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Selena Gomez music video celebrity makeup look
love you like a love song 00:07
well accidentally n find out 00:26
on fri hearing any in today's i'm going to be sharing hearing from you know that
00:32 inspired
00:33 makeup look tutorial it from music
videos love you i collapsed on admit 00:38
really inspired by different but the tides it had gorgeous herbal blend it
00:42 with a lot of an earthquake
00:45 the top of color and the lead
00:47 and what's great about the for
communication q_c_ eight is a new thing 00:51
all wet 00:52
and while action-packed objects are brand and the let's say twenty minute
00:57 awful and i have felt
00:58 of the brain backs a friendly makeup
01:00 collab parties are going to happen
01:02 fat decided and that's affected
01:06 for the first thing again in my view is
that flat it used to find that this is 01:10
not okra 01:12
and it's going to have a lot of an arm and leg
01:15 and half a day after that i have found
01:18 you absolutely want to use of primerica
this particular reluctant 01:23
word going allot mar heavy undeniable 01:36
it now property deserting a certain working and secretary first network i'm
01:40 going to take this shape the race here
01:42 artifact implant on their finances
highway 01:47
unintended series for fully depreciated 01:51
and i'm just gonna met today and finley tracy's
01:54 and just start kind of
01:57 fourteen entries heart in there
02:01 blake selam
02:09 finished second in india seven eighty
eight the lighter seemed shade and 02:13
excitement here in indiana 02:15
just had it right underneath my eyebrow artistic create at high tide and in fact
02:28 unpacked now work in a land with its
purple she's right here and in fact 02:32
finder color 02:35
i played flight nine hundred and five eighths propulsion all over the lady up
02:40 in the trees
02:41 city here
02:41 infect back
02:43 a little bit further
02:44 and you're just gonna wanna play on your
animated 02:49
condensed 02:50
lighter shade right here 02:52
picnic i've read 02:54
and then you're gonna describe how well that is purple color interests that's
02:58 just another option that
03:03 has sent a reply
03:06 tina beautiful purple color
03:09 elena
03:10 online my leg
03:13 sisters are powerful color
03:16 taking it all the way up to the tree
03:20 you might need a layer after a little
bit and big heart 03:25
say that it is always the speaker did increase
03:29 but and putting them in
03:32 cell
03:33 flying on relative
03:38 you can kind of direct lending blending
it increases the other shade and i 03:43
started out as well 03:46
finality via fax 03:48
now that i had applied and the purple color however the latest decrease and
03:53 just give you take my blender profs
03:55 and in this country and then start
planning and the trees 03:58
so that the other colors kind of mass together little bad
04:05 and then we're gonna end and start
04:08 crank up the underneath and and and and
highland 04:13
out indians and and we're going to back to this issue recently started at the
04:18 time i have to keep her partially
04:21 artistic take a little better at the
collar with hot fluffy eyeliner brush 04:26
like that 04:27
an argument is up 04:28
quiet underneath which is kind of wrapping the shadow all around town
04:33 and and this on renowned for matters
04:36 inspired love
04:38 for nighttime only amit optimistic great
twelve plus 04:43
party last i'm definitely of going out 04:47
left for the evening 04:52
and to add a little bit events crowd on the scene pop otherwise thanks for going
04:57 so dark on the eyes i want to still be
able to rightmatch i work a little bit 05:02
so with the white i've sat and listened to santo in the inner corner
05:07 and just it's hard to very fair
05:11 is seven thirty
05:12 color is the little chicky at
05:15 sinatra and giving me this summer
05:18 benefit and wanting what this was sent
actually connect cheap really playing 05:23
intake a little bit have 05:26
this color from my wet and wild comfort zone palais
05:31 it's this ethical and this is kind of
acquittal insists dealers kitten track 05:36
actually still can't get it works really well
05:39 and everything is going to give me
05:41 that competition rather than one karna
05:45 the white to stay there
05:46 quite duit that this will sell to open
up the eyes 05:50
so it will work just as well 05:56
freely in front of my everything backgrounds jetliner i_d_'s jetliner
06:02 mostly
06:03 and i just don't really like to attend
lansing massey has no were proper 06:09
mandates 06:10
and faces a civil rights law fac excesses colors black
06:15 anderson on progress on some of the
intended this bomb 06:28
now would you like to see 06:29
receiver grandparents the fee eyelashes 06:32
these are the fashion match a by are dealt made without thank you in here if
06:39 you are and send testify
06:41 the and file eyelashes
06:44 is that you can go check out my tutorial
i dot hypothalamus 06:48
for a little tips and tricks on how to testify
06:52 sunday to go ahead and apply
06:54 uh... the foster eyelashes and then
finish can be tough luck 07:00
one thing i thought eyelashes on just title at
07:04 then drive a little bit you don't wanna
at netzarim regulate lily tulip with 07:09
jack 07:10
threats can let the ice and outlet i'll ask that all and inevitably want to see
07:16 kasonphetch inning of rental layer
07:18 prepares an action years uh...
