Jackie Chan's Police Story 3 with english sub(Dzeki Cen Policijska Prica 3 ceo film sa prevodom)

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The pushers have improved...
on means of drug smuggling
Drugs are hidden in condoms
Stomachs, rectums or even corpses
lncluding babies' bodies
Last year alone. . .
there were 1 50 cases of deaths
Caused by drug poisoning due. . .
to puncture in condoms
they were in the minority
Most traffickers succeeded in passing the Customs
To fight drug activities has been one
Of the most important tasks. . .
of HK Police
This info is already known to us
Will you please get to the point?
OK, most of the drugs circulating
Come from drug king Chaibat
Capturing him. . .
will at least halve the circulation
ln what aspect can the Royal HK police help you?
Yes, what we need is a super cop
well, let me think about it. l'll let you know tomorrow
Fix it for me, tell me tomorrow
Yes, sir
Superiors don't do things.
They give orders
Fix it for me
l know already
Bring back Chia-chu right away
Yes, sir
Thank you
Yes, sir
Morning, inspector Chen
Chia-chu, they're having a meeting
We mustn't let Chia-chu take up the mission
why not? lsn't he responsible?
Yes, he is
Doesn't he obey his superiors?
Yes, except for the nastiest superior
You always claimed l didn't promote him
Now he's got a chance and you won't let him do it
lt's no fun infiltrating the Camp?
Are you afraid he can't make it?
No one can if he doesn't
lt's a waste putting him. . .
on patrol
Now lnterpol needs a super cop
He's a super cop,
but you won't let him do it
l know, but it's a most dangerous mission
He's followed me for so many yeas.
l can't let him take the risk!
Ok. we'll go...
and say 'no' to lnterpol
None at the Royal HK Police. . .
can do it
Send for James Bond
lnspector Chen
Uncle Piao
Chia-chu, come in
l want to see you
Sit down
What is it so urgent?
A position suits you most
The lnspector of Shataukok Police Hq. Sign it here
Uncle Piao, let me do it
l'm letting you do it
The air is fresh at Shataukok Police Hq
And you don't have to patrol
l mean the lnterpol mission
Have you heard of it?
Let me do it
lt's the most dangerous mission
When one is numbed. . .
by everyday routine
Sitting in office could be more dangerous
Do you have to consult May?
Not necessary. l've made the decision
Go and be prepared
Yes, sir
The Commissioner must be happy to know it
Are you unhappy?
l'd be happier if the Commissioner did it
Aren't we very mean?
A little bit, but you're the more so
Because you're my superior
why have you to enter the camp so abruptly?
What training is that? why didn't you call me?
A Special Training Camp. l get a promotion after that
Aren't you happy for me?
Yes, since it's not a dangerous mission
lt's safer in the camp involving no risk
My life insurance policy
My bank passbook
why are you giving them to me?
You're the beneficiary. Come
what are you doing?
The key to the safe with foreign currency deposits
Why are you giving me all these?
Didn't you say you'd return very soon?
l'm afraid l may be late
Don't forget to pay the insurance premium for me
And renew the bank deposit when it matures
what are you doing?
One month!
You're late
They won't kill me for being late
Remember not to woo boys!
You'd better guard yourself against it!
- Uncle Piao - Uncle Piao
l'll keep an eye on him for this month
Go now, bye-bye
Bye-bye, Uncle Piao
Your certificate and air ticket for Canton
Yes, sir
Be on the alert
Don't worry,
the Chinese Public Security will help fully
That makes me worry the more
Uncle Piao, say something better, will you
Good luck!
ln fact, the Royal HK police
are flying Chia-chu like a kite for this mission
lt may break when the wind is gusty, no one know where will it be
Don't make such daring parable
Don't worry.
l'll drift back if the string breaks
Chia-chu is up to the scratch, as l said
Good luck!
Thank you, sir
Uncle Piao, l'm leaving
Good luck!
- Yes, sir - Chia-chu
Stop nagging
Call this number in case of emergency
Remember this number. Tear it in a minute
l've remembered it
- l'm leaving - l'll tear it for you
l'm leaving
Thank you
l'm making a call. Don't disturb me
You're giving him my hone number!
OK, for everybody!
