DIY Protein Skimmer Part 1

Uploaded by snowingspoon on 07.09.2011

Let's make an efficinet Portein Skimmer
This skimmer will be good form 30 gallon tank to 55 gallon tank
You need Plastic Bottle
Submersible Water Pump from 1750 to 2000 Ltrs Per hour
A pump lower than 1750 Ltrs/h will not create good foam in this skimmer
Just simple impeller is used, but needle wheel will be best.
This is the base of pump which holds the impeller tight
Air Silencer to eliminate the noise of air intake to pump
The air will enter from the these four pipes and will not make noise
This single air line tube will feed the air to the pump
Air controlling valve, but i never needed it.
And this is the most important part "THE BOTTLE"
Collection cup to collect the waste or undissolved matters
It is bootle in a bottle
This yellow cap is of the main BOTTLE which is attached here
Please notice how easy it is to fit the colletion cup on the BOTTLE
Only 2 to 3 twist are mounting and dis-mounting the collection cup
This is the lid of the collection cup
It must have holes in it, otherwise the skimmer will not work properly
Lets see how much the length and width of the main bottle should be!
Almost 14 inch in length
The length of colletion cup is 4.5 Inch
The length of inner bottle is 3 Inch. so 1.5 inch for the foam to go in the cup
The width of the bottle is 15 inch,as 1 inch pipe is coming in the way of measurment and it shows 16 here
This black pipe was coming in the way of measurment
So, Height is 14 Inch and width is 15 Inch
The bottom of the bottle has two holes, as only one hole was not sufficient here.
From these points the water will come out.
The Purpose of these points is to control the water flow and water level.
Cut the pvc pipe in similar way, as it will serve as water valve
Put this pipe in the "T" and revolve it to control the water level in the skimmer
More you close the hole the more water will rise in the skimmer
This cut helps to remember the position of the pipe in the hole.
This pipe is for the Green "T"
The white teflone tape on the pipe will help to keep the pipe tight
There is a black PVC pipe in the skimmer too.
The water pump will spray water inside black pipe.
The height of this black pipe is the same as those of two outflows
The holes of these out flows are in the bottle, not in the black pvc pipe
The space between the bottle & pvc pipe is of 1 inch.
After doing all this fit the pump in the hole that is making its way from bottle to inside black pcv pipe.
Here the single line air tube will be attached.
See Part 2, that how you have to set it in the sump. and also watch its action video