Tutorial para Instalar OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard en PC con VirtualBox y iBoot - English CC

Uploaded by max1311 on 07.01.2012

Welcome to this tutorial, here we will see how to install MAC OS X Snow Leopard on your PC
As you can see, I`m using VirtualBox. The link to download it is on the description.
After you install it just follow this steps
Well, first we click on the new button to create a new Virtual Machine
Click on next, and here we name our Virtual Machine
And it picks the OS and Version automatically
You can choose from many different Operative Systems
I`ll choose 64 bits. It gives you the option to choose between 32 and 64 bits depending on your processor
Then we click on next
Now we choose how much RAM we want to share with the VM
Remember the RAM is shared just when you use the VM so it will only affect the PC performance if you use the VM and PC at the same time
I have 4GB of RAM memory so I`m going to share 2GB because it will be enough for the OS i`m installing
Click on next. You can see here it recomends a size for the Hard Disk. And here we leave it as is and click on next.
Leave it as is and next
Now we choose the size of our virtual Hard Drive just remember this will take real Hard Drive space
I choose 20GB and click on next
Click on create and here we have a summary of our VM settings, click on create
Now we have our Virtual Machine, select it and click on Start
Click on next
Leave it as is and click on next
Click on start
This error we see here is due to two reasons, or one of the two
The first one: It may be that in our BIOS we have the virtualization option disabled. There is a link in the description on how to fix this
The second thing that may be we will see it next when we are in the configuration panel
Now that the BIOS problem is solved we can try again
We go to configuration and in System>Acceleration we make sure that the Virtualization Hardware is enabled
We go to configuration and in System>Acceleration we make sure that the Virtualization Hardware is enabled
Then in display we choose how much memory we want to share for video, I recommend all that you can
If we want we can select the 3D acceleration
You can take a look at the settings and change what you like.
In system we must disable the (enable EFI) option or second option of the standard characteristics and click ok
Now that we have our VM configured we can select and start it
As we see here it starts and gives us an error, this is normal.
We go to Devices>CD/DVD Device we choose the CD/DVD virtual disk image we want
There is a link in the description on where to download the IBoot image. We open it
And now that it is mounted we go to Machine>Restart to restart the VM
As we can see the image is running and now we go to Devices>CD/DVD Devices and choose the Snow Leopard image
If you have the Physical Disk just choose the host drive. You can buy the image from the Apple website
Now we open our image and press F5
You should see the name of the disk and press enter
Now we choose the installation language
Here we go to Utilities>Disks Utility
Here we will create the disk partition for our Hard Drive
Click on partitions, and then on the add button
Then we name the partition and leave everything else as is, click on apply and create partitions
We're done here so we close. Next click on continue and accept
And we select our Hard Drive and click on customize
We deselect available languages just to make the installation faster, you can add it back later. If you like add QT7 or Rosetta then click on ok and install
If the installation stops before it's finished repeat the process without changing anything I didn't change in configuration. If the error occurs after the installation just restart the VM and keep going
When it's finished we go to Devices>CD/DVD Devices, select the iBoot and go to Machine>Restart
Now we can see our Disk Partition, go to Devices>CD/DVD Devices and select the Snow Leopard image. Now select the partition and press enter
Select your country
The keyboard and continue
If you have an Apple ID enter it now
After that just click on continue
Now you can see the OS is running and working
Go to View>Change to Full Screen
And here we have it. MAC OS X Snow Leopard running on Windows 7 thanks to VirtualBox and iBoot
That's all for now. Don't forget to like it, share it and subscribe. Thank you for watching and see you on my next tutorial