Viz Talk - Apple vs. Microsoft Stock Performance

Uploaded by tableausoftware on 12.06.2012

Hi there, and welcome to Viz Talk, our place for talking about Tableau visualizations.
My name is Dan, and I'm Lori, and we're data analysts, here at Tableau Software.
Today we're going to take a look at a viz from Matt Lee, who has graciously allowed
us to just,
discuss his viz, see what we like about it, see what we'd like to see improved
let's actually just go ahead and take a look right now.
So, Matt's viz is showing us a comparison between the stock prices of Microsoft and
So the first thing I look for is, what story is the viz telling me.
What jumps out at me in this viz is that Apple, the orange line below, is going up like gangbusters.
And since that's the first piece that drew my eye, that tells me that that view is the
most important and it should probably be in the most prominent location, which is at the
Yeah, I agree. I think the heat map that's in the middle is actually really interesting,
because you can really see how Microsoft's stock was a lot stronger earlier, and Apple's
stock is a lot stronger now.
But it's a little bit redundant and isn't as powerful as the time series at the bottom,
so I'd actually get rid of the heat map altogether.
Lori, what do you think about the call-outs at the top?
You know, I really like the idea of the call-outs, the textual information that jumps out with
really big numbers.
But what I would like to see is the current stock price. That's the number that's most
important to me.
You know, maybe secondary and possibly smaller font size, would be the minumum, the lowest
stock price and the max stock price.
Let's go ahead and take a look at the third tab. I like both of these views, you can really
again see the change in the stock price, but this viz seems to be about comparing Apple
and Microsfot, and having a filter that switches between the two defeats that purpose.
I agree. I'd like to see the filter removed and so you can compare Apple and Microsoft
So i want to go back to the story part a bit, and let's go back to the first tab we were
looking at.
As I said before, I think that this bottom view, the blue and orange lines is the most
important one. One thing I'd like to see explored, is these peaks down here. I'd like to know
if these are meaningful peaks. That to me would bring out more of the story.
Do the peaks for Apple match up to when they released new products? Do the declines for
Microsoft come at important times in their history?
I think it'd be a really good use case for reference lines. Around 2007 for Apple is
when their iPhone released, and you can see if we put a line right here, you'll be able
to tell this is when the iPhone started and their stock price has risen ever since.
Yeah, you could do reference lines, or you could also do that with, it would work well
with annotations.
Yeah, annotations are another great way to mark history points on timelines.
I think personally, I would also like to see Apple compared with other big tech giants,
you know IBM, HP, just to show how Apple has grown gangbusters compared with everybody.
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