Sit down
Are you the super cop from Hong Kong?
According to information from HK
Chen Chia-chu (super cop)
Super cops in HK...
are cheap and plentiful
Like commodities in supermarkets
He's a modest young man
we're of one family.
we'll help you
Thank you
This is a dangerous mission
We must arrange to familiarize yourself
with conditions in China
What conditions?
Director of lnterpol Yang will arrange it for you
This is our Director Yang
How do you do, Miss Yang?
Lear from her
Have a good chat
Yes, Commissar
So Director Yang is a beautiful lady
You may speak to me in Chinese
That's much better
Let's start
As of this minute, you're Lin Fu-sheng,
A merchandiser of Fu Shan State 5th Mechanical Factory
Your uniform is presentable
Can civilians wear it?
You've been a member of Fu Shan wu Shih Team
You're single and live at 1 7, Chuan Yao Yu Village, Fu Shan
You have a mother and a sister
And your father died in 1 978
Poor fellow lost his father so early
Remember that?
well, repeat that to me
l'm Lin Fu-sheng, 32
Born in Fu Shan. l've been a Fu Shan Gymnastics. . .
A merchandiser of a mechanical factory
The merchandiser of a mechanical factory
Gymnastics sportsman
Fu Shan Wu Shih Team
Live in what village?
Chuan Yao Yu Village
This is hard to memorize
You're a super cop and you have no memory
lt's the first time l came across it
lf l were you, could you do it in one go?
l'm Chen Chia-chu,
born 7-4-1 958
l joined the Royal HK Police in 1 981
1 9. . .
1 984 promoted to Trainee lnspector
Height 5'1 0", weight 73 kilos
Blood type: AB
l have nothing special,
but l've memorized your background
Memorize the way l do
Let's go for photographs
lsn't the Pearl River Bridge's landscape more beautiful?
What then?
Put your hand here
Smile, look forward
what now?
wu Shih team, not a Beijing Theatrical troupe
Make up again
Why didn't you say it earlier?
Your turn
Feet, a bit apart
Look forward, OK
Film is called plastic rolls. Walkman is called Sui Sheng Ting
Soft drink can is...
Yi La can
Public Security is No. 2. Military Policeman is No. 1
Guns are Huo Pao
So many men? Are they all yours?
They're grandad's
Who's grandad?
The State, but l'm in command
Chen Chia-chu
Chen Chia-chu's dead. You're Lin Fu-sheng
Don't set me up
You're going to face a much craftier enemy
You must be on your guard
when are we going to set out?
Acting on a tip-off,
Chaibat has bought desperadoes
To rescue him from the Labor Camp
We're now stalling for time
Only these few photos will do?
Don't yo know the advances in science?
Yes, but l don't look like one from the wu Shih team
The file says you're a wrestling champion
Not really wrestling. Pulling and whatever
we learned karate, taekwondo
Boxing, Chinese kung fu...
l didn't learn it
This is breath control?
Didn't you learn it?
No, what an idiot standing to get beaten
Director Yang
Comrade Wang, let me make the introduction
The Chief Coach of our Military Police
A super cop from Hong Kong
Super Cop? Must be powerful
She compliments me only!
He's Taekwondo section 7, Hapkido section 8
Karate section 9, judo section 1 0
And twice the wrestling champion in Southeast Asia
what do you expect of me?
l must taste it
Stop practicing!
All for the assembly!
Sit down!
what a mischief you've played on me
Let's welcome super cop from Hong Kong
Don't make so much fun
lt's all right
will he fight for real?
Stop it if anything happens
lt's only for fun
Brave! You've lived up to your name!
Again, again
Thank you
Let's go on a little longer
How is it operated?
Simple. Grasping above with both hands, feet over here
l push you
How is it stopped?
Next time call me the World Champion of Somersault
No more fun. Our mission begins
Do l look like having fun?
There are 3 trucks with 6 men
You remember the direction of the coal mine?
Yes, everything
My only forte is a good memory
ls that so? Remember the position of the overhead tunnel
Don't worry. l attach more importance to this
Tell your men not to shoot wantonly
Part of the guards have no bullets
You two go down and be ready
l count on you. Look at me
Watch out
why do you stop? Back to work quick!
