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--=Witch Yoo-Hee=--
Who switched off the lights?
Go take a look.
It's pitch-dark...

Anyone there? Can somebody outside please help us with the door?
Where's my cell phone?
[1: Witch Yoo-Hee]
Are you calling? Where is it?
Hold on, just use this one.
Come on...
Why is he not picking up?
Oh, Yoo-Hee?
What is the matter? It's so late.
Oh, Senior, can I... ask a favor of you?
Can you come over here right now? I'm locked inside a strange place.
Where are you?
I'm at...
Yoo-Hee, I found a flashlight!
Who... are you with?
No, no one... It's just... Chae Moo-Ryong.
Where's that place?
It's here... close to Yang Seul Eui...
Hello... hello?
Oh! What happened?
Oh Mother!
Hello? Hello?
Anybody there?
Gosh, please just let us out, will you?
Didn't you say you were Superman? Use your power! How can we get out just by doing that?
It's difficult today.
Can't you tell?
This is impossible.
Senior will be very worried about me!
Don't knock anymore, this door can't be opened. We need someone to come and help us.
Then you wait by yourself, do you think I'm that free?
I'm busy too. I need to go to the market early with Johnny tomorrow.
Then come up with a way to open it. Why can't it be opened?
No matter how unreasonable you are, it won't open.
I'm unreasonable?
Whose fault is that? If you hadn't played with the wigs just now, this wouldn't be happening.
It's your fault that I got carried away, causing this to happen!
Excuse me.
I want to know who got me trapped here in the first place? Calling me to come here for no reason, and now...
You're trying to say it's my fault?
I'm not putting blame on anyone,
but you're the one who's being unreasonable, so...
Then you shouldn't have come! Does it matter if I called you to come or not?
Yes. I really regret coming here now.
Where should I go?
Are you okay?
Let me see.
Hold onto me.
Sit over there first.
Be careful.
Oh... I'm all right.
You just stay still.
No need...
Does it really hurt?
No, it seems ok.
I don't think it's sprained.
It'll get better in a short while...
I'm sorry!
Uh... Looks like you're here to see Moo-Ryong.
Ah yes.
He's at Yoo-Hee's place.
Do you want to see some magic?
Look closely.
Do it again.
Oh! It's on fire! It's on fire!
That's incredible...
Try something else.
Give me your hand.
Which one do you like?
This one.
My eyes were wide open!
I think there's nobody home.
Please wait...
I can sense that Yoo-Hee is not completely in love with you at the moment, right?
If I could get a bowl of my dad's handmade noodles, then I'd have no regrets.
For me... I want to eat Chae Moo-Ryong brand's stinky paste soup.
Um... I also want to get Ma Yoo-Hee brand's spaghetti.
It's true!
The one and only Ma Yoo-Hee's spaghetti, how can I forget?
To tell you the truth, spaghetti that's so awful is really unforgettable.
I'm joking.
Oh yeah, have you cooked it for that doctor?
Not yet.
Why? Loosen up and cook for him once.
There's no rule that only guys can charm girls.
Oh, of course.
Oh nothing.
Ah, I heard that you're participating in a cooking competition?
- Yes. - Going okay?
Sure, I can show off my skills at last. Up till now, my cooking has caused a lot of trouble for my family.
But when did you start cooking? Didn't you say you were in the medical school?
No, cooking has always been my dream, but I hesitated for a while
since my mom wanted me to be a doctor so badly,
and I have a good brain.
I finally got it when I was doing my internship.
A surgery knife is also a knife.
But this hand is not complying.
Then when did you first start cooking?
When I was young.
I started because of my dad.
My dad, when he was making his handmade noodles, was way too cool.
Why did you always call your dad President?
Am I being nosy?
I've learned it since I was little.
He taught me and let me call him President.
Because dad has always been the President.
More important than being a daughter... I'm the President's successor.
Sorry... I'm sorry...
For what?
I'm the one who should be sorry.
Just now...
I lied.
I was jumping in glee after your call.
But I told you that I regretted it.
I really miss you.
I have no regrets.
Excuse me...
He hasn't come in yet.
You're here.
But why aren't you coming in with Chief Ma?
Ah, well...
She said she would be coming directly from the office.
Ah, I think you're mistaken...
Chief didn't come to work today.
I think...
Not the office. Maybe she meant she was coming directly from her place.
Why didn't you say so earlier? I was so scared!
- She's coming from home, right? - Yes.
It's okay, go on! Step on the gas!
You've violated the traffic light, please show me your driver license.
What are you doing? What's going on?
Senior, it's not his fault. I invited him here.
