The Bachelor's Chris Harrison Interview Grammys 2012 -- TurboTax GRAMMYs Backstage

Uploaded by TurboTax on 10.02.2012

Alright guys, we have none other than The Bachelor's own
Chris here in the building with us right now.
Grammy time. I feel like this should be your side and I should be sitting there.
I know. You know it is tough when everything's changed over and someone interviews me.
I feel pressure 'cause I want to Do you, you have no idea
what is going to be asked you. I like being in control.
I think I'm a control freak. Are you really a control freak? I think so.
You know, a lot of people want to be in control when it comes to their taxes
and of course Turbo Tax has great experts
They do. to help them out when it comes to doing taxes.
I haven't paid taxes in years. Yeah, you may want to talk to one of our expert advisors. That's optional right? Those are optional.
Yeah, not in this country. They're not optional? Not in this country, but you know what is an option?
What? Is when women are looking for love. Here's the thing, love is not an option.
It's like taxes. Death, Taxes and Love.
[laughter] It's something we've all just got to suck it up and pay.
That is, behind everything, everyone always says, why is the show so popular
or why has it lasted ten years? There's one thing that everybody on
this earth wants, companionship and love.
Can you give me some advice on what I have to do to find that great bachelor?
Well, don't try. Okay, no trying.
No over trying. Damn it, no more stalking.
But this might seem a little hypocritical, but you also need to put yourself out there
and put forth the effort. It's the over trying.
Hi, I'm Rocsi and I'm single Right, exactly.
I like long walks in the park. I'm a scorpio.
Then you meet the guy. Then you call him twenty times. There's that fine, there's that gray area.
Okay. Show your approachable. Show you care, yet don't scare the hell out of him.
If you ever need another bachelorette, in consideration,
you know, I know this little Spanish girl. She's got long brown hair,
pretty brown eyes, you know, great in style.
She a friend of yours? Cousin? She's me. She's me.
Thank you so much Chris. Have fun at the Grammys. Have a good one.
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