Panther, let's proceed as planned
why are you hitting me?
Not necessary
- Thank you - Switch off the engine
Only a routine check-up
Quick, quick!
Go backward to have a look
Be ready to start
What is it up above?
Nothing but coal
Nothing, sir
Hua, start off quickly!
Hua, hurry up!
Panther, get up
Panther, go now
Don't go!
Go now
Panther, wait for me
l don't know him!
Crazy, run!
what did Hsiung say just now?
He said he didn't know the direction
Don't you?
Yes, go upward
So high. How are we to go up?
Go upward
Panther, get going
Going up from here is an overhead tunnel
Jump and l'll turn on the switch
Hurry up!
Turn off the switch!
Follow me
They're keeping up. Quick!
Don't shoot!
Follow them
Quick, quick!
Why does it stop?
l don't know
what now?
l don't know
Get off from here
Stop! Don't run!
ls this the overhead tunnel?
what are you looking for?
An underground tunnel
Too late, run now!
- Run and l'll shoot! - Run!
Overhead tunnel!
Are you okay?
After this mountain,
get to town through the main street
Where are you going?
Hsiung paid me $2,000. . .
to bring you here only
The rest l don't care
You're OK in kung fu
Take me to town,
and l'll take you to HK for a big deal
Hong Kong's so far away. Forget it
Pay me $500 more and l'll take you to town
l haven't got so much
Once in HK, l can pay you up to $ 50,000
l don't blame you as we're strangers, but do trust me
OK, pay me $50,000 once we're in HK
No problem, count on me
Hurry, it's going to rain
why are you following Hsiung?
l follow anybody that pays
Where's your home town?
Fu Shan
Don't you raise pigs in the country?
The pigs in our country eat vegetables
The pigs here eat feed, and they stink
A friend
Come out, everybody, panther's back
Panther, you're back?
Bring a towel quick!
You've thinned!
Panther, it's nice you're out. You must've suffered
Never. lt was like holiday in the camp
You're big brother where you are
Yes, yes
How did l slip last time?
l know nothing
Sha Pi, what happened to our cargo?
Confiscated by Public Security
Panther, l didn't do it
Don't! panther, sorry
My fault, sorry
Panther, give me a break
Don't, brother!
Give me a break!
Let me introduce Fu-Sheng,
our brother
What about the cargo from Yunnan?
Arriving in a couple of days
Panther, let's get out of here quick
lsn't Fu Shan your home town?
Go and visit your folks while...
we still have time
Sha Pi, Fishball, follow me
The others, same old place after receipt of the cargo
- Let's go - Let's go
Come up. Panther's calling you
What is it?
where is it?
Not yet there
lsn't this Fu Shan?
l know, but not yet my home
which of the cross-road in front?
Cross-road? Just move along
where is it?
Public Security from behind. Move quickly!
ls Public Security following?
Don't worry. where is it?
l live...
You don't know where you live?
l've been away 3 years. Much has changed
You must still have some impression
Sure, but there are now more buildings
Panther, come
Uncle Fu-Sheng
Granny missed me. Come home quick!
My nephew
Come back, come
Auntie, Fu-Sheng's back
Fu-Sheng, you're back
Good. Let me take you to see your mammy
My auntie
This way
Not this way, that way
l know. Let me take it for you
Not necessary. Please follow me
Panther, this way
Fu-Sheng, your mammy must be happy. . .
seeing you back after those years
l missed you
Must be doing fine
Of course
See your mammy. She missed you
Madam, madam
why is she out of sight?
Fu-Sheng, take care of your friends
Your mammy must've fallen asleep
Panther, sit down, make yourself at home
Sit down
l need it!
Fu-Sheng, where's the toilet?
Outside, turn
Just do it when there's no one around
People do it anywhere in the country
Fu-Sheng, who's that girl?
Girl? which one?
Which one?
That girl in the photo with you
Your wife?
Brother, you're back!
My sister
Your sister?
Brother, when did you come back?
Sister, it's been years. You're much taller
And more beautiful, and plumper
You're squeezing me so hard!
You siblings are getting on OK
Greet Panther
what's your name, please?