I called him to deliver something for me, so...
Nothing's happened? Are you all right?
Of course.
There was a CF shooting yesterday, but somebody locked the set from outside, so we were trapped in there.
Sorry, Senior, for making you worry.
It's okay.
It's fine, just as long as nothing happened.
Let's go in! The President is waiting for you.
Chief Ma hasn't arrived yet?
What's with him?
What's this?
Why would the two of you be together?
I think they just bumped into each other at the door.
Let's go in.
What's going on?
You really stayed together with that woman?
Oh, that...
I helped deliver something to her.
But why did you have to do that for her?
Didn't you say that the contract was over?
Then why are you still...
Why do you really have to go there?
Let's talk some other time.
The chef is looking for you, hurry up and go.
This is the special order.
This is for a customer who has an almond allergy.
- We need to be very careful. - Yes.
Chef, we still can't get in touch with Chae Moo-Ryong.
For the grill...
- Hwa-Tae, you take over. - Yes.
I'm sorry, yesterday I had to deliver something to Miss Yoo-Hee, then we were locked inside a warehouse.
Oh, no... Anyway... I'm very sorry.
- Go and get changed at once. - Yes.
Are you okay?
I'm okay!
Your task is really important today.
- So... - Chef?
I think the baked escargot is done.
[Congratulations to MK group on it's 20th anniversary of establishment]
Let's have a toast for our MK group's endless possibilties in development and prosperity.
- Moo-Ryong, please help me finish up the lobster. - Yes.
- The lobster is on the table, right? - Yes. - Moo-Ryong, please help me finish up the lobster. - Yes.
- The lobster is on the table, right? - Yes.
Please hurry! The battle is on!
B.O.N. F u n S u b s thank you for watching with us!
Really bored?
Not bored at all.
Let's eat.
Ah yes.
Later on go around and get to know everyone. It's time to advertise the hospital.
Why should Senior advertise the hospital?
Let's drink.
What's wrong?
It's really good.
Chairman Jang, what's wrong? Chairman Jang!
What's going on?
It's a severe allergic shock.
Get me a knife and ballpen or... a straw will do! Hurry!
Wake up!
Chairman Jang, please wake up!
Excuse me, Chef.
What's up?
Go quickly and take a look, there's a customer who passed out due to severe allergic shock.
Chef, are you all right?
Who made the almond sauce for the lobster?
I did.
I just said we needed to pay extra attention to the customer that is allergic to it, didn't I?
I didn't hear that.
Didn't we put up a note? You didn't check?
- Moo-Ryong, please help me finish up the lobster. - Yes.
- The lobster's on the table, right? - Yes.
Who told you to not come in earlier? Coming in late today of all days.
Who did this?
How can you make this kind of mistake?
If it wasn't for Dr. Yoo...
you almost cost a life.
I'm sorry.
Fire him off immediately!
This is my mistake.
Let me take the responsibility.
You're taking the responsiblity?
Your type of...
What's up with you?
What are you doing here?
It was me who caused it. It's my mistake.
I'm sorry.
I didn't make it on time to hear Chef's reminder...
It's my fault, I'm very sorry.
You jerk!
I'm telling you,
personnel is everything.
You need to work on your eye for recruiting from scratch.
Fire him at once!
Go. Go!
If you ever appear infront of me again,
be very cautious!
What a scum.
Are you okay?
I'm okay.
Let's go.
Miss Ma Yoo-Hee!
What's the matter?
You have no idea?
What's the problem?
About Moo-Ryong.
What are you going to do about him?
Miss Ma Yoo-Hee, aren't you the one who's responsible?
What are you talking about?
Why am I?
Moo-Ryong, the way he is now, it's all because of you!
Moo-Ryong is not someone who would just make a careless mistake.
If you hadn't asked him out last night...
Look here...
Isn't it?
If he hadn't been late today, he wouldn't have missed Chef's instructions and this wouldn't have happened.
- It's because of you, Moo-Ryong... - Seung-Mi...
It's not Yoo-Hee's fault, please stop.
Why are you sorry?
Moo-Ryong, you don't even have a temper?
Because of this woman, you've almost ruined your life. Because of her!
I said it was my mistake.
It's me... who's at fault.
Don't put the blame on the innocent.
Hurry and go.
Come on.
Let's go.
Don't bear this in mind, let's go.
They're one of a kind.
Don't bother. Just ignore them.
[Lobster almond sauce allergy]
What's special about this product
is the keypad's alternative option.
There is an artificial intelligence function.
It's more convenient to use when you're making a call or sending an sms. There's an embedded keypad.
