★ Best Weight Loss Tips: New Year's Resolution 2013

Uploaded by VeryTraumatic on 06.01.2013

What's going on YouTube, my name is David and I'm here to give you some tips for your best body in
whether your goals are weight loss or muscle gain
You'll find something in this video useful
t's very cliche to have a fitness related New Year's Resolution
but a number of people who actually succeed those resolutions is quite
I believe
I'm here to improve those numbers
I love exercise and fitness culture
I used to be staff at my college's weight room
These tips will surely help you as much as they have helped me and others.
As I continue with my exercise tips series, my tips will get more and more specific,
but these three starting tips are very general and widely applicable.
Tip 1- Make REALISTIC but challenging goals
and tell others about your goals.
If you spent the entire last year struggling to even lose 15 pounds
there's no way you're going to lose 15 pounds in January
You'll be continually disappointed for failing to meet these goals
and you won't rewarded for your work
Burnouts and frustration are common
and people can often give up
be honest with yourself in terms of where you are with fitness
and base your goals off of previous experiences
I'm going to tell you about my goals. I can do 5 free standing vertical pushups right now
I want to be able to do 10 by the end of March
Based on the difficulty level of the exercise
this time period in which I have to train
and my previous training experience
i think this is a realistic goal,Go through these calculations in your head for the goals you want to set,
then write down where you are with your fitness and where you want to be in the time period that you want to be.
Telling others about your goals improves your motivation

They can also provide social support and advice
Those who know your goals will also give positive reinforcement with compliments about your progress,

which gets you through inevitable difficult periods in your training.
Tip 2. Think twice before paying for a workout plan, diet, or supplewhich gets you through inevitable difficult periods in your training.
A lot of these supplements make lofty promises about what they do,
without any significant scientific backing
A lot of times as evidence of effectiveness, they cite their COMPANY FUNDED study
Some supplements, such as Whey protein or Creatine Monohydrate
do have a lot literature supporting their efficaciousness

When thinking about buying a supplement, do your own research
Look through google scholar for peer reviewed studies about the ingredients.As for diet plans or workout plans
most of them are just using fancy marketing
for information you can find for free by browsing the bodybuilding.com forums, talking with others
members in your gym
or doing literature searches, steering clear of studies that have clearly been funded by a supplement company.
One of the best investments you can make in making progress
is hiring a personal trainer to get you started
even professional bodybuilders
However, don't think that just because you are paying for their time
means that they will do all the work for you.
can't start slacking. There is no substitute
Even with a personal trainer, if you aren't focused and committed, you won't make any progress.
The last and possibly best tip that i can give you is
At the end of the day, you are doing everything for YOU and YOU ONLY

Don't think you have to improve yourself for society's expectations.
Society's expectations aren't going to change in our lifetime
but you can change how you feel about those expectations. Simply don't
care what others might think about you.
Even if you told others about your goals, you aren't doing this to impress them.
You want to be fit because you want to live a healthy lifestyle,
have more energy in your day to day and always challenge yourself to be the best that you can be
You will definitely inspire others to be healthy, as well.
Self-motivation is the best kind
and just being satisfied with whatever progress you make
and knowing it's all about you
not the expectation of others
will help you immensely
That's the mindset you must have if you intend to live a healthy lifestyle.
I hope these tips help you out a lot.
Definitely subscribe to my channel for more exercise tips Have a great year, and good luck with your goals.