gdyby nie kolej cz-3 - If there was no rail 3

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Speaks Henryk Palczewski Director Interlok sp. z o.o. in Pila
I am certainly satisfied and happy
that the building has not collapsed yet because it could tumble down.
But when it stands, there is always hope to make something out of it.
I think that nowadays the restoration of building to its former external appearance
should be the most important to our town and our region.
But the restoration with placing something different in its centre
is nowadays a bit meaningless. Present day tourists are not interested
in visiting walls even the prettiest, so we have a hope that this unique complex
will not only be maintained but it will be restored externally
and that in the centre the repair of steam locomotives will be carried out.
It seems to me the most interesting plan.
Thus, not only the history of walls will be restored but the whole
historical period. Entering the engine house and then
we are back in time of one hundred years, the machines
devices were as such repaired and in my opinion it is truly something that
comes from history which can be touched and it is alive.
The similar trip in past can be taken by visiting the Interlok Company
which has been doing complex repairs of steam locomotives
for twenty years, and it specializes in repairing and building
of old steam boilers. The company conducts its business in newer
fan engine house located near monumental round engine house.
We repair for the whole Europe, because the locomotives
we repaired ply in Austria, Germany, France, Switzerland,
and Belgium along with boilers repaired by us. The important element,
which appeared in our company last time, is the building of new boilers,
because of course the repair of old boiler is the most appreciated, but contemporary
regulations sometimes exclude it or it can not be made because it is so rundown.
We undertook building of new boiler last year for the first time.
We were successful and nowadays we build the third one.
Working with steam locomotives demands the knowledge of unique
and not used now technologies. In some of the repair
works the devices which are one hundreds years old are applied but
often human hands and knowledge are irreplaceable.
Speaks Henryk Palczewski Director Interlok sp. z o.o. in Pila
I think we are the one and the last company in Europe which is able
to repair the boiler with the use of riveting method.
In Europe, this technology of repairing boilers,
where the riveting is done by hand, disappeared completely.
It is really unusual skill because the heart and the hand
are at work as they say. It is executed in difficult conditions
because the boiler is tiny and there is not a place for automatization.
The second original technology used by us, which disappeared
as well, is the building of new crate. We mastered the technology
of manual bending, it is very hard and it demands physical
effort and knowledge. Besides we repaired for France
with the use of method not applied even after
The Second World War, where props in the boilers are screwed.
We mastered it and brought it back although
the oldest workers still remembered it.
Nowadays the sighting of working steam locomotive is rare.
And that is why it evokes a great interest. The proof is for example
the parade of steam locomotives in Wolsztyn which attracts
a few thousands tourists every year.
Piła is also the important place for railway fans from all over the world.
According to Henryk Palczewski, the XIX century engine house
has a huge tourist potential.
The whole generation of young people never saw steam locomotive
or how to repair steam locomotive or how to build steam locomotive boiler.
The young people never saw it and the sighting of building
of steam engine locomotive and its functioning is impressive
and fascinating. The railway tourism will develop for sure.
Moreover, we have proof that many single tourists and organized groups
(close to 150 persons from USA last year) come to see our
works and how to build and to repair boilers with the use of old methods.
And we are constantly visited but they get information
about us by word of mouth or in the local environment.
If it existed as regularly functioning object in those all rooms
and in the whole complex,
not only in the hall but beside those buildings
as well, then it would attract even people
who are not interested in railway branch but
wishing to see technical monument.
Okraglak conceals 140 years of railway history in it.
Roman Chwaliszewski also persuades that it is worth preserving
for future generations. In his assessment the objects of engine house
and their unique equipment are extraordinary precious.
Speaks Roman Chwaliszewski Regional Office for the Protection of Historical
Monuments in Poznań, Head of Delegation in Pila
We are striving for legal protection of the engine house
with railway station layout. The administrative proceedings
are undertaken to classify it as a listed building.
Social initiative is associated with it. Possibility of practical and commercial
use of engine house as economic activity based on rail services
and opportunity of exhibiting and demonstrating certain traditional
forms of service of such archaic and historical steam tractions
are great ideas and I think that it deserves high praise
and it is testimony that people devoted to those ideas are open-minded
and practical as well as professional.
Among people who are concerned with the fate of engine house
are members of the association "Parowozownia Pilska Okrąglak"
founded three years ago. The association brings
together people of all ages. There are seniors - former railway workers
as well as young people who do not remember
the times when the steam locomotives were seen regularly
in the town railway station.
Speaks Piotr Ziółkowski chairman Stowarzyszenia Parowozownia Pilska OKRĄGLAK
The association "Parowozownia Pilska Okrąglak" was founded in the March of 2007.
It is an initiative of town fans and railway fans
as well as those who want to preserve one of the few town monuments.
Our idea is related to getting attention of town inhabitants
and railway authorities as well as local authorities and media.
After three years of our struggle and many arranged
meeting we could say that problem of Piła's engine house is up-to-date
and searing issue which should be solved and it is discussed about.
The town inhabitants and town authorities as well as management
of Polish Railways and media are all aware of that issue.
We still hope to rescue that building, so the steam locomotives
will have their place in the engine house hall.
Our task is not simple but it is possible to accomplish it so we appeal
to everyone concerned with rail history and town history
to help in rescuing this object.
We invite everyone to cooperate.
XIX century engine house building is certainly exceptional object
taking the scale of the town and even the scale of Europe
into consideration. Okraglak is one of the first buildings which
arriving passengers to Piła may see from the windows of a train.
Renovated - it may become the town merit, unfortunately today
this valuable building scares off the people with its appearance.
There came a time to change it, to give future generations a chance to learn
and even touch extraordinary history which shaped our town.
On July 7th 2010 under a decision of the Regional Office for the Protection of Historical Monuments in Poznań, Pila railway junction, including the roundhouse "Okrąglak"
with adjacent buildings and the building of the station, were entered into the state register of historic monuments. These objects have been protected by law.
Translation Łukasz Malinowski