Representative Ma?
Oh yes, I can see there are some unique qualities different from other companies' products.
Please try it out yourself, this is the way to come up with a creative idea.
Thank you.
If you have time, let's go out for dinner.
Sorry, I have an appointment with someone already.
[Resignation Letter]
I'm really sorry.
I've tainted your reputation, Chef.
This is all I can do now.
Frankly I'm very disappointed in you.
Talent and technique are not everything in cooking.
Food can be healing, but it can be a poison too.
It's possible you will never hold a knife again.
For all this time, thank you.
No, I should be the one thanking you.
I'm really sorry.
Then... good luck.
Yes. Thank you!
Dear, two bowls of supreme jjajangmyun and a bowl of seafood noodles!
Two bowls of supreme jjajangmyun and a bowl of seafood noodles?
Oh, that kid, where did he wander off to when it's delivery time?!
He went upstairs with Mi-Kyung just now.
Hey! Song-Hwa! Song-Hwa!
Oh Mother!
What are you two doing?
Song-Hwa is going to the interview tomorrow,
we're doing a facial.
Mom, do you want one too?
Mom, give it a try.
Get lost, even if I don't cover myself with this, I'm a natural beauty.
Geez. What a liar.
No matter how much they're giving you as modeling fee, you need to find a place first.
Isn't there space?
It's because of Moo-Ryong. He can come back only if you move out.
He's living and eating at the restaurant, how can that be livable?
No matter what, it'll be better than our home.
Oh, my big boy!
- Brother, you're back. - Back already?
-Yes, dad. - Go up and take a shower.
- How have you been? - Oh, you're here?
But what's with the bags? Didn't you say you were staying at the restaurant?
Oh, that...
Brother, were you fired again?
It's not like that.
Chae Moo-Ryong didn't know I was coming here.
I just thought,
Moo-Ryong's mistake today is largely my responsibility.
So Johnny, can you handle it better?
This won't do.
Is it because of the President?
I'll talk to him, so...
This is not the problem.
His mistake today is too serious.
He should definitely take the blame.
If it had been that simple,
I wouldn't have let him go.
[Joon-Ha Senior]
You're not picking it up?
No, it's fine.
Then, can't you let him go to the cooking competition? Is that possible?
It's not?
Ma-Ri will compete.
[Joon-Ha Senior]
The number you dailed is not answering, transferring to voicemail...
I've asked people to investigate.
Why are they telling me she's still messing with that scumbag?
Think of a way to rush the marriage.
Only then can the hospital be yours.
What are your plans now?
Making such a serious mistake, even if you want to go to somewhere else, it'd be hard to find a job.
I'm sorry, always getting you two worried.
It's nothing, put your chest forward!
Can't be a chef, does that mean you can't be anything else?
You can start all over again in medical school.
I'm just giving an example.
You've got all 4 limbs, what is there to be worried about? Don't worry.
Auntie? Uncle?
I wonder if Moo-Ryong...
went to study abroad, what would you think?
- Study abroad? - Study abroad?
Yes, I want to go with him and study together.
Sister, what you are saying is...
Do you want to get married, right?
- No, no... - Yes, that's right!
Seung-Mi, what does your family think? Have they given their permission?
- Of course they like it. - I've said that's not the case.
What are you saying? Do you want to get married? Or do you not want to get married?
That is...
There's still no agreement up to this point.
No, what marriage?
We're not getting married.
Seung-Mi! Seung-Mi!
Moo-Ryong, you are really over the line.
How can you do this to me?
Saying you can't get married?
What's the reason?
You know it well.
I'm someone who can put out the fire on my foot, how can I get married?
Didn't I tell you it doesn't matter to me what your situation is?
No matter what, it doesn't matter to me. It's really nothing.
But it's something to me!
Let's not talk about this anymore.
Don't talk about this anymore, my head is about to explode, so...
Don't think about anything. Let's get married, Moo-Ryong.
After we get married...
Why does it have to be like this?
I should be the one asking you why it has to be like this.
What's the real problem?
Is it because of Ma Yoo-Hee?
Do you know you're becoming so strange?
You're even stranger after moving into Ma Yoo-Hee's place.
You're captivated by that woman, you don't have me in your mind anymore!
Don't talk anymore!
Don't talk anymore.
don't want to get married.
Let's wait and see.
We will definitely get married.
won't just let this be.
In these meaningless hours
I become more and more exhausted.
I can't feel it. I can't laugh. Tears keep falling.
[Smile all the time!]
I can't erase
the dreamlike memories of us
that I want to stay in forever.
Can you return
to the me who loves you...
so that you can fall asleep in my arms?
