Pong Kit Review

Uploaded by DrN0OB on 17.01.2013

Hello Again and welcome to back to Doctor Noobs Laboratory
today I'm going to be reviewing The Pong Kit
what you're seeing now is a preview of the gameplay.
It's Pong there's not much I can really say about that
and it works well! It works great. It does have a brightness swhitch if you have to
modify it. It is in black and white

From what I can tell it's just crisp blocks.
like any kit it does have a couple downsides. One of them being that, i don't know
anybody can remember the original
Pong kits from the 70's and 80's used to have knobs.
this uses buttons rather than knobs so it's not as retro
as some may think.
Also it doesn't have a power switch
so unless you add a power switch which shouldn't be too difficult
you do have to pull the batteries or you have to wait for it to auto power down
which I think takes about ten to fifteen minutes
also it's batteries only so it doesn't come with an AC/DC adapter which for you
enthusiasts out there it's not that difficult to modify to do those things
but I would not recommend those things for the beginner but as a stand-alone kit.

it is just great for beginners whether it's a child or an
older person that just wants to learn how to get into soldering.
it's only twenty bucks so if you break it it's not a huge deal
I don't know if any of you can see this was something i did a couple years ago when
i was first just getting into soldering.
my points are not perfect
and it's still ended up working just fine
it has multi-player mode and single-player mode it works on just about
any T.V. it does have just the standard
red white yellow plug but it just uses the yellow for the video and the white
for the audio
it takes between one to two hours to complete
obviously it may take a little longer if you are just starting out.
the only real requirements are three double A batteries soldering iron or soldering gun
some solder and that it.
that's pretty much all I have to say about it.