My name's Hua
She's named Hua
Bring tea for Panther, quick
We've been fighting since childhood
Undress and you feel better
it's been a long time
You have such long moustache
Thanks, auntie
Just say plenty
Plenty. He's Fu-Sheng, your sn
Yes. Mammy, l'm back
Fu-Sheng, l've been waiting for you for ages
Even a fortune...
is not enough for you
Have you brought any money?
Money! Only money fascinates you
Brother knows better. Sit down
Sit down
Panther, have some tea
Have some tea
Got a watch?
Got any money then?
- No money and no watch - Yes, yes
from Fu-Sheng
For me? what money is that?
Hong Kong dollars
Hong Kong dollar is valuable
Hua, go and buy two chickens
Let me treat you to a chicken meal
Now security is bad. . .
- My sister. Tai, Chiang - Tai, Chiang
Let me make the introduction. My mammy
He's greeting you
Let me make the introduction
Okay, that won't be necessary
where are you going? lt's dinner time
l'm taking Fu-Sheng to town to eat
Brat, rushing away without eating
l'm taking him to make money
Make money? Take Hua with you
OK, l'll go and change
Take Hua?
Yes, take her
Eat first. we'll come back soon
Plain chicken
Bye-bye, mammy
Here people love wild life as food
Even those any animals. . .
protected or near extinction
Hua, order anything you like
Panther, they're here
So cruel? Why does Public Security do nothing?
Panther's here
Sit. Hua, sit over here
Have some tea, panther
My brother Fu-Sheng, Hua
You two sit over there
Go now
Don't look
l seem to have seen Grizzly Bear before
Thank you
Those at the entrance are Public Security men
Are they your men?
Of course not
He looks. . .
like the fugitive from Labor Camp
Panther can't afford getting caught by Public Security now
l know
lt's your territory, do something
Let me go over to check on him
You two watch here;
l'll get some more men
What will you have?
Civet cat steamed with turtle organs
Civet steamed with turtle organs
Order one more pot
One more pot
l'm Captain Chen Hsiang-Tung calling Hq. Read me?
Roger. Please speak
l've now found...
Comrade, l'm Captain Yang Chien-Hua of lnterpol
Don't arrest those men inside
Any certificate?
l haven't brought along
No? Turn round, hands up!
Let's go out to see the cargo
They've left
Too late, let's go and check him!
lnterpol Director Yang Chien-Hua calling Hq
Roger, please speak
Stop! we're Public Security!
Stop, all of you! we're Public Security
Be careful!
Can you throw?
At least he's scared too
Keep away!
What are you doing? Public Security
what are you doing?
Hua hasn't got away yet!
Run before trying something
Stay where you are!
Take them back!
Director Yang
Run and l'll shoot!
lt's OK here. Go out
Lin Fu-Sheng, so it's you
You robbed the Food Collection Station and the People's Bank
You really have the guts!
And you've taken in an accomplice?
Come back with me!
Run quickly, run!
Run quickly!
Captain, thank you
Panther, Hua!
Come back quickly! Want to get jailed again?
Hua, hurry up!
Hurry up!
Bloody Grizzly Bear really is careless!
Hua, you're OK, you're great
what are you doing?
l killed one Public Security man!
what's so serious?
He'd have killed you if you didn't
One gets executed for this
l know. what now?
Don't worry, go with me to Hong Kong
Are you really taking her to Hong Kong?
lf l can take you,
l can take her too
l can't let her get captured
Thank you, Panther
You two are fantastic
Let's go
Electric rod, l must buy one to bring to HK
Did you really kill a Public Security man?
l can come in?
You're rude. Come in
l'm your brother
What is it?
Why do you suddenly follow us?
lt's an order from above
Do they know it?
l can't take care of you
They told me to take care of you
You'll only be my millstone
Don't be a male chauvinist
The above...
Fu-Sheng, what happened?
A womenfolk talks back and l can't stop her
l'm now teaching her a lesson
What? womenfolk?
Chairman Mao said women hold half of the sky
Did Chairman Mao say that?
Stop quarreling, you siblings
There's a observation post. Switch off the light
Come and lend a hand
You hit your brother so hard
would you be nicer if l were your husband?
why didn't you say so earlier?
we're Royal HK Police
We order you to stop for inspection
There are hidden layers!
