Doodle 4 Google 2011 Event

Uploaded by Google on 13.07.2011


CHILDREN: Doodle for Google!

MARISSA MAYER: Welcome to Google, New York.
We've got a special day planned.
We had 107,000 drawings.
And you guys were in the top 40.
One of you will get to become part of doodle history.
His or her doodle will be on the home page all day.

JEFF KINNEY: Kids really brought their
imagination to things.
Kids see the world through a lens that adults can't really
see it through any more.
KATHRYN POTTS: The works that really stood out for me were
the works where the student artists brought something
really personal to the drawing.
MIKE DUTTON: We look for creativity.
Quirky, or just beautifully drawn, or something that's
very simple, yet striking.
SCOTT McCLOUD: I think the Doodle for Google contest is a
great way of showing that there's a worldwide community
of creative minds at work, that it's happening at all
levels-- at all age levels--
and that there is this tremendous natural resource of
creativity and innovation out there.
MARISSA MAYER: We partnered this year with the Whitney to
produce the incredible display of your artwork, which will be
on Fifth Avenue.
But this year we also partnered with the SFMOMA.
FEMALE SPEAKER: It's really cool!
MARISSA MAYER: We're going to make a stop, now, at
Dylan's Candy Bar.
JEFF KINNEY: I think that we're seeing a lot of kids
here who will be the creative thinkers and the
innovators of tomorrow.
MALE SPEAKER: Doodle for Google is awesome.
RYAN GERMICK: Being a kid is pretty cool.
And you should not lose that.
I think taking fun seriously is really important.
One great way to protect your creativity
is to form a community.
And this is a great place to start.
MARISSA MAYER: This year, the winning student is Matteo
Lopez, from South San Francisco--
EVAN LYSACEK: You're all winners, because you are
succeeding at something that you're passionate about and
that you love.
And that's art.