discontinued blasts it's compress amber 07:24
and it's from the max collection 07:27
semi-precious 07:28
and i'm just gonna have a little bit of defiance
07:32 on main street phone three here at this
is a great 07:36
five states in the sound that worked for rates for atlanta
07:41 or if you happen to have rooms a shot
07:44 which i have a little bit of a cheap
shot 07:46
so it works really well 07:49
and just confirmed that the chief 07:53
and getting their language masterful and galler trainers she married right
07:57 and then you have a little bit of flower
and fast balls 08:01
sue 08:02
the fact that i don't think she can't go home
08:12 and become like pecans quarter my knows
the lit up and i kind of like tat should 08:18
looking down a little bit and then the dilemma my brother and this little props
08:23 right here studio thirty five
08:26 and and discuss
08:28 trent let me know if a little bit
highlights of the acl iceberg straight 08:35
for instance leno letterman 08:38
smile after hearing 08:41
future off the line uh... 08:46
lifestyle 08:50
massive laptop i'll actually a m not eyelashes kinda get started on the red
08:55 manitoba
08:55 probably bring eyeliner
08:57 in just a light over the last eight to
ten and a half the last stretch a little 09:02
bit 09:03
stand and not carlson an escape 09:07
simpson's don't know the stress 09:10
this is kind of 09:13
cleaned up the look a little bit 09:17
since just finishing uh... adding mass carousel ashes
09:22 for the five glasses in using a brush
09:25 and i'm wiggling at the rear
09:27 and then bringing bringing address down
09:30 so mistrusted gets a lot of the scare on
your lap shares 09:36
to can give you that 09:37
viacom left 09:41
now are almost summit i can do it seems like a lot
09:44 began this is a class of party don't
outlook 09:48
cellular are given one seven five out relief thirty to forty five minutes to
09:53 really take your time is best left to
get a right uh... visited more happier i 09:58
work 09:59
and that this is going to be the last thing we do for the ac
10:02 case and then delete add a darker shade
ends the crease 10:06
and the reason why we're doing it 10:08
because i wanted to get the latches on 10:10
see you can really see 10:12
where has strained with the five th and 10:17
and forget it just simply jacob is darker colored
10:21 sierra mission had this month first if
it's not death can happen again when the 10:26
even the darker lines 10:27
forces can easily best and i and using it and make sure they're lander brash
10:33 towards this scandal in with the collar
employees say that 10:37
here 10:38
and missus gives us that defines 10:42
samanta out love 10:46
justice mission and ministry 10:49
coming into the other side and then 10:52
will have the lighter crease look and that out go ahead and put the darker
10:56 autopsy they can see the difference
11:00 now meeting behind and just at a little
bit of this really dark shape on top 11:05
here because in trouble released next are being
11:08 if she wants you unfortunate
11:12 dark skin
11:16 and you think hate eight
11:18 do you believe that i liked the darker
11:20 she ate a little bit fatter it's giving
me a definition that i want 11:25
silo 11:31
and but i think that adding 11:33
needs 11:35
adding a lot 11:35
ashes ending finishing up with this definition is a lot better because
11:40 without the last one can be a completely
different and she had with the are 11:46
reflecting just makes a lot easier for you
11:54 tirades right now
11:58 i mean you know and and screen effort to
feeler 12:02
and enhanced with the lead 12:09
star love 12:11
pakrac 12:12
in their lives colors and take your breath weapon and make sure it sharpens
12:17 line here last
12:24 narin ako internet fifty blue-black n_y_
helpful if today convicted number nine 12:31
and ten 12:32
d and doctors right cherry red like this and i'm going to have chorus apply it
12:39 with my brett bribes
12:46 fatality ventilated for me to come and
stay in the editorial from her music 12:50
committee out 12:51
let me like a lot bond and back 12:54
thing about this again with the great 12:56
throughout the program happening is which is the land loud lipstick and
12:59 love you like a love song
Selena Gomez music video celebrity makeup look