Let's Read, Let's Move: Congressman Langevin, Kareem Dale, and Quinton Aaron

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Is both your jobs fun?
Is both your jobs fun? Kareen, do you want to go first?
Yeah. My job is – it’s a lot of fun. I’m working for the President. Barach Obama is
just – it’s a blast all the time. I mean he is – he is a great guy. The guy you see
on TVs, just like that around the White House, nice guy. We work very hard and working with
Secretary Duncan on fixing education, improving education. It’s a lot of fun, lots of fun.
Quinton, your turn.
That sounds like fun; I want to work with Obama.
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please join me to introduce our readers: U.S. Secretary
of Education, Arne Duncan; U.S. Congressman Jim Langevin; and Special Assistant of the
President of the United States, Kareen Dale. Please also welcome special guest, and actor,
Quinton Aaron.
Has anybody heard or seen the movie Blindsided? You have? Pretty inspiring movie, and he did
a remarkable, remarkable job portraying Michael Oher, who is playing in the NFL now. Let’s
start with Kareen. You can take it away.
Alright, thank you, Mr. Secretary. Now you’re going to help me with this, right?
I am going to help you.
Alright. Clair says if he ran for President I would travel the country to meet lots of
people. I’d work hard and be very busy. All in one week, I might share cereal with
Kindergarteners. Are you all Kindergarteners? Oh, you’re first graders. Okay, sorry. Those
are my two stores about. Good. I ran for President.
Give a round of applause to Kareen. Thank you so much. Quinton is not going to ready
but, I think, he is going to tell us a little bit about his story and what he’s working
on now. So you guys can give a warm round of applause to Quinton please.
You having fun, right? Cool. Earlier all of you have seen the move. How many here know
what you want to do when you grow up? Cool. Cool. Have any firefighters? Any actors? Hmm.
You are probably better than I am. One of the I liked about film is if there’s something
that you can’t do really good as yourself on camera it can make you look like you’re
really good at it. I’m not that good of a football player, but on the movie I looked
like a pro-athlete.
Hey guys, this is Congressman Langevion, who’s fresh off boating, I think.
Thank you Secretary Duncan.
He has been a great, great partner of ours. How many of you want to go to college some
day? Thanks to the Congressman and his colleagues, that money is going to be there for you. Could
you please give him a warm round of applause and welcome him in.
I really – a neat book here today, and its called House Mouse, Senate Mouse and, basically,
it talks about how laws are made. Well, the children excited did not waste a minute working
hard their letter and what to put in it. For three classes straight, they wrote and they
read them the letter was finished and here’s what it said. Dear Congress, we think there
should be, if you please, a law to establish a national cheese. We like this idea, we hope
it will pass. Yours sincerely, Miss Tuftmouse and the second-grade class. Bravo they all
shouted. Hooray they yelled twice. What a good compromise, what terrific advice and
the House and the Senate it passed right away and the President signed it the very next
day. That’s when it becomes a law, when it passes the House and Senate and the President
signs it, it becomes law. Well back in Moussouri where everything started, Miss Tuftmouse’s
class was very warm hearted. Look children, look she said, isn’t it grand, we live in
a wonderful, wonderful land. You are all incredible, special. I want you to know how busy members
of Congress are but you know what, we make time for you, for the most important thing.
You are what is most important on my schedule today. I’m just so glad that you invited
me to come read to you today.