Mega Mystery Band - Lisboa (2)

Uploaded by megamysteryband on 04.04.2011

I'm going to introduce you now to my father.
He's a very nice guy.
He's a little bit shy but he's very proud of me.
He's my biggest fan. He's always keeps listening my music.
He's just working in the corner here in the café
and we are going to meet him, very nice guy.
Daddy ! How are you ?
So my nephew ...
So, do you remember me or not ?
Almost going to the United States, right ?
Just a month more and I'm there ! ...
You're really of my band dad.
Daddy, you're proud. - Well, erm ...
Say MMB, your free band, dad - I don't ...
It's the system. - You must say it.
Dad, deep in your heart you love my music.
He loves my music, he loves, he's always listening to it.
Isn't it dad, we're talking music or not ?
Look at the son ! - How are you ?
How was it ? Did he tell you we're going to the United states ?
On tour ? We're going to the United States ! - How are you ?
So, how are you ? - Are you happy with us ?
You know what I'm going to say ? - Listen, we start in New York,
we're going to Boston, Las Vegas ... - San Francisco ...
Wooo we're going ! - I hope you'll keep our image !
Aren't you happy ? If it goes on television dad
you'll see your son with Lady Gaga, at the same concert.
Did you ever imagine you would see your son on TV ?
We're going to be the most famous band, you'll be so proud of us.
Tomás' father is so shy, so shy, he doesn't really know how big of a band we are.
... so you don't like the castle ? - Sure sure !
I haven't come here for long, I was a little kid then but I never came afterwards ...
He doesn't like cameras, he's really embarrassed. - Hit it, MMB ! MMB !
Join us daddy. MMB ! MMB ! Come ! Come uncle !
How's the tune ? - Our manager is waiting for us.
We have an appointement with our manager so ... Ciao !
He just called me saying we have a big, big tour.
Tonight we see you at the party, the big big party,
with a big set of big music so we are the stars, MMB.
MMB. - Ya ! See you !