Go quick to the rear!
Fei, go and see. Let me
Panther, two motors have broken down
Don't expect to capture me, never!
Panther, don't!
Don't stand in my way. Get away!
Keep away, or l'll hit you!
The speed craft is rushing over!
Having fun with me?
Panther, Panther
Panther is coming up
Panther, you're back at last. How's everything?
Safe and sound
- Good - Where's big brother?
He's waiting for you
Let me go up to see him
Hi, sweetheart, can l join you, girls?
Come and join us then
l got some new stuff for you
Who wants to try first?
Come on, give me a hand
Fu-Sheng, come
Relax, you'll have a wonderful time
Just close your eyes and you'll enjoy
Big brother
Sit down
Let me finish this game first. lt's fun!
You look ruddy, must've been well fed
Only because we got away quickly
Aren't you introducing 2 new men to us?
l owed it to them to have returned safely
Game over again
Which ones?
This is Fu-Sheng, that's Hua
Dump them into the sea!
Dump them into the sea!
Big brother
You got dumb in prison? You've no more vigilance
Bringing two police to see me?
Dump them into the sea!
Don't move!
Panther, l thought of joining you for big jobs
But your big brother treats us this way
l'll give you some face
Let's go
What a fine opportunity
The gun has no bullets
How do you know?
People in our line must be vigilant
l like you both
Welcome to join us
Go and thank big brother
Thank you, big brother
Big brother, that woman died of over dose
So what?
Johnny know how to stuff cocaine into corpses
Ask him if he can use this stiff
lt pays to make use of waste material
what's your name?
My name is Hua
Take her down to try that bullet-proof vest
Okay, follow me
Good, Hua will follow me tomorrow
Let me break the record first
what big deals require bullet-proof vests?
l'll tell you then
Come and see brother play video game
Big brother, Scar Chiang double-crossed Kun.
Drown him?
Do according to rules
Big brother,
solicitor Chen just called long distance
- Solicitor Chen? - Yes
Out of the way!
Dump him down!
He double-crossed big brother
He asked for it
Come up
Big brother, a call for you
Whether we can win this lawsuit is immaterial
But you must get back the bank code from her
Not just try, you must
l know what to do if you do it well
welcome, Chaibat
Poor crop in the Golden Triangle;
too much rain
l'm afraid l have no stuff for you
where are they?
The 30% l got can't meet the demand
l don't care what you guys want. l want 3 tons
You heard it. The two of them got 50%
Give all the rest to me
Sorry, l've already taken the other half
The others have no share
Are you the one to dictate?
You think you're President Bush?
All l want to say now...
is no stuff this year
So you met...
to take away my cut
Business is business! Does my dough stink?
who dares to say that?
But who didn't pay...
for the last batch?
l didn't
l have lots of money in a Swiss bank
But somebody tipped off...
the Malaysian police
They arrested my wife
So l owed you the money
Your wife got arrested by Malaysian police?
She might squeal
Don't use violence!
Chaibat, talk, don't use violence!
He's the informer!
You can say anything. What have you got?
What have l got?
General, good stuff!
What happened?
This is big brother's signal
Let me see
Stop, don't move!
Don't shoot
lt's all dynamite inside the clothes!
One shot,
and you'll all perish with me
Big brother
ls my sister okay?
Don't worry, she's safe with big brother
Fix those two. . .
if you hear the bang
Drop the gun!
Don't ever try to rob me. . .
of my share
Double-cross me?
Chaibat, don't ever misunderstand
l'm in business
Talk over your personal grudge
Before speaking to me
Let's go out
General, general
lt's me. What now?
None of you must get out of this house!
Surround the house quickly!
l've endured enough,
you won't get out here alive
Shoot if you have the nerve
Fu-Sheng, finish him off!
Give it to me
Where's my sister?
Fire if you've the guts!
Hold me!
Let go!
watch this side for me!
what are you doing then?
You took off the bullet-proof vest, why?
lt's full of dynamite!
Dynamite? That creep!
l mustn't get hit
l mustn't get hit too
Run quickly!
Go in
l shouldn't have brought you here
You really are clumsy!
