Servicing a Audi 100 / A6

Uploaded by irina25661 on 21.01.2013

Hi, today my Audi 100 (C4) will have a full service
I drove the car to bring the engine on temperature
Working under the car
For changing oil and the further service I have to remove this cover
Turn the special screw by 90° only
Here the cover is hooked in
Now the cover can be removed
Use a hexagon socket and a breaker bar for opening the oil drain plug
Be aware that the oil is hot!
For the filter I use a chain
and the filter can be removed
Also here some hot oil will come out
Drain the system completely
Use a new sealing ring for the drain plug
Mount the drain plug
I had several times the problem, that this housing became loose, thus I fasten the nut
Coat the o-ring of the filter with grease or oil
Fasten the new filter only by hand, but strong hands
Fasten the drain plug, but not to tight
The 6-cylinder engine with 2.6 l needs some 5l of oil
Still I have no oil on the dipstick
The level should be now on maximium
Perfect, just at the point
Run the engine at idle speed until the oil warning vanishes
and increase to 2000 for a moment
The oil is down to the minimum, thus we fill in 1l more
The oil is at max!
The next service point is the gear box oil
The control plug is hidden by this cover of the drive axle
Dismount the cover, it has 3 Allen bolts
Here is a recess for accessing the control plug. Turn the wheel to have it at the right place
Use a breaker bar and a 17 mm Allen socket
If oil would come out from the hole, the level would be correct
I fill new oil in, until is coming out
Screw in the control plug
Fasten the control plug with care
Mount the cover under the driveaxle
and fasten the bolts
Check the exhaust system starting at the manifold
The converters are new, you have seen our video
No problem, everything is tight
Have a look on the rubber hangers
The middle muffler is still okay
Here is some rust, but it it still tight
The rubber hanger is in place and has no scratches
Follow the exhaust to the final muffler
These rubber hangers have scratches and I have to replace them
Check the driveaxle boots for leakages
Both outer boots are fine
The same for the inner boots
Look if you see some grease on the boots of the ball joint
Check all rubber mountings of the stabiliser
Check the tie rod end
Check the brake hose and caliper for leakages
Have look at the brake rotor
The surface is still flat, all okay
The brake pads you see best through the wheel
This pad has still 5 mm, the wear limit would 2 mm
Have a look at the steering gear boots. Here is all fine
Starting at the tank I check the fuel lines for rust or leakages
The same for the brake lines, follow the lines up to the pressure regulator
Check, if the regulator is freely moving
The hose is still okay
Check the rear brake caliper for leakages
Check if the lever of the parking brake is moving the full way
At the engine I start with the engine mounts
The right rear mount is also okay, the drain hose of the air condition is free
Check all water and oil hoses for leakages
Here we have a problem, the lower water hose to the radiator is broken
Check the pressure hose of the hydraulic clutch, it looks like a brake hose
The front mount of engine looks like a new one
The work under the car is finished
Thus I mount the cover under the engine again
Turn the special bolts by 90° only
and I killed one of this screw clips
Look at this rubbish, Porsche would mount such a cover with 11 bolts
Good, that I buy the parts always in packages of 10
Working at the engine
Check the level of the cooling liquid
I don't measure the freezing point, I mixed the liquid myself
The brake liquid is even over maximum
The oil of the power steering is also at maximum
I add some washing liquid for the windscreen
The airfilter is easy to access
Open the 4 clamps
Lift the cover just a little to remove the filter
Insert the new filter carefully and take car that you don't destroy it with the cover
Fasten the 4 clamps
One of the clamps is closed the other way round
Remove this cover for having a look at the timing belt
The front cover is hold by 4 Allen bolts
Check the drive belt, the tension is adjusted by a automatic tensioner
Remove the 2 clamps and unclip the cover
To see the whole timing belt, you have to crank the engine
You'll need a 24 mm polygon socket
Check the whole belt while cranking the engine twice
Mount the cover and fasten the clamps
The spark plugs have to removed every 30000 km
This engine has only 3 ignition coils, thus it fires double during a full cycle
Unplug the cables from the spark plugs
For loosening the spark plugs you'll need a long 16 mm socket
The sparks plugs are sitting quite deep, thus you should use some pressured air before removing them
Have a look on the condition of the spark plugs
Insert the new spark plug in the socket
Screw the spark plug with great care in the cylinder head
Fasten the spark plugs with 25 Nm
Before plugging the cable have a look at the plugs and cable
You may use some ignition spray
Press the plugs until you hear the click
Press the cables in the holder
The same job now for the other cylinder row, it's a 6 Cylinder engine!
Check if the injection valves are tight and if all cables are at their place
Check the small vacuum lines at the throttle
Coat the throttle cable with fresh grease
Check the end stages of the ignition
The fuel lines are also okay
Mount back the front cover
Fasten the bolts with care
Mount the top cover
Turn the special bolts by 90° only
Working around the car
This tyre is washed out by a bad shock absorber
A good tyre looks like this one
The pressure should be depending on the load between 2.3 and 2.8 bar
2.5 bar for the front tyres
Don't forget the spare wheel
I put 3 bar, it will anyhow loose pressure before we'll need it
Lubricate door hinges and tethers
Lubricate locks and latches
First spray oil in all corners and then put a little grease on the hook
Lubricate the mechanics of the mirrors
Don't forget the hood
Lubricate the rail of the sunroof with silicon spray
Check the horn
We are going to check all lights
Position lights right and left
The rear position lights work and the 2 lights at the plate work also
Reverse lights
Brake lights
Fog light
Direction indicators
High beam - low beam
Fog lights
The height adjustment of the headlights
In my C4 the battery is under the rear seat
The rear seat is fastened by 2 screws
Lift the seat and remove it
Open all the cells
Check the level of the acid
A little bit is missing
Measure the density of the acid
We see the usual value between green and yellow
I fill up with destillated water
Close the cells
The service is done, now we can go for the next 500000 km. Bye, Bye �