Shogun 2 - Mori Christian campaign 24

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morphine's mori strategy
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shogun 2
christian mori
have nanban ships
vol id photo shows some action
strolling some action
ships only trade molds
i will show you actually spots
don't worry
bumper just relax everything will be fine
everything you do will be just as it should
still lower is guys everything is under control
but everything
is as it should be
flexible mike
trade shifts trade known
lives and it is
so what do we have worked with them
we have armies
poor army
for a back
i was trying to
full much and maybe my army he is a little bit
to walk
so that i wanted
to have some fun
and i wanted to show you some interesting battles dot you will
enjoyed for sure
so let's proceed
report dot pdf goldsboro about mission
let's chill you'll be at least what i can
what might plant and
reconstruction construction
all p i'm reducing lighting up for those jobs
next therm
organ in next few drones ike would i can becos it
uh... draped
are not reform dot
who happened
our logo into the war
and just building up my garrison
and uh... we can start we can start
etc and start to engage artichokes and the invades
the mainland
acting graham or more
woodridge treatment or
so let's proceed forward
knows chicco
uh... bolted enough mother troops enough
more sense
enough defensive
the idea should goggles units view so i think i'm ready finally
finally admitted let's make some sabotaging jim
leningrad interest use rent
that's proceeds
that's proceed
armenian one ship
once you
it's will fill in the middle
and acting five he was ready to start
mexico course
well the stomach
xx based on declare war
or though is that they lied and they join them
they will help them
but i did not come before me digest
another extra
each and it's
uh... indeed small mistake
there is a big chair
i luv
some of my troops on these boards
are looked at the age
baffled by myself
abu played by myself
palumbo ships
our games
all all all japanese shippers
and uh... i don't really like it would be a battle
through their backs i quote would you like
just as much inside
time to start with one
i not sure from which direction my reinforcements will come all
all these things like this is just great
this is just perfect look
just behind them
paul paul dot is nice i'm not sure
i'm not sure on which of those ships might troops are stationed because they
are not being the saints back
uh... when you have
lodge stackable ships
and you have
of troops
on those ships
it doesn't matter which one of those ships will get destroyed
because you have much more of them buck since bcs dot who would be friends back
to school
by army useful district
on beasts back
the single ship but
uh... let's call it passed back home
uh... time to start shipping dolls are only trade shifts the fire not thronged
school for what
slowly slowly slowly
arterial triples the doctor i don't want you to get bored
because these game
these can be everything but not ball
these game is aloft of
so let's take it from
let's shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot
destroying bills
trade ships beef
for reinforcing
army grounds also
and since my memberships are rare is slow lol wytheville
tried to give my best and correa
it should not be a problem for me
i have nice positioning that's good
uh... enemy ships coming from different direction
prime tiptoeing around
and use my
long long range cantons
and shoot them burn them to the ground
are little more might ship
so why can you was
both sides off my shoes for shooting
sold dot today i have
i've got four ships all-pro one
i think you could
let's turn around turnaround tomorrow
and sure
i'm sure it cannot tools
i'm one hundred percent sure i cannot close
and uh...
let's keep it doctrine
and winning
and then winning
repeats the why why why what all who can use my sheep is on fire let's repair
reinforcing garvey
gets closer
what allot of ships powder cocaine now fire is gone
and i can
and great for them to get
limit cold sore since my and i'm not sure
is very very slow
murderous lowell
we're a very powerful especially at long ranges
specialist for a long radius
at especially
i gained small
and we
so no problem for me at fault
because this naval battle
re-route their effects
and playing on a triple speeds
a reminder
at dawn one trip to get bored to build ships are not moving
c sold
yet they are not going to example why
adult life so that means high market closer
and i've definitely that's closer
i'm not sure will then start to move
ones they are clean my rachel's cantons
because the big dog move
then back to me and
but they cannot
cant to react to me
the cannot come to me and they they had sold
soul short-range
uh... their luck cuban touch
might not much chick is this some kind of blog
they are just
dear sale or worse alle
re conspired i'm not sure
but something strangely
definitely happening over there
naal they are under the fire
might not know the ship
and uh... sold my second membership
will get close or
rules breadth
are rainbow
under the flu
pulp wiped the cold
help wiped the cold
one battle
can be
but small
allen the poster
just a little bit
and show them
who is the real boss
on bs
i have uh... a little bit of problems read their fire heroes
the a
will not be something that time worried about
so let's just dropped eight nine unbowed shit
and shoot
poor little sailors
we might cantons
by poll
their families
will be able
to continue with their lives
i'm sure and i'm aware
that you could not be easy
to say goodbye someone lol
dot was their choice they want to
these sailors they want to put borders
and against every warriors though that there is always a bigger
and stronger
worry or
to date
strong warrior or
and the winner of today
by membership
mind on bunch
hold for you
dept brown
dropped by can not believe
i can not
believed it adjusts
or waltz
all my troops
deduct just happened to me
you've got these two
than there is anything
else not deemed else i can see
alps on instead
all in the game of cat
and models their turning around which is a good tactics
dot these tactic i was talking about
in my previous recordings when you are facing membership
always thrived tumour arround
and never
golden to arrange all
he's cattles
because dot to some
dot can till you were very easily
