Master and Commander (4/11) Movie CLIP - Men Must Be Governed (2003) HD

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For all the bad luck-- real or imagined-- on this voyage.
Mr. Lamb. If you please. Nagle is no more or less guilty--
They're exhausted, jack. These men are exhausted.
You've pushed them too hard.
Stephen, I invite you to this cabin as my friend.
Not to criticize nor to comment on my command.
Well, shall I leave you until you're in a more harmonious frame of mind?
What would you have me do, stephen?
- Tip the ship's grog over the side. - Stop their grog?
Nagle was drunk when he insulted hollom. Did you know that?
Stop 200 years of privilege and tradition?
I'd rather have them three sheets to the wind on occasion than have a mutiny on my hands.
You see, I'm rather understanding of mutinies.
Men pressed from their homes, their chosen occupations, confined aboard a wooden pris--
Stephen, I profoundly respect your right to disagree with me here in this cabin,
But I can only afford one rebel on this ship.
I hate it when you talk of the service in this way. It makes me so very low.
Do you think I want to flog nagle?
The man who stood beside me and hacked the ropes that sent his mate to his death?
Under orders. Under my orders.
Do you not see it? The only things that keep this little wooden world together...
Are hard work, discipline-- jack, the man failed to salute.
For god's sake, there's hierarchies even in nature as you've often said yourself.
There is no disdain in nature. There is no humiliation.
Men must be governed.
Often not wisely, I will grant you, but, they must be governed nonetheless.
That's the excuse of every tyrant in history. From nero to bonaparte.
- And I for one am opposed to authority. - Your opposition...
- Is not my concern. - It is the egg of misery and oppression.
You've come to the wrong shop for anarchy, brother.
- [ cries out ] - [ hollar ] four!
Five! [ whip snaps ]
- [ whip snaps ] - six.
- Seven. - [ whip snaps ]
Eight-- [ whip snaps ] nine.
[ whip snaps ] ten.
[ whip snaps ] eleven.
[ whip snaps ] twelve.