You are clumsy yourself!
See if anything can be used
lt has no bullets
Move, and l shoot!
what did he say?
No idea. l guess they daren't shoot
l count to 3...
and we feign to throw grenades
- 1 , 2, 3 - what did you say?
Feign to throw grenades!
Next time speak more clearly
Chaibat, come out!
What's it so serious, general?
You take the law into your own hands in my area
You're not giving me face
You aren't giving me any either
You didn't help me over this
Blaming me! What am l to say to the others?
You don't have to
As of now, l'll buy all the stuff here
l'll make good to you this loss
A compensation alone can't settle everything
l can't help if you don't agree
But l know you're smart
l wouldn't have come unprepared
Look around if your eyes are still good
well, l won't push you too hard
But l can't decide on you cornering. . .
the stuff here
Do you have to see Mr. Chin Sha?
lf you lead, l don't mind going with you
Prepare the helicopter
ls it OK?
You gave my sister a dynamite-laced vest?
what if she really got hit?
Stay where you are!
None dare you to talk to me in this tone!
You scum!
You'd have died if it weren't for a bullet-proof vest
l won't treat my brothers this way
You two kids really are okay
Chaibat, you're great. Please
Take them to Malaysia and wait for me
Have a good time
Scum, l'll get him sooner of later!
Miss Cheng, Mr. Chaibat sends you his regards
Did you come here to say this only?
Whatever the verdict, we can still appeal
l know the law here well
He has good reason to set your mind at ease
No point in saying only
He wants me to get...
the code to your Swiss bank account
l'll tell him when l see him
Get a clearer idea of what's around here
Let me take a photo for you, here
Come on, smile
Go over there for a look
Fu-Sheng, this is most important
Please come over this way
Welcome, ladies & gentlemen, to Merdeka Square
Get acquainted with surroundings of this street
Come, let's go over there
The serious criminals take this route to the Court
Take a closer look
Panther, would you tell us why?
we'll tell you then
Come, let's take a look at the junction
Hi, want to go for a swim?
will Chaibat raid the court and rescue the prisoner?
lt's possible
when could it be?
He said he'd tell us then
Come for a swim quick. Let's get together
Come for a photo, all of you
Stand over, one more
Stand still
we can see the photos
we're now in the dark and have lost contact with HK
What on earth are we doing here?
l'm thinking of the same question
- Look how cute she is - Really fantastic
Let's go over to have a look
What's happening?
May, what's wrong?
want a drink?
what are you doing?
My girlfriend's coming
where's she now?
Coming over
Massage me
Chia-Chu, Chen Chia-Chu
Chen Chia-Chu...
Miss, what are you doing?
l'm clearing up the photos
Are you okay?
A headache
Your brother must be highly strung
l'll take him to relax. . .
after we finish
l fell much better now
Have you ordered anything?
l don't know how to order it
l don't speak English
What do you want? Let me help you
l want Paris water
what about you?
Me, too
l'll teach you later
Hua, let me show you how to order. Follow me
Just tell the waiter. . .
"two glasses of Perrier", OK?
Hua, don't worry, go now
Chen Chia-Chu
You call me, miss?
May, listen to my explanation
Sorry, no need to explain
ls the phone number of the Chemical car with you?
What's Fu-Sheng doing? Fooling around?
l left it in my room, will give it to you in a minute
Let me see what's happened
Be quick. l'll wait for you in the lobby
l really am on duty
l'd be finished if my identity was exposed
l'd have been swimming had l been here on holiday
Thank you
ln a word, l mustn't talk to you too long
l'll call you...
in your room
You're a nuisance!
what are you doing?
Brother said 'no'
That slut tried to seduce me
- l already said no. Go now - Don't touch me!
Go now
Get out!
l'm talking to my boyfriend.
what has that to do with you?
Not bad
Right, but my sister doesn't like you
How much?
Not too expensive, l guess
who's your boyfriend?
Go quick. Get a better one
Not bad, don't waste it
what the hell are you going to do?
Miss, l'll take you if he doesn't
How much?
How much is your bloody mom?
Drink water!
what the hell are you doing? May
Go, go
Are you OK?
