take up to ten minutes or more.
Once the printer has rebooted you can validate that the upgrade was successful by comparing
the version of firmware that is now loaded on the device to the firmware file on the
USB Flash Drive.
From the ready state, scroll down to the Administration Icon and select it.
Select Reports.
Choose Configuration/Status Pages.
Select Configuration page, and click View.
Scroll down to view the firmware version installed.
If the version matches the version you downloaded then the update is complete.