Return to me...
It's me.
I heard you're not working at the restaurant anymore?
You heard it from Chef?
It's a long story.
You're calling just to ask about this?
No, I just want...
I'm sorry.
Why are you saying sorry? I'm the one who made the mistake.
What Seung-Mi said...
Don't bear it in mind.
I'm okay.
No problem.
I'm hanging up then.
Please take care.
Oh, there are plates here that I think are yours.
Come and take them.
Uhm... These plates...
These aren't mine.
Oh, really?
So you're saying these are mine?
That's strange, I thought they were yours.
What are you talking about? These had already been here when I got here.
Oh, really?
This was on purpose...
to get me here?
No! How can that be?
Calling me here to clean up?
What no?
It's so messy.
I'll wash the dishes first.
No need, don't do it!
It's okay.
I said no need, I didn't ask you to come over for that.
Okay, then I'll get going.
Don't go.
You've come all this way, have a cup of tea.
Open the door.
No. That...
What are you doing?
Hurry and open the door.
What's going on? Why aren't you picking up your phone?
Are you feeling sick?
No, no.
Please come in.
What we are now, it's really like a couple, right?
Being with you, I feel very secure.
Saying stuff like this, it's a bit...
Last time when I got engaged, I didn't have this feeling.
Thank you, Yoo-Hee...
for waiting for me.
If we live our lives together in the future,
I will make up for all the days you've lived with a broken heart.
I should get going.
Senior, wait a minute.
You need to go so quick?
It's pretty late now and you look tired.
No, no, I'm fine.
Oh, wh... what?
It sounded like the door shutting.
Oh... It's nothing.
Senior, stay a bit longer before you go.
That's fine.
Okay, this will do.
This will do?
It's too handsome!
Honey, you did good! You're the best!
Just do the same in front of the Chief.
Facial expression is most important.
Do that, making funny faces will do.
Oh, Manager, that health drink is mine!
Lately, my skin is very dry.
Why are you so concerned about your health when you're so young?
You're really something.
Hello. I'm Chae Song-Hwa with the perfect expressions,
and funny faces. I have confidence.
Then, Mr. Chae Song-Hwa, let's give it a try.
Ah, yes.
The face when you're enlisted in the army eating a chocolate pie, but since you're too excited, you drop it into the toilet.
This time, it's the expression when you win the first prize of the lottery.
Lastly, please give us the face when you're dumped by the woman you deeply love.
Wait a minute.
What's the difference?
Well, in my opinion, apparently it's...
exactly the same, identical.
Mr. Chae Song-Hwa, do you have any expertise or special talent?
Talking about special talent,
I don't have any!
There... there is!
Our Song-Hwa's special talent is... Tae Kwon Do.
His Tae Kwon Do is really terrific, he's a competitor!
Re... rejected? Why?
What can it be? It's just their company has no eye for talent.
That's not true, he was rejected because of Tae Kwon Do.
Hey! Geez...
Song-Hwa! Song-Hwa!
You made him perform Tae Kwon Do there?
Everything else was too average, so at the end, I made him perform Tae Kwon Do.
But, after I told them that he was a Tae Kwon Do athlete, he couldn't even put up his leg!
It was only right to get rejected.
He still gets nightmares in his sleep when you mention Tae Kwon Do.
Why is that?
Mom, why?
When he was in high school,
one of his competitors was Kang-Tei.
They were best friends.
But when the two of them were practicing one day, Song-Hwa made a wrong kick.
His friend could never use that leg again.
From that day on, he has never put on his Tae Kwon Do gear and he parted ways with it forever.
No wonder, just now he was in a cold sweat.
So you should never mention anything about it to Song-Hwa anymore, okay?
Tae Kwon Do!
Tae Kwon Do!
Tae Kwon Do!
Tae Kwon Do!
Tae Kwon Do!
Tae Kwon Do!
No matter what others say, honey, you're the best!
Oh goodness...
What brought you here?
Nothing much.
I want to pay back the dates I owe you.
how come I have a feeling I'm a debtor now?
Let's go.
But, Senior.
What's the name of the drama?
Oh, it's a secret.
It's more meaningful if it's a secret.
I see.
What is it?
What I'm trying to say is...
Our relationship...
I want to evaluate it all over again.
What are you saying?
To our madam..
who's finally getting married.
I'm really happy!
I heard you're getting married?
Why? Do I look like I'm lying?
What's going on?
What are you doing?
Anyone, even if it's another man's woman, Moo-Ryong will be bothered.
Are you nervous? If we're getting married...
Senior... let's talk first.