direction a very smart look what they're due
what they
post-war picture
i must stop talking like this it's not funny
it's not fun abha stop talking like a point ca
let's see what will happen and realized actully
or indeed i actually already lost
all army
dot was form
or if you
at this currently burning
some of them are still alive
come on come on come on
okay i will stop recording now end we'll show you the victory screen
reduced little shit
see you on the campaign
everything is fine
everything is fine we have all week period
and uh... i'm glad to see dot
dimaag troops are still alive
and why they are all live
because they did and destroy my ship completely
uh... he was just damage
at that those little lines in the balkan are
and that means i must repair my shape
but the way i have
a place where right conspiracy
i'm not sure than equals
i'm not sure
there is no pork nearest fourth and safety sport for me to do so
uses one for work here
my army he's still sixty
wrote so i will be some bargain
or here i will try to keep cool regions at
the same time
uh... let's see the reason for the rest of mine army or have you know
and let's cut back the mainland opens but must rates for our next door
because they don't have enough
mormon points
lenses sources
suck it up
uh... bowl or via
alters sold
i don't want to waste my time on the small dot folsom you have a deal
and up
dot the lease dot the all will have
seems as though i really
uh... let's proceed let's proceed maybe i really need maybe
i will need few more ships
would and
strength my lands
from invasions i don't want unpredictable situation
where are you attract invade my landlord islands
dot use something i cannot
let's check out my few arts everything he's
just as it should be
soaps so when i will be able to recruit coverage
negative public war the rubble minus one i definitely need more
bull she got a
uh... every
spinal hero kit let's and eastern
anymore fine and see
what will happen because we are only
one or to produces before
villain the wide
jos comment is trying to prepare their troops
i'm sure
one of my missionaries in tracy city rent
so let
celecoxib kills dot the real
neend all plus one plus the u_s_ inciting undress
home are what will vote
orchid glitzy would believable here's what's on happiness old pic
uh... basically the strongest christian already know not
personal it's not idea juju to daughter
fugitive unreported guys are rubrics with more troops
and trust when i say
that this will be in one e powerful companies
alot let me just with someone about to begin some experience
and see what this happening
around i might be able to see what use around
i don't wanna fall into some unpredictable situations who have more
ptc mean just somewhere all we have won the sexual abuse let's see
what just a prob have
concede that uh...
yeah they have a lot of somewhat i sold ready
a lot all-day rip-roaring sea salt of their regions are empty
i don't want to disembark my troops right now because it's a wynter
and i will suffer three shows
and dot is something you don't wong
especially when you are so close to the and
all comfy
uh... let's vec group waited more troops we're really need more troops
and really not sure
uh... that's cool my dino out you have uh...
public warders the role
and recruiting more troops and that the will be
both bowl archie garr we're going to back
and i will cast so recruitment of won the idea she double
let's build what's to build or if you if i cold when you have everything
let's go with them
siege in jeannine europe workshop
let's see
while they're only kerr
not all or cat can build one markets
i can build one market here because i already have enough
military buildings
let's go forth
ago for what and uh... actully see so many stockmeyer packwood one too
three stacks changed
i relate to read my guide me on
uh... for some cavalry
irate remind dino for some travelers
uh... uh...
maybe maybe
orchid thought they would be arranged for splints who have
all two terms for cannot mall i don't care
something like this and i'm waiting for rechter bit or more
so paddocktalk indeed one too
treat lodge armies
and i have my diary overview kingdom background please rating for some kiro
your needs and some cobbler re
he will not
um... deal every didn't is perfect
just as they want this to be
we have all down trying to look back
on the mainland but
will be interesting to see
all week
be played out
by both sides
trading breda goal
what got newburgh provides five ford less than five percent wealth generated
by farms
are crossed or portraits
that's cool
volatile fort
most forests will slowly down
and the less december ward morn
where is dot or doc
uh... i'd just say no
maybe it should be reduced ship
also lead to go over here
here team
bill chips also need repair i will
destroy it trade chip
and let this involved with the rest of play army
how fun it works
strange strange world
okay i definitely need one membership view
and uh... i will keep this ship in the background just as a reserve
no baby i cant sentimental reinforcements over here
welcomed issue because he will probably be under the outback
and acting dept he's every
dean dai candle into more than one
uh... lets move my new job around disco for a little bit
uh... not there is no need for assassinations
uh... with more colesville and then see what they actually have
what i'd like to christ
get base
please all look
did this
all nice to see
let's start with i think about
all in all this on a level one ninja
he's not table
to do
such i portent basque
as assassination
sabotage failed locate nevermind
uh... let's try to destroy these goldmine finally
failed three times in a row why failed to destroy
successful all k thanks
uh... for how long i'm recording
i'm not sure if any minutes that five minutes
music i'm really not sure okay let's play only one more thorough
one more tour
one more firm
and see what org all
stark from
all about was not that backing
my troops
there was just very very close to one of my shapes
that these block kidding
port also
back here dot
i haven't forgotten about you
i will try to move team backwards
and uh... we have our first bath
or about youth in the middle fifty fifty
are have
eighteen hundreds and sixty men while my opponent had seventeen hundred and seven
i work weeks a work here
and i would say
thank you for watching guys irish rolled the best
and bye bye