El Enigma 2012 (11:11), David Wilcock, Español. (CC)

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"2012 Enigma: Blueprints for a Golden Age"
All of the planets are changing in the same way as the Earth is changing,
the Earth changes are not unique to the Earth,
they are universal phenomena throughout the Solar System,
...in even intervals of 26 million years...
...every form of life on Earth spontaneously changes
and upgrades from one type of creature to another...
...the DNA code itself its rewritten,
and I am going to show you the evidence of how that happens.
...in fact every ancient mystical and spiritual tradition speaks of a Golden Age
that is coming,
and they don't speak about it in a blend sophomore fashion,
they speak about it in an exciting invigorating, eye-opening way
because of the extent to which they say things will be changed.
The Mayan calendar is the primary vessel through which we have speculation
that the year 2012 might be different than other years,
that's the primary vessel that we have.
But, I'm about to show you to open up the talk
is that the great pyramid of Egypt actually has a time line in it
and that time line has 2012 as the most important year.
Now, isn't it interesting that if you take the Pyramid of the Sun in Teotihuacan,
and you take the Great Pyramid, that the square footage,
the actual perimeter of the pyramid is exactly the same...
...the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico, the big pyramid in Egypt,
...you have the Atlantic Ocean separating these cultures
which most people will say are completely different
but they both build pyramids.
The Egyptian Calendar happens to be a lot more complex to understand
but they both have a calendar that flags the year 2012!
Do you honestly think that that means we can just blow this thing off
and it doesn't mean anything?
Both cultures on both sides of the Atlantic say that 2012 is going to be something spectacular.
You are absolutely precious beyond anything you can imagine,
beyond measure.
You are a multidimensional being, you have an existence that if we can actually see all
the different aspect of yourself, it would be so much more than just what we see in this room,
it would be through stars, galaxies, constellations.
We all have this multidimensional identity,
my personal belief is that we are heading into a very positive
spiritual unfolding, akin to the evolution of our human species
into a higher capacity.
The greatest gift of the creator was to give each of us our free will,
to be able to decide is how we are going to navigate through the lessons of our evolution.
Your mind is the universal mind, and the only way you access that universal mind
is the now, it's never going to be in the future.
Negative experiences will repeat for as long long as they remain useful to you,
well then you have to say "what does useful mean?
If something pisses you off, then you are getting use out of it because its co-creating
an emotional reaction. So if you can learn to have this ballet dance of karma,
where experiences move through you without getting stuck to you,
and you bless and you release and you forgive and you accept and you love,
then more and more those experiences won't repeat any more
because you are not gonna get any value out of them,
they won't have a catalytic value out of you.
So, the focus that you hold in your life determines
how your reality turns out and I'm sure that everyone on this stage is a living
proof of the fact that you can intend an entirely different life for yourself.
So right now, in this moment, let's just magnetize the fact
that there is limitless luminosity around us and all that we have to do is breath it in
and we can feel the grace in this moment.
We are all being challenged, and if we can face through these challenges
with a positive attitude and focus then we actually have the potential
to go through a multi-dimensional evolution of our being.
It's very important to remember that when I talk about 2012 tonight
I am not talking about something that's gonna happen to the end,
I'm talking about an ongoing spiritual transformation on the earth,
in which there is a much higher degree of the very energy that makes us psychic,
that plunges us through these initiations,
that revivifies and quickens the very nature of our being.
Everywhere you look if you want to you can start seeing light.
In this moment there is love, in this moment there is peace.
Every moment of your life is a choice of whether you are going to forgive yourself
and just let the words and the zits and all the inconsistencies
and the things you wish that you could just have accomplished, just let go of that.
The center of the galaxy is releasing ripples of energy structured like the layers of an onion,
as these evenly spaced walls shoot through the Solar System
they reprogram the DNA on Earth,
and all of the creatures on Earth are spontaneously transformed.
You are also going to see evidence very clear in the fossil record showing
that in even intervals of 26 million years
every form of life on Earth spontaneously changes and upgrades
from one type of creature to another.
The DNA code itself gets rewritten,
and I'm going to show you the evidence of how that happens.
The real working-end of the 2012 prophecy
where we start to have "the rabbit meet the road"
is looking at the Solar System and seeing that all the planets
are changing the same way as the Earth is changing,
the Earth changes are not unique to the Earth,
they are universal phenomenon throughout the Solar System.
Global Warming is an Energetic phenomenon
it's a phenomenon that, as I said, is occurring throughout the Solar System.
That's a very significant piece of information for us to have
because it gives us the power back!
We are no longer out there expecting that these things cannot be dealt with.
We do have the control, we do have the power,
and it comes from pursuing the truth within ourselves.
And then, that truth has a radiant quality that affects the whole planet.
This is a universal event, for humanity's entire history.
It's not just about one religion, it's about something that benefits everyone.
This time that we are in is a time of change and it's a time in which we all
get to experience that change together.
We are all in this together, and each one of you are one of those liberators
if you are watching this video on the internet,
or if you in this room with me right now actually seeing this live,
you are one of those people who has been charged with a responsibility
to share what you know with the people.