Let's go
Give me the key
what for?
l left the key at the swimming pool. Get it for me
Come back quickly. Don't move around
Miss, what are you doing?
l feel like crying!
Miss, you two mustn't tout here
Tout your bloody hell!
we live here!
what can l do for you?
Kill that bloody couple who pushed me down the pool!
what did he say?
He said we're so beautiful
She's a whore
May, listen to my explanation
l can't tell you now
lt's OK
Let go!
l know you've been humiliated
You know l have?
Now every guest in the hotel...
takes me for a whore
What am l to do now?
You should know what l'm doing
Call Uncle Piao when you return to HK...
Go to hell, creep!
- May - Let go. l don't care for your business
l'd rather go with that gentlemen behind
Look in a mirror,
you're so ugly
A good-looking whore must have something wrong
Go now
What's wrong?
Nothing, l'll tell you later
Let's go. Hurry up
What is it?
The same thing again
Finish business first. Can you drive a truck
why don't you call from your room?
A public telephone is safer
l told you to get the key
l forgot, l'll go get it now
See you in the room
what's going on?
l'm not really sure
Do you remember that guy? He's my boyfriend
He's a detective and he's on duty
But l don't know
He didn't tell you?
He couldn't, it's too dangerous
l think just now
l've done something clever
Like what?
Never mind. lt's just a surprise
Have some good rest
OK. Bye, May. l'll see you tomorrow
OK. Don't be late
Hua, where's Panther?
lt's for Panther
Panther, take it easy on anything you hear
Our 2 assistants are:
Chen Chia-Chu, a Royal HK policeman
And his girlfriend, now in my hands
Tell us what to do?
Ok, make it one day later
Easy, act one day later
Keep the gun, give it to me
Case No. 23-701 -92 Cheng Wen Shi
with regard to the charge,
l am satisfied that the evidence produced by the prosecution
Has not been rebutted by the defense
The accused does not cast any reasonable doubt on the prosecutions case
Under the circumstances
l find the accused guilty as charged and convict her on the charge
And sentence her to death
Chen Chia-Chu
They're now moving your direction
watch out to ensure the safety of your girlfriend
Keep away. The car has no brakes!
The car has no brakes!
Retreat. Retreat, all of you!
That's no way to drive!
There's poison-gas in the car. Go now!
- what did he say? - l don't know
Let me go!
Those chemicals are poisonous, they're lethal
Go quickly!
Evacuate the crowd quickly!
Go quickly!
Let's go
what are you doing?
Go now
Get in quickly!
l won't free any hostages without seeing May
Get in first
- Chia-Chu, help me! - Let go of my wife quick!
Let May go, or l'll kill her with one shot
Chia-Chu, Chia-Chu
l'm damn scared!
Let her go or we won't get free
Get in, quick!
- May, are you OK? - Brother, the police!
Run quick!
Call a taxi for me
Stop. Give me back the car!
Get out quick!
panther, bump him dead!
Hua, come down
Over there
A man on the top of the car!
Up above, he's crawling over
Up above
Are you all right?
After him, after him quick!
Keep away, keep away!
This way. Run!
This way
Let's go up over there
Keep away, all of you! Open their handcuffs quick!
How is it?
Give me the gun
Brother is coming soon! Hurry up!
They're over there
Over there
Wait over there. Brother's coming
The two are over there
Quick, fly over, fly over!
what are you doing?
l've dropped my gun
Make him believe that you still have it
Fake it?
They're not armed
Let's go
Stay where you are!
Keep away, or l'll shoot
Get him!
You're still alive?
What a coincidence
Come down, help me!
Come up
Are you okay?
Leave me alone. Follow them!
Go, go
Knock him dead!
Over there
Fly over the train and land!
Help him!
Come down quick to help me!
Lower to save big brother!
Kuang, come down quick!
Big brother, are you all right?
Yes. Bump him off!
Sit still
Take off!
Are you all right?
Come on!
Help, help!
Help me!
Go in
Come up!
338 6776, Code 1 270WKU
the number can draw the money
Anybody can draw the money
l wanted to,
but it belongs to the HK Government
No, it belongs to the Chinese people
Let the HK Government keep it in custody for us
After 1 997, we're also Chinese
